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# 1 Triggers and map transitions.
08-29-2012, 02:43 PM
Hello !

I have a slight issue and i can't find whats wrong, so i was hoping someone could help me out :

I have a map with several object to interact with and they all work fine bar one.

The one in question is the object i intend to use as a clicky to move to another map.

It worked once but since then when i link next map to this clicky i always get the "Each componant must be used no more than once - story" message and of course object is not clicky on map during tests.

I've read and watched several guides/101 but most seem to date back from foundry 0.5 and didn't help me.

Thank you.

edit : i also tried with a reach marker on map, same error message, what am i doing wrong ?
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08-29-2012, 08:27 PM
That means that the game thinks you have used that one object in two different ways. Maybe as a trigger for dialog, as an objective, or as a map object.

In other words you can't use the same object twice.

What I'd do is put two of the same object at the same co-ordinates. Set the one that you use earlier in the state tab to go from visible to hidden on "This Commonent Completes".

Set the map transition to use the second object.

That way it all should work perfectly and the player should be no less the wiser.

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