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Somebody else mentioned how kinetic damage is broken on torpedoes now and showed tests on how it's killing gobs of crew life but not doing much damage.

This may be related to that, in some way. This one involves the AI firing of torpedoes, though, instead of player-fired.

Lately I've been noticing massive torpedo hull damage, upwards of 20-25% of my Hegh'ta's hull in a single torpedo....

wait for it..

when I have FULL shields up. I don't even lose any shield power. The torps go THROUGH my fully-up shields and take me down to the upper 70's percent range. Forget a spread -- they take me down to upper 50's, low 60's.... Running some shield buff or damage debuff (i.e. EPTS reduces resistance for 10 seconds) seems to affect this. This is also with borg console for hull regen. Running KHG deflector and shields, borg engine and console. No other consoles that would affect hull regen or shields.

Even with a 40% bleedthrough on transphasics this is crazy... That's 6000 hull damage (1/4 of the default 24000)... MORE even, because I have certain skill points that give me more hull! That's AFTER shield bleed! What the frak kind of BS torps are they firing? 6000 hull divided by 40% (6000 is 40%, let's find the full torp damage) is 15,000 damage. If it's NOT transphasics, if these cardassians are using more normal types (they seem to reload fairly quick), we're talking 30,000 freaking BS hull THROUGH full shields!!

The ships firing these are often breen chel cruisers or cardassian galor class cruisers. Not EVERY hit is doing this, but so many in the past couple of days it must have been something with the recent patches. In one fight with 1 cruiser I was still at 99% shields or so (just the smallest damage from beam arrays at the time) and was down to low 70's in a single hit on 3 separate occasions. I watched it come in and witnessed the damage every time. It was definitely the torpedo and not some beam weapon or boff debuff.

Remember... this is going straight THROUGH full shields and impacting full damage to hull.

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08-27-2012, 03:16 PM
npcs have a flat and huge damage modifier because they only come with basically a fore and aft beam and torpedo. as apposed to player ships that can run up to 4 weapons each fore and aft. that flat modifier buffs that 1 or 2 beams the npcs have to act like 4 or 6 player beams, but that modifier is also applied to the torpedo too, so its like each torpedo hits like 3 or 4 player torpedoes. thats the flaw, players don't run 6 to 8 beams and 4 torpedoes at the same time, they run like a single torp, if ever. the torpedoes npcs fire should not get the same modifier the energy weapons do. but npcs basically nead a rebuild from the ground up anyway, that would just be a band aid. currently those torps are only really killer on elite, and their what makes elite a pain in the ass as apposed to hard. getting 1 shot by npcs using THY does not add to the challenge, it just makes it less fun.
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08-27-2012, 03:29 PM
My problem lately is the goofy "Isometric charge" torpedo weapon. It kind of looks like a quantum, but its whiter and crackly, and it can bounce to hit multiple targets. Negh'vars, both KDF and Borg, use this weapon.

I'm using a Recluse carrier. My shield strength is pumped to over 16,000, and I've got 3 layers of Neutronium armor and a layer of Monotanium as well. A single isometric charge can take ALL my shield strength and 60 to 70% of my hull. Less durable ships just explode outright in a single hit.

This is stupid. :|

The basic problem seems to be that this weapon does "electrical" damage, which is not reduced by shields like "kinetic" damage is. So it's an AI super-torpedo with damage rating of tens of thousands that does NOT splatter on your shields like torpedoes are supposed to. Heck I'm not even sure armor has any effect on it. I have over 30% resistance to all energy weapon damage, but "electrical" is not listed.
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08-27-2012, 03:38 PM
Isometric charge isn't a torpedo but thats another story.

You think that's bull?

Wait till you take a single torpedo hit and your 100% shield (14k shield each facing), 60k hull ship (@100%) ship is turned into a cloud of dust.

The combat log shows a massive torpedo hit , NOT A HEAVY TORPEDO, striking for a ludicrous 250 thousand damage.
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08-27-2012, 03:43 PM
NPC projectile attacks have always done ridiculous damage. As dontdrunk pointed out, this is on account of a lazy coding hack by someone or other. And now developers are stuck trying to work around a cludge that never should have made it out of alpha testing.
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08-27-2012, 03:46 PM
And here I thought it was just me running only on neutronium armor console on my Garumba in Elite STFs.

Even had Brace for Impact on more than once and often I just go BOOM, but the shields are still full up.

LOL fun, (that there be sarcasm).
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08-27-2012, 03:50 PM
a torpedo impact that hits shields immediately loses 3/4 of its damage, and any bleed from it is calculated from that 1/4 thats left (thats why torpedoes are useless in a game were you can distribute shields). if an npc torpedo hit your shield facing and annihilated it, and then dealt significant damage to your hull, it did that with only 1/4 of its power.
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08-27-2012, 03:52 PM
I been on the receiving end of this. When doing the Romulan missions with my Galaxy Class around level 30-40. I got into a couple battles with the large Warbirds. It was like 1 hit shields took hit, then hit 2 was from torpedoes and I was dead. I was like what was that. And it didn't just take a chunk of health, it was instant death. I been hit directly by torpedoes into the hull before and managed to survive. Even the spreads. That happened to me at least 2 times during that story line. So far in the Cardassian/Dominion story line that hadn't happened yet.

I don't know if its a flaw or a issue on some ships. But your not the only one to be killed in a in a torpedo hit.
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08-27-2012, 04:36 PM
Well... I believe it's too easy. To me they hit like slaps on the wrist... Brace for Impact is my best friend...

All Elites are way too easy...
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08-27-2012, 05:06 PM
I must agree with the poster above me. They fire weapons that tickle.....

Elite is elite for a reason. The mobs are scaled up to a higher rate of fire or damage or amount of damage they do....there are easy strategies to avoid such calamities to your ship that work.

1 Keep moving...the slower you move the less defense you have...this is especially for those silly cruisers who think giving a broadside and not moving is the best idea.

2. Invest in your captain skills that give energy and kinetic resists as well as the innate defense which also tend to draw aggro (especially for cruisers who want to tank)

3. Invest in the skill that offers you more defenses through agility of your ship aka starship maneuvers

4. This is one if often used as a sole way to avoid the wrath of the elite NPCs...consoles. It is nice to use these but also take into account diminishing returns so less investment in these and more into other things that can allso defend your ship....higher speed is a good example through engines power....but do not entirely ignore this of course.

5. Another skill that, in my talks with lesser experienced captains, is often over looked is AUX to inertial dampeners. It gives you a boost of speed which translates into more defense as well as damage resists which go up based on your AUX power.....and for many like science ships and carriers can help them greatly and it does not share cooldowns with the basic 3 emergency to wpns/eng/aux/shields or the holy trinity of science team engineering team or tactical team.

6. Brace for impact

in my cruiser specifically built to tank and take a beating my kinetics resistance regularly go over 65 and higher......at norm then are at 50....and plasma resists are about the same.......antiproton is next.....they are all borg energy weapon types used......

I often see cruisers go head to head with borg spheres..only to pop 5-10 seconds later.....they cry it is too hard but if they would try some of these techniques and or placements of skills and consoles their survivability will increase in leaps and bounds.

On of my greatest tactics in my cruiser is to keep max speed and circle the cube.........I dont do a ton of dps.......so no need for me to stay on one side of the cube...i circle and circle staying at full speed......the rest can fire on the ships vulnerable areas as they are not targetted.....The cube only fires at me except for the random FAW...my team survives and noone dies.....a job well done...

The big issue is when there is not tank or a tank with weak skills.....a cascade affect happens....he/she dies....next on the aggro is targetted....they pop...and so on and so on......SO if you are a tank......you better do your job and keep the folks alive......come to the game prepared. And if you find your build is weak..dont be afraid to max range and flee out of range to stay alive......silly AI still goes after you ..JUST be prepared to rush back in and get it back as the DPS will soon aggro the mobs....
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