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08-27-2012, 11:06 AM
the OP needs to learn the difference between REFITS and RETROFITS first.

in game: known refits are the Thunderchild and Sau Paulo as two examples. pretty much same stats as their "normal" counterparts. AKA new ships with a new skin, slightly different layout and in the sau paulo's case a new weapon.

in game: Retrofits are like the T5 Exploration, Tac escort, and intrepid Retrofits, more powerful versions of their captain level counterparts. better stats all around, each with their own unique abilities.

The Regeant was classed an Assault Cruiser REFIT, not RETROFIT! thus the regent falls into the same criteria, IE It has similar stats with a slight alteration, a new skin, a special console, and like the sau paulo refit it comes with a special weapon.
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