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Watched a trailer for an expanion being added to another game that included development to "claim" an existing instance for your own and then build your in-game house in the claimed "world" with SWG style decoration of the cave, world piece, map, whatever you chose. They added they do not have all that much in deco pieces as yet but much more would be forthcoming.

The entire time I was watching this I thought of all of the genises created exploration worlds/maps/instances that are included in this game and thought how this would make an interesting addition to STO as well. Possible SWG type player citys, possible PVP areas which Klingon fleets could ground attack a "fed" city, only the time (and clickable acceptance) has been leaked out via spys and vise versa. Like kinda what has been spoken of for future development of the fleet starbases. Imagine a Kling fleet posing a ground invasion of an entire world...... and the Fed having to muster forces to go "save that world". All within the ground maps that already exist in the exploration zones. With the proper rewards (even deco type banners to display in your "world" that either the victors carried away from their conquest back to their "world" or the sucessful defenders display in their "world") there would be an in-game reason for PVP, conquest and control. Could be expanded from a space map, where ship to ship PVP battles insue, with the attackers beaming down (if they can get to your "world" to start the ground invasion.......... etc etc etc.

Could be hours upon hours of great sandbox style gameplay, all using existing resources within STO.

*Hangs head* And yes Cryptic, I'd probably pay the store for the privilage.

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08-24-2012, 06:24 PM
If you ask me player housing made SWG great, that feeling that this is your space you spent time making it yours and it would always be there for your characters was great. And i think it is the most sorely left out over looked and disreguarded aspect of all mmo save a few.

In SWG you could make your ship interior into your home so you could live out of your ship as your character. And people did some epic things using simple items to cause amazing effects. Ive walked into someones house in galaxies and there was a giant star destroyer facing me that they had made from simple object like a puzzle.

Our ships in ST should be our home, but cryptic doesnt seem to care all that much about ship interiors, or honestly starbase interiors. Guild halls in galaxies were pretty amazing cause of what people did amazing things with them, starbases we get over priced generic stuff no one cares about.

Our ship interiors, bridges, etc are all horribly inaccurate and inconsistant. Sov bridge looks very little like a sov bridge, same with galaxy etc, Intrepids isnt even in the same galaxy thats how far off it is.

Does every detail need to be perfect? No. Id settle for decent non 1/2 a$$ed crap thats so far out of scale of reason id think giants were the ones who made the ship. They can say its cause of cameras but it doesnt really fly when they make correct bridges and interiors like the TOS one.

Player housing should be a major part of an MMO, a place to show off items, kick back, spend time with friends etc. Having just a bank and inventory is inconvenient to begin with. Houses in SWG allowed those of us that played a lot to store vast amounts of items from years of playing, stuff that reminded us of good times and bad times. Stuff that reminded us of events, immersing outselves in our characters and making us feel at home in that universe.

Ships in STO dont feel that way even remotely, we cant climb in jef tubes, or tinker in engineering. I dont care if most of this stuff is totally cosmetic, immersion in MMOs is important. WoW failed on these fronts but people over look it cause of its sheer numbers. But I felt far more attached to my SWG characters who had homes, cities etc then I ever did to my WoW characters that had a bank and an inventory.
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08-24-2012, 06:58 PM
SWG player housing:

Please note, every single object inside the housing is an actual object that you can pick up and move around, or in case of useable item drop or pickup to transfer it to your inventory.
And everything is either loot, crafted or veteran reward.
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08-24-2012, 07:08 PM
I miss my large generic house 3 with windows. I was part of the first group of people to own one on Europe-Farstar. One of my good friends was the first..sooo much stuff in that hosue I had ot use so many invetory boosts for that house alone.

The walls were covered in weapons, trophies and posters from the first year to the last day of SWG. I had some pretty damn near impossible stuff to get too hanging on my walls in that house alone..oh how I miss SWG housing...

..BUT....Star Trek is different. There are standard looks for Starfleel and the KDF. I agree that interiors need way more polish and that certain classes of starships should have their own "standard interior," but we will never get that in STO for some time sadly.

Man I miss my Spirit of was the huge mining ship that was a bit of a pain to get..used her as my third house and everything in her was Lifeday loot and decorations that I got over the years...its bridge and huge open windowed area...watching enemy starfighters shooting right at us..that huge, long laser cannon in the front...I miss being able to look out of windows while in combat.

I'd pay to have ship interiors work like SWG's in JTL. The battle still going on..friends could look out of windows and see the battle....good memories popping up now...

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08-24-2012, 07:40 PM
I'd like to buy an instance on Vulcan that is essentially what appears to be desert spanning as far as the eye can see, and be able to place down buildings for me and those whom I grant permission to live there. This zone would cost me a foundry slot. I can use another foundry slot for the interior, which a the surface is of similar shape and size of the building I placed, furnished with objects I place, and an optional elevator to go to an underground level, which I could design to look however I want. It could even go down to a deeper level if I so choose.

While my friends can have houses here, the exterior door will link them to their house stored on their own foundry slot. They could beam down to the settlement from Vulcan space. When they leave their house, they would load into my settlement right in front of their house. They could beam directly to their ship which will spawn in Vulcan orbital space.

They can change place of residence any time. Just beam down to another friend's plot of land on some other planet, pay the Dilithium Ore or Energy Credit cost to buy the house. The link gets transferred from the house in my instance to the house in the new person's instance. The former house becomes vacant and can be bought by someone else.

New players could have a default dorm room at Starfleet Academy. They could even start inside their dorm room. When they exit, they could find themselves in a second district area of Starfleet Academy that contains paths, sidewalks and walkways and a whole bunch of dorm buildings. A link door would connect them to the normak Starfleet Academy area we already have. The tutorial mission would take place in the Holodeck. After completing the tutorial, you visit the Commandant in the office and get promoted to Ensign with orders to beam to Earth Spacedock for assignment.


The borg events that put us in command of our first ship occur. And once we are officially made the ship's commanding officer, it becomes our default residence. But we cannot alter its layout beyond what we can do now. However, adding furniture and other personal touches to places like personal quarters and the mess hall, suitable for off-duty personnel and activities would make it home. OR we could forego limited customization of the ship and opt for an appartment on any homeworld for represented basic species. As a human, an apartment in San Francisco would be suitable. The cityscape would stretch out as far as they eye could see, and the view of the bay, seen drom the opposite side of the Golden Gate Bridge would look across and you could just make out Starfleet Academy...

Upon reaching Admiral, a suite would become available at Star Fleet headquarters, also in San Francisco, or in the Paris near the Federation Capitol.

Of course, this all includes the notion that Cryptic would actually devote development resources to something like this. But since we know they won't, even though we would pay for it, it's all a moot point, isn't it?
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Any game that does not have SWG styled housing is lacking. The last year and a half I played SWG, which was a pay per month game, all I did was housing. Nothing else, i'd go in a couple times a week and mess around with the decor add some new things, create a new house, create some new decorations, all sorts of things, I had three accounts, that was $45 a month, just to play with the detailed and grand housing that game had to offer.

STO Team, take note, that's about $810 I spent over there just on housing... You know how much i've spent on lock boxes? Less than $10.
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Originally Posted by praghas View Post
Any game that does not have SWG styled housing is lacking. The last year and a half I played SWG, which was a pay per month game, all I did was housing. Nothing else, i'd go in a couple times a week and mess around with the decor add some new things, create a new house, create some new decorations, all sorts of things, I had three accounts, that was $45 a month, just to play with the detailed and grand housing that game had to offer.

STO Team, take note, that's about $810 I spent over there just on housing... You know how much i've spent on lock boxes? Less than $10.
By all rights, they should care. But seeing as how several inividuals have poured hundreds of dollars into lockboxes in just a week's time, and they keep doing it, the profits they rake in dwarfs your $810 in a year and a half considerably. It's not what you or I are willing to spend our money on. It's what all these fluff-junkies are willing to pay.

Not that there is anything wrong with being a fluff junky. People play MMOs for different reasons, and so different things will naturally appeal to different people...

Of course, if they offered the unlocking of housing on the D-store, and monetized it further by requiring RD to increase storage capacity, then it could be quite profitable.

The only people who would buy into it are those who want it, after all, which is their mantra for all things on the C- and D-Stores
I'm not really a John Galt,
but I play one on the forums...
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I would love if STO implemented SWG-style housing.

Given how you can place things in the Foundry, I would think it would be plausible to pull it off. I figure you would need something similar to the Foundry Interface when placing objects on a map. Or cryptic making more locations like we have with Trophies.

We could spice up locations like:

The Ready Room
Personal Quarters
The Ship Lounge
Player Starbases

Not to mention "player housing". Hey, Kirk did live in San Fransisco, Sisko and Worf lived on DS9 (not the Defiant), and the Picard home was in France.

People probably kill me for saying this, but Cryptic could add stuff to the Z-store in selling Misc Items as well as making Latinum useful in selling decorations at various locations in the game (give another reason to travel to those worlds).
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Seeing as how foundry can make mission interiors would be ideal to let us create our own ship interior or use ones made by others the mod them ourself. Of course let the default ones be there for everyone who doesnt want to.

Make it where you can load 1 custom interior per character, foundry slots are there for a reason not to overload the data base. I bet we would see fantastic scaled versions of the ships from the shows interior.

I said it before if a developer is to lazy or unwilling to make something give that community the tools and it will be done in no time. Foundry is a prime example, foundry has content that blows cryptics apart.

Simply make it where you make it in the foundry tool but instead of publish you get another option to set as create interior. This then makes it available for yourself and you can chose a public option if you wish to share it. If someone wants to use your interior you get a set amount of dilithium.

Then in ship customization you get a drop down on interiors and chose custom. If you want doff officers and boffs on your ships you have to set them up before publishing. I think its a good system not perfect but I dont have all the answers.
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08-24-2012, 10:23 PM
My stance is that, since most of the time, Trek episodes are set on Starfleet vessels (with the exception of DS9), ship interiors would work best as STO's "player housing".

Right now, however, ship interiors contribute very little to STO's gameplay. Other than accessing a few DOff assignments or a private get-together spot for fringe RPers, Cryptic and PWE simply aren't going to be bothered.

That being said, if you take a look at the link in my sig, you will find a preexisting and very extensive discussion (including ideas from the Devs themselves) as to how to both expand upon ship interior customisation AND actually make it useful to normal gameplay.

The forums search function is your friend!

Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots

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