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# 1 Join the 77th!
03-01-2014, 09:05 AM
The 77th empire is looking for some new recruits!
We have multiple fleets under the name of the 77th.
We are a bunch of guys ready to do anything! From Borg stfs to daylies to grinding fleetmarks! No matter what level you are we will do our best to accommodate new members and helping them in Star Trek Online.We are a great amount of guys just here to have some fun.We also use teamspeak 3 to coordinate our events and missions!

Contact me with the ingame mailing system with this name Raphael The Great@gunmanraphael for more information on the fleets of the 77th.

We also have a kdf fleet if you wish to contact me ingame: Pimposaurus-Rex@gunmanraphael

Uncle Fester wants you!

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03-01-2014, 09:12 AM
Hello I'm Brian The Guild Leader of the 77th AND fleet leader of the 77th Elite Squadren and the 77th Elite Squadren Alpha, in the 77th we have this since of community about us . We hold dear our members not for there materials but for there communication and friendship. We are a laid back fleet, willing to let you become as involved as you want to be . Anyone who joins the 77th can become part of that community, We are willing to teach anyone new or old to the game. Ship builds , missions leaving up toons, anything we are here, and we are committed. We have 6 fleets in our guild,and with nearly 4 years under our belt we have plenty of experience at what we are doing here . we do have a tier 5 starbase completed and if your willing to become a active member of our community you will have unbridled access to that .

So come check us out sometime eathier in game or our website www.77thtacticalfleet.guildlaunch.com

or contact me directly in game @partiesplayin
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03-01-2014, 10:02 AM
I joined the 77th over 3 years ago I could never imagine playing with any other fleet these guys have been there for me when I need help in the game and emailing me when I was off for a long period of time when I was sick. You will never find another fleet more dedicated to their members like the 77th !

Here's a couple things to know about the 77th Fleets:
1. We try to help all new and old members where the need help in the game.
2. We take what we do seriously while having fun with it at the same time.
3. We have our own Team Speak 3 server.
4. We have members who can help you with builds in any area of the game you want to do better in.

So why am i still with the 77th its simple i have found a bunch of nuts who are just as crazy as I am and who love to play a game and sit around and talk to and joke with. So basically I found a place where I fit in and we hope you will give us a try and find your place to fit in as well.

And hey if all else fail you get to keep you nifty Straight Jacket you get Fitted for when you sign up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you have any questions message on of us in game or reply back on here!

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