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# 1 Cryptic ~ Unique Boff Rewards
08-26-2012, 07:32 AM
There are presently three of them; the Breen Bridge Officer, the Reman Bridge Officer, and the Jem Hadar Bridge Officer. I believe we received them in that order, though I might have the Breen and Reman the wrong way round. I know the Jem Hadar has been the latest release. I'd have expected a Romulan and / or Cardassian Bridge Officer to be released before any of these three, but that's something else.

Anyway, two of these are bound to character (the Reman and Jem Hadar) whereas the third (Breen) is not. My first question is why this is? What possible benefit is there by binding two, but not the third? My second question in regards to the three of these is why two of them are limited time rewards, and the third (in this case, the Jem Hadar Boff) isn't? You can pick him up at any given time you want, provided you've not already got one. Add to that, we can't get them trained by other players? Why not?

Now for the main matter in question; their uniforms. Personally I'd think it nice if we were allowed a little customization here; not so much for the Breen 'cause they kind of need their suits to keep cool and live (as we're led to believe anyway). But there is no practical reason why a Jem Hadar Soldier or Reman Officer defecting to Starfleet only to wear their own uniform. I think such should be a player choice, the other alternative should be the ability to dress them up normally or to at least allow them a unique Fed/Kdf attire.

Federation Uniform is pretty simple, it's applied to almost every member of the Federation. Those within the KDF tend to vary (because of the species within). A Jem Hadar or Reman Boff within the KDF would be well suited to a ragged attire, those choosing can give them the more casual Klingon look if they so desired. The ability to morph body and face wouldn't go amiss either. We saw quite a few different Jem Hadar throughout the show, would be nice to be able to attempt to replicate a few.

Obviously I'd like the above questions addressed (by Cryptic themselves if able, or by community members here if the answer is known). As for the attires and morphing, consider that a polite request. I'd actually rather have an actual Jem Hadar (not alien-creator) dressed in Starfleet uniform.

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