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Well Organize, Fair, and Mature Player Fleet
Heavy Play STF Teams using TeamSpeak 3

We are looking to fill a third STF TEAM with highly active players only!!!

**** Our Fleet(475 Members)****
Extremely fair fleet that offers open access to the fleet store.
We run the fleet as service to our players.
Fleet Help Desk (Builds- Item Questions- How Too)
Fleet STF Training
Monthly Giveaways
Mission Team Help
Exchange Tips and Tricks
We highly encourage helpfulness in the fleet.
Fleet Team Play
Teamspeak3 ? Voice Chat

**** STF PLAYS ****

Fleet Team Play and TeamSpeak3 make the STF easy to play.

We are a highly successful STF Fleet, with player who know how to get the accolades.

***We offer ***

STF Training - Space and Ground
Ship Build Experts

***New to ground we offer a high quality STF ground starter package.***

sniper rifle

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