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08-30-2012, 12:54 AM
Is it possible to redo the DOFF Exchange so we can get more specific types of DOFFs?

The DOFF Exchange is almost always Science DOFFs and I don't feel like paying a fortune on the Exchange for KDF Medical Staff, and making those GOLD Farmers richer. And I REALLY do not like staying up at 4AM playing the DOFF Shuffle to get those last few partcular DOFFs to do the Starbase Project.

Honestly, this DOFFing with Starbases is really becoming a very negative experience and no offense, but it's so frustrating my base is going to stay at Tier 2 when we finally get there.

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08-30-2012, 04:50 AM
I think that your issue with gold farmer bogeymen is silly and immature (this game does NOT have a serious problem with illegitimate gold farmers, although the tradeoff is its flaws that keep it from having broad appeals and vicious P2W). It seems to me you basically resent players who have more economic success than you (and no I don't vote or identify with the GOP).

But your point about dofftwisting and the fleet system being frustrating and unbalanced is very legitimate.
My fix...

Currently, all personnel officers have:
~3% chance of producing a doff of any of the ~30 specializations

This would change to:
Racial personnel officers: 100% chance of doffs of that race, ~3% chance of each of the ~30 specializations, 0% chance of exotic/UR doffs
General personnel officer, general exchange: Random doff race, 15% of each of the seven career paths, <1% chance of exotic/UR doffs
General personnel officer, specific exchange: Random doff race, 100% chance of a specific career path, 0% chance of exotic/UR doffs

How does that sound? Work for everyone?

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