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There is a small issue with the KDF marauding commendation report. One of the criteria for "success" is a Conn officer. Since we are only allowed to slot officers out of the security department we'll never be able to slot the required Conn officer (as Conns are part of the Tactical department).

The second thing I'd like to mention are the crit traits for "File Commendation Reports" of KDF side. While the crit trats (emotional, resolve, cunning, tactful) are fine for Feds, they really do stink for KDFs. On my Fed rosters I have multiple doffs on each Character which will satisfy 3+ crit traits, on Klingon side it's hard to find even one with a single crit trait.

It might be nice to change some of them to more common KDF traits, as has been done in the past with "Support [cluster]" assignements.
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08-26-2012, 02:08 PM
it's similar for Fed military report:

Allows slotting of Tactical department only.
Success criteria: Assault Squad Officer (Security department).

This almost looks like the people redesigning the assignments didn't look up which specialisations were in which departments...

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