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08-28-2012, 12:51 PM
The AI was nerfed enough, I barely feel torpedo hits on my raptor when I activate the right skills (tac team and EPTS or brace for impact). My fed carrier and galor barely feel torps, even without any skill. Just don't waste your skills at anytime, the cube isn't really dangerous when it doesn't fire a torp. And honnestly I don't want to shoot at something that can't kill me.

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08-28-2012, 01:15 PM
i dont have probs with any torp all nice for me,

learn to play the game right and you loose your cry anytime .... for nothing

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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
My problem lately is the goofy "Isometric charge" torpedo weapon. It kind of looks like a quantum, but its whiter and crackly, and it can bounce to hit multiple targets. Negh'vars, both KDF and Borg, use this weapon.

I'm using a Recluse carrier. My shield strength is pumped to over 16,000, and I've got 3 layers of Neutronium armor and a layer of Monotanium as well. A single isometric charge can take ALL my shield strength and 60 to 70% of my hull. Less durable ships just explode outright in a single hit.

This is stupid. :|

The basic problem seems to be that this weapon does "electrical" damage, which is not reduced by shields like "kinetic" damage is. So it's an AI super-torpedo with damage rating of tens of thousands that does NOT splatter on your shields like torpedoes are supposed to. Heck I'm not even sure armor has any effect on it. I have over 30% resistance to all energy weapon damage, but "electrical" is not listed.
My problem with this is more that the version we get as players is a pathetic JOKE compared to what they hit us with. Their version is powerful and deadly.
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08-28-2012, 06:51 PM
Originally Posted by piwright42 View Post
Great advice thank you, though I noticed that diminishing returns does not work quite the way you expect and that tank skill is awful for escorts, (I tend to grab agro in my escorts even when paired with a strong tank). Then again I have done a bunch of what's on this list.

Now here's my point, I do not want baddies that hit harder for the sake of weak mechanics. I want baddies that make me think, kinda like I have to think when I PvP. That's why I am in DontDrunks camp.
As much as i would love to see smarter more efficient enemies that just dont do OP torp attacks and beams from hades.....what would you expect them to do?

I do see progress in the AI or programming...some of the cruisers are shooting a beam that bounces around and does some serious damage...

I think these kinds of gimmicks are the bread and butter of what could constitute elite level play.

Mobs that use player tactics.......knock your shields down use tractors then go ini for the kill......as opposed to one torpedo that kills you...

I dunno just my thoughts too
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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
a torpedo impact that hits shields immediately loses 3/4 of its damage, and any bleed from it is calculated from that 1/4 thats left (thats why torpedoes are useless in a game were you can distribute shields). if an npc torpedo hit your shield facing and annihilated it, and then dealt significant damage to your hull, it did that with only 1/4 of its power.
Quoting just to highlight something that might be relevant to the OP:

This was certainly the way torpedo hits used to work (I tested it personally), and the way I assumed they were still working until a few days ago. But it looks like they stealthfixed it recently so that after the damage amount is deducted from the shields, if the shields drop... the leftover damage is now multiplied back up to 100% again (instead of remaining at 25% due to the 3/4 damage loss from shields) before it gets deducted from your hull.

The upshot is that now if a torpedo is powerful enough to drop your shield, you'll take four times as much hull damage as you did before.

I suspect this could be the source of a few of the NPC Heavy Torpedo annoyances...

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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
Galor: while this one uses HYT3 Photons, those are NOT what's killing you. They're harmless. What is: Galors pack Feefback Pulse III, and that one can easily chew 30+% off a BoP if you don't stop shooting at it, and right through shields. Easily visible as blue sparks running back to your ship, and nothing your Hazard Emitters can't cope with. You ARE running some HE, aren't you?
Reverse shield polarity works quite well against those pesky feedback pulses too.

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