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08-24-2012, 02:48 PM
How do I unlock my interior? I started working on the Starbase projects and found that for 1000 xp I can unlock the interior, I know I am asking a dumb question or is there a place I can read on this stuff?

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08-24-2012, 03:06 PM
You mean the 'inside' of the starbase? This should already by unlocked for you at Tier 0. Go to eti eridani sector. In the bottom left corner is a "federation starbase system". Enter the system. As soon as you get there, you should see your starbase. There should be a button on the right side that says "Dock". Click that and you will beam aboard your starbase.
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08-24-2012, 03:19 PM
Also try not to post multiple threads asking the same question. You are likely not going to win over the Forum mods or the community with that sort of thing.

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