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08-29-2012, 11:25 AM
Originally Posted by kylesal24 View Post
How many AP beams do you have?
How many Phaser beams do you have?

How many AP consoles do you have?
How many Phaser consoles do you have?

The one that you have the most of in total go with that. Just an idea for helping your problem.
I would go AP myself. In the middle of switching from Phasers to AP.

I have one of each, fwd and aft. (1 Pha & 1 AP fwd, 1 Pha & 1 AP aft)

I don't remember what consoles I have, and trying to do a reload on the ship, as I just respeced the guy. He was at my original skill config since I originally started (April 2010).

I was debating either going with all Pha or all AP, and this post was going to dictate which console he starts crafting.

But I am leaning towards AP also.

I am also in the process of researching crafting a additional armors. I've seen this poor ship get pummeled by kinectic dmg, but shrug off energy...
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08-29-2012, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by th3xr34p3r View Post
The current setup I use in my tac oddy atm is 2 AP beam arrays 2 quants fore 3 AP beam arrays 1 quant aft with 3 mk xii purple ap mags, rest of the consoles are the 3 oddy set point defense etc. (i listed my previous build in another thread but that was a sci oddy build and no setup to max dps potential in the oddy)
I was thinking about going with one set of torps, but I also run with the vent warp plasma ability.

I like running straight on a enemy, slap on a tractor beam, dump warp plasma, and then as I'm passing, drop a high yield plasma topr, and the transphasic cluster.

Then swing around for a beam broadside.
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08-29-2012, 11:57 AM
matthew486dx, that was straight from the Wiki. If the Wiki says so then most likely it is there. Link if you want it

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08-29-2012, 12:35 PM
I believe long ago, that used to be the case.
But if you look at the ingame tool tips now, all AP weapons give +20 to Critical Severity, natively, in addition to any modifiers.

No mention of Critical Chance, unless of course it has a CrtH modifier.

Below you see a comparison of two AP DHCs. DHCs also have a passive +10 to Critical Severity. Notice also the modifiers.

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08-29-2012, 03:28 PM
I go to STOWiki a lot...

And I notice that a number of items are out of date.

It does have up to date content, like SB and DOffs, but a lot of the original content has not been updated.

Example: I look at the crafting lists, and I notice that a number of the higher end crafting items are no listing the amounts of unreplicateable materials. (i know, not real important). But its just an example that I think of off the top of my head.

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