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08-28-2012, 08:50 AM
Top Five Reasons Why I Love The KDF

1. Orion chicks in bikinis. Which morale officer would you choose? This, or this?

2. Attitude. All the species in the KDF are bad (70's bad, not sour milk bad). They're like a giant interstellar biker gang - and they know it. Give them a hard time and they'll be happy to personally demonstrate how a d'k tahg or disruptor works.

3. Freedom. Kinda related to #2. In the KDF the "tough choices" really aren't so tough. Someone dragging everyone else down with their incompetence? Execute them! Some peaceful alien ship have a warp coil you need to finish your mission to save the Homeworld? You take it! There's no hand-wringing or metrosexual mental dialog - you do what you need to do to complete the mission.

4. Practical. KDF gear and ships are mostly built for function, not form, and they're built to last. If a Klingon wants to pretty up his ship he'll decorate it with the entrails of his fallen enemies. Otherwise, if it works that's all the KDF needs. Why fix something that isn't broken? I mean, Klingons carry knives! Those things are really useful. Starfleet? No knives. They have red shirts, though. The KDF doesn't have redshirts. We have 'Execute for Incompetence'.

5. More believable. The KDF isn't a pie-in-the-sky pipe dream of the future. It's more realistic (comparatively speaking). They have pollution, war, crime, brutal politics, assassinations and social classes - just like the real world. The KDF isn't perfect, but it's not trying to pass itself off as perfect, either. Klingons hold honor in high esteem but most Klingons never live up to those ideals. They're fallible. It's as "real" as Trek gets for me.
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08-28-2012, 09:08 AM
My reasons:

Bird of Preys (fun as hell)
Pretty much all KDF ships (Except that Peanut Orion Marauder FDC) look awesome
Have Cruisers that can TURN
I like the Red UI (Call me weird if you want )
Less boring missions
All ships (except Orion and Gorn ships) can equip cannons
Orion Women in Bikini
Ginger women are hawt!
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08-28-2012, 09:11 AM
Originally Posted by zordar01 View Post
Top Five Reasons Why I Love The KDF

1. Orion chicks in bikinis. Which morale officer would you choose? This, or this?

^^ YA, this (#1, first option)

Execute for incompetence, appropriate artifacts, evaluate telekinetic assassination feasibility, hijack transports, frame rival house for treason- what's NOT to love ?
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1. Internet space ships. Klingon ships are made for war, not diplomacy. My Klingon in his Tor'kaht means buiseness, a Fed tac captain in a stupid cruiser means failed optional.

2. Klingon culture. Rivalling houses, the lore singers and so on. Unfortunately, there are way too few storyline missions introducing the minor races. Player made contend made partially up for it.

3. Mature players. As a noob you have to start as Fed. That shows. ESD and DS9 local chats are unbearable. Player quality in Klingon group content is just way better.

4. As long as I can remember, I always played Klingons in star trek games.

5. Say'moHchu' may' 'Iw.
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08-28-2012, 11:00 AM
1. Adds variety.
2. My Klink supplies contraband for my other toons.
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08-29-2012, 02:48 AM
1. Klingons have better ships (my little Hegh'ta)
2. Klingons have better content (what little we do have)
3. Klingons have better looking cloths (Klingon Honor Guard/Veteran sets and Orion Females)
4. Klingons innately operate better in teams together.
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Originally Posted by coldicephoenix View Post
so true... So far in all stfs I've been in KDF players HAVE a clue on what to do!
Amen to that ... Same experience, pretty much - the more there team's KDF based, the faster things get done, and with less idiotic fumbles.
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Originally Posted by dassir View Post
My reason for playing the KDF, leaving alone the one and only BoP, is that this Faction actually feels like Star Trek.

I play both sides, but in the last time, logging on my Fed charakter has become more a burden (zen) then fun. Its all so rainbowy there, the costumes, the ships simply everything. The armor and uniforms could be worn by Power Rangers!

The only thing that connects this faction to Star Trek are the missions.

The best examle are missions where you have to scan 5 clouds in a system....and thats it, done.... oO

...in Star Trek such missions often served as a prelude and THEN the story kicked in, not here.

As a klingon you go out there and kick ass, take prisoners, surprise enemy shipyards and on occasion, don`t safe the hostages^^

There may be less missions but it feels like more freedom
I don't think that, on average, even the Federation episodes are "Star Trek" at all. The Federation depicted in STO conducts itself completely unalike any of its past TV/Movie adaptations. This is a Federation that the Prime Directive does not exist, and seeks to provoke wars with groups that have not declared war on them. Romulan missions, anyone? Constant, repeated interference with Romulan internal disputes? Raid on Romulan medical facility? This, while they are engaged in a deadly war with the Klingon Empire as well as the Borg? And they want to piss off more people?

If you want a feel of playing as a Starfleet officer serving the UFP, STO isn't it. They may have the shps. They may have the uniforms. But their campaigns, storyline, and theme are completely unalike the Federation of the TV shows and movies.

This is not the Federation that Kirk, Janeway, Picard, and Sisko served. And the reason that some say to justify STO Federation storyline with, "But the Federation is at war!" doesn't hold water. The Federation has been in terrible wars before, and most frequently with the Klingons. Yet the UFP has never strayed from the ideals that made the UFP what it was, even in the dark times of the Dominion War.

At least the Klingon Empire's storylines are closer to what the Klingons have been traditionally about: War, House rivalry. Cryptic could do more, but the Klingons act like how they should be.
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08-29-2012, 07:54 PM
Cause Im a masochist...........
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Originally Posted by zordar01 View Post
Top Five Reasons Why I Love The KDF

1. Orion chicks in bikinis. Which morale officer would you choose? This, or this?
Well, when you put it that way....
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