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I'd like to open a discussion about scene progression of loading screens when players initiate map moving.

Every time I click a button to warp from sector space to local space, I get the usual loading screen followed by a brief flash of the HUD, followed by the warp-in animation then cut back to the HUD.

Why does the brief flash of HUD, before the warp-in animation exist?

I've watched others playing on their machines and this happens for everyone.

I'm convinced the experience of map moving would be much improved if the scene progression omitted the brief flash of the game screen before the warp-in animation.

Think about it, you click the button to move map, then you see the loading screen, then you see the warp-in animation, the camera moves around to the rear of your ship, HUD comes into view, and off you go.

In my mind, this would make for more enjoyable and seamless gameplay than we currently experience.

Since my thoughts on how to deal with this expression of frustration, would anyone like to post and be helpful, derisive, or explain?

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