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Tier 6-8:
1. A ship that has everything on it. 1. Cloak, Saucer sep, Mark II slip stream drive etc..
{Would like toughest Damage taking cruiser yet but with Tactical moveability & Science abilities All under 1 roof. Kind of ship.} Talking ultimate ship where you can choose the tactics. Even if you use it as a tactical ship it would he a reinforce hull. Maybe a couple extra abilities make us want buy it.

Not really speaking about Starbases. But I like the idea of it. anyway here is my actual request.

{Part Starship/{Part Starbase Class ship}
2. In the PVE's there's giant NPC's Borg Cubes. If in the future this could be playable. I can't see why Federation can't have 1 Gigantic Battle ship even half the size of that cube. Slight bigger than Borg Sphere thou.

I'm thinking if STO does get the future ability have your own Ships there as your support like team setting on PVE's but ability to command them. I'm wondering if new Ranking. We should have a Gigantic Battle Ship that can warp & still fight but also can hold all of your ships. That can launch out ships from her innings into battle a minutes notice.

Bit like a Smaller version of starbase. Starbase can hold 1000's I guess. This ship would hold no more than the slots of your toons account or amount you can phyiscally have on your team 4. Have an Door opening mechanism like Starbase which ships can fly into.

As for the interior. Main Decks being the same for main crew but add an extra Special Level. Use an modified Template map that's being used for Starbase or ESD. Would give a Starbase feel to interior ie similar noises & other things you hear on ESD but with your room being {ambassador office] Using same kind of rooms used on ESD. exception of this wouldn't be a socially shared Map this part of Players own Bridge map.

[Just thinking this would be good for anyone who can't make there own fleet starbase. They could at least have Starbase type ship with similar things but aimed at your own fleet of ships on your account. Giving a small taste of what true fleet experience is like.]

Suggestion if you need a have smaller ship for fights:
Maybe for main fights the ship can split in 2. Like Saucer Sep but instead a miniature ship much like new ships you got on Tier 5. But a new Unique experimental Tier 6-10 cruiser ship with brand new capabilities goes for the fight while main section sits at end of the system. But the Starbase Section that sits still has strong defense capabilities. While main smaller battle ship has stronger offensive capabilities. [Player would switch to control the ship while the NPC's take control of Starbase HQ section. It would have fire at will setting or something similar].

Hope this easily read. What I'm saying a Giant Ship with huge interior that can house a few starships. But can partly split. With a section that transforms into a miniture ship. Maybe ship is impressed into main part like an Dinosaur archaeology Impression. When ship separates. Shutters would cover over the hole. Where it was hidden. So no exposed hole to be torpodeo'd thru.

3. There should be an Seperate Bridge for Saucer when in saucer Sep mode. So you able to set up who manning the bridge on each Ship. Ie Maybe add View Battle Bridge as an added option.

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