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Originally Posted by thesnyndicate View Post
Ban the OP for rightfully protesting??? silencing him this way?


ps. even at the forums why do we get the dead tribbles and the federation get the fresh ones?
ps2. this isnt flaming or trolling you better look at federation shipyards for those. This is a rightfully protest ''feedback'' against the ignorance and the constant demotion of KDF faction. Because for some ppl here as you see KDF is the only thing that kept us into STO for long time. Now if you dont care about our feedback just dont read it but dont say its trolling and flaming when the things we describe here are 100% truth.


Now if you support federation side for your own reasons thats your right but its our right also to support the KDF since KDF is what we truly love about this game. You cant keep silencing us if you dont like what we say after all what we say is the truth no matter how much this is bugging you.

I probably shouldn't respond to this but...

1. Discussion of moderation actions is not allowed. But, for the record, I don't have the power to ban anyone. As a Community Mod all I can hand out are 0 point warnings.

2. The tribble thing was intended as a joke. Sorry if people didn't get it... To a Klingon the only good tribble is a dead one. I did not intend to offend anyone. My apologies to anyone who took it the wrong way.

3. Yes, there was flaming and trolling going on. It is not legitimate feedback when people start calling other people names and stirring up angry responses. And for what? For something that Cryptic hasn't done as far as I know. That's not "100% truth"; people got upset over a rumor.

4. If I didn't care about feedback, I would prevent it. I have the power to deep six this thread where nobody but the mods will ever see it again. But that would be an abuse of my responsibility. I could have closed it pages ago, but I was hoping to allow people -- KDF players specifically -- to let their opinion be heard.

5. I have a KDF toon myself. I love my B'rel retrofit. I'm not active as a KDF player, but I do care about the faction. Again, if I didn't care... If Cryptic didn't care... we could snuff these threads out before they even get started. But this has been allowed to go on for pages and pages.

Having said all that, I'm afraid this thread has now run its' course and now it is done. The last word on this subject -- my last word -- is that I hope the KDF keeps its' distinctiveness and unique items, but posts attacking other people in the community will not be tolerated.

Again, if anyone took offense at my tribble joke, I am deeply sorry and hope you will accept my apologies.

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