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# 1 For Ask Cryptic!
09-03-2012, 07:35 PM
Dear Ask Cryptic,

I personally have been making pleas for playable Orion characters as both a main character and for BO for the Federation. I have seen many request from others as well and many of us are willing to pay thru the C-Store if that is necessary. I read the forums regularly and have heard the arguments by those in the Klingon faction against it because they feel it would be talking a species/race away from them. However i feel if many players are asking for for it and willing to pay for it why wouldn't you give it to us. I would think that with all of the things that players do complain about and feel that they shouldn't have to pay for why not make an exception give it to us in this case. In my view the pros out weight the cons look below and see for yourself.


1. Makes Klingon faction players feel like they are loosing a playable faction.


1. People are asking and willing to pay for them. (its no different then the playable Klingon for character for the feds)
2. We already have them as DOFFs (by the way Nausicans shouldn't really be available as Fed Doffs)
3. Stays with in Star Trek cannon because the federation had Galia as a starfleet cadet. Not all Orions are alligned with the syndicate or Klingons. Therefore i can't see CBS objecting or die hard trekkies fighting it.
4. You already have them in the as far as technical/programming goes so it shouldn't be difficult to transfer or make available.

So the way i see it is better and profitable for Cryptic to let us have something that is already in the game and would make alot of people happy. Hell you can even leave it as something we can create as an alien character as long as you can add seduction as a selectable playable trait that we can add in addition to the species custome wear.

I hope that you will seriously take this into consideration and add before season 7. It would make alot of us happy and earn Cryptic some $.

Other than that STO is a blast and i at least appreciate the huge strides you guys have made since the begining. Its the reason i became a life timer so keep it up.

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09-03-2012, 08:07 PM
1. From

"Gaila was an Orion female and a cadet in Starfleet Academy in the alternate reality." Note the ALTERNATE reality - not canon, not in THIS universe.

2. The Klingon side is a mite irritated that anything unique to its faction inevitably ends up on the Fed side. The opposite rarely if ever happens. Thus at this point any chance of a reasonable response will be at odds with the basic tenant of us that see, at this point, ANYTHING Klingon has to be fought to the knife to keep unique, so the concept of two fully developed factions doesn't die.
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# 3 Closing Duplicate Thread
09-03-2012, 10:13 PM
As this thread duplicates the topic in another and involves some cross-posting between threads, I am closing it rather than merging it. There's nothing new here.

Please be aware that thread duplication and cross-posting are both considered forms of spamming and could result in warnings or infractions.
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