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Dear Cryptic

I really enjoy Star trek Online, best star trek game to date I think. Besides the wonderful people I?ve met through this incredible game and how we?ve all seen it develop since 2010. However, my one niggling little problem at the moment is the foundry.

The Foundry as described by a lot of people to be one of the best aspects to Star Trek Online, seeing the vast diverse number of missions is really something to see. But but all living things the foundry and the authors that make the missions on the foundry need a bit of TLC (Tender Loving Care), the proposals for patrols is great! Authors should be excited for all these wonderful system touches, I?m no exception.

But by main beef in this thread is costumes, seeing the wonderful work you guys are doing, bringing us the TNG season 1 uniforms, TNG Admiral uniforms, Federation combat environmental suits and now the Racing suits. All wonderful but, can you please please please, make all these costumes available for the foundry.

Authors are having to endure the agony of having a limited number of costumes to play within the foundry, the choice has become so limited over the year or so the foundry?s been up that I personally am sick and tired of seeing the same costumes over and over again, please add the new costumes so that we as authors can maintain the wonderful diversity in our missions which is granted to us by the foundry.

Kind Regards

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08-29-2012, 09:20 PM
I fully support this author's simple request; however, if you think about the enormous impact the Foundry has on the game and it's players, you could argue that his request is anything but simple.

The Foundry is ever-evolving, as it should be. Yet, the addition of assets like costumes has not been a part of that evolution - now is the time to change that. If a Dev does happen across this post, I would hope that he or she would take the time to explain why these assets are not in the Foundry after all these years.

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