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10-23-2012, 10:39 AM
Over the course of about 90 minutes (from around midnight PST to 1:30 AM PST) - and while doing ground STFs with fleetmates - 4 random members got server not responding and were DCed at the same time every 5 to 15 minutes.

We know it wasn't an internet issue because on one of the runs we had two PCs from the same house (using the same cable modem as they were both connected via it); where on disconnected with 'server not responding' - yet the other stayed connected just fine as that was happening.

Also, when it happened to me multiple times - the first time you could get right back in from tjhe log in screen (the one that comes up when you switch characters) - but if it happened again within say 5 minutes, on that second time, you have to quit and restart the client from the desktop; and usually for the first minute or so, you'd get the small 'trying to update the launcher' - and after that once you did get the launch screen up and typed in your password, 'loading the launcher' and then the patcher checking the client before going to 'Engage' status would take up to another two minutes (when normally, its less then 15 seconds or so on the connection I have.)

Also, NO OTHER internet connectivity was affected (we were using our Fleet Mumble server and not on of us ever got kicked from that server during these disconnects, and in the situations where I described getting the 'attempting to update the launcher' window; I could browse the sites on the web quickly, with a fast response.

Given all that, and the fact we were all 5 getting DCed and were from various parts of the U.S. (west coast, central, and east coast); and no other aspect of our internet connections were affected; I don't think you can blame this rash of disconnects on your or our ISPs.

It's either an infrastructure issue at your datacenter; or an issue with some of the software/hardware on the Holodeck server farm.
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10-23-2012, 11:41 AM
I've been trying to play for hours now, every single time I try to change area or join an STF I get kicked out with a "Timed out connecting to game server" error from the loading screen ( the error appears as soon as the "server not responding" counter reaches "10" seconds ).

I'm subsequently unable to get past the character selection screen for the next 30 or so minutes.

I've tryed both "Normal" and "Safe" login several times.

The game seems to work fine if I don't try to change area, I belive it's most certainly a software/hardware problem on the servers and not a connection issue.
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10-23-2012, 12:00 PM
Getting particularly bad the last few nights. 4/5 of the team disconnected in KAGE last night at one point, and individually had at least 3 disconnects. One of them never made it back.

You know it's not a network connection issue when you see most of your 10+ friends all logout within seconds of each other, or when the entire STF team disconnects all at once.

I've found that if I manually logout before being kicked by the server, I can usually get back in quickly. If the server is allowed to kick me, it takes at least 5 mins or so before I can even reach the "Patch Server" (if restarting STO from the desktop) or the "Account Server" (if I remain in STO and just re-enter my password and relog)
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10-23-2012, 12:38 PM
It's working now, it seems ... for me at least ...

nvm, there it is again ....

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10-23-2012, 02:09 PM
I've been getting the same problem. Had an issue last week that I diconnected and it was difficult to move because I kept getting pushed back and going against walls, etc. Got kicked of an STF and when I logged back in it didn't put me back in it. During the week sometimes it happend but only lag.

Today I joined an STF and immediately suffered from lag and disconnected 2 times. I'm afraid to queue for more because I don't want to cost anyone the optional or simply ruin the run.
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10-23-2012, 02:34 PM
Funny, today i can't even get into the launcher. Tried for the last 4 hours. Yesterday all worked fine.

The launcher window comes up and stays either all white or "loading. please wait"


"Trying to update the launcher"

and in the end "page can not be loaded"

(I notice, this is not the correct thread.)

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10-23-2012, 06:31 PM
I get this problem a lot. Although it seems to happen a lot more in the last week or so.

I am using a NetGear WNA3100 to connect to a British Telecom HomeHub3.
Acer Aspire AX3400 running Win 7 64bit.
Avast Anti Virus.

It does seem to happen more often in high populace areas. First City and the likes. Although it often seems related to if I am trying to chat as well. Very often freezes and get Server error for a few seconds after sending a message in fleet chats or similar. This very often leads to a Disconnect as well.

It is very common at any transitions as well. Whether between sectors or maps.

As others have said I seem to be able to maintain connections between other programmes or systems even. I have tried only having the one PC and STO active but that does not reduce the issue either so it seems hard to think that this is Bandwidth related.

I have not been able to test whether a cabled link will help with this as the HomeHub listed is on another floor and needs around 22 metres of Cat5e to reach.

I do want to take up the Lifetime Sub Offer, but right now this issue is making it really seem like a waste of money if I still cant indulge in anything STF related etc for fear of these near constant disconnects.

If any further detail might help with this please say and I will try to get that info.
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10-23-2012, 10:53 PM
Do we have any updates as to this issue being resolved?
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10-24-2012, 02:14 AM
Gave up trying to play this morning.

Game loaded up okay and I entered the KASE STF - started shooting at the first tac cube and screen went blank. Waited a few minutes but nothing, so used task manager to shut STO off.

Reloaded, this time using force verify. Managed to get as far as reappearing in the KASE instance I was booted from, but encountered same issue - game froze before I could do much of anything and had to repeat what I had done the first time.

Again loaded up and reppeared in the KASE instance, but only briefly - it froze out before I could do anything.

Reloaded with both force verify and safe-mode. Same as last time.

The gave up and decided to read a Trek book instead (Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn).
Originally Posted by pointedears View Post
Not good enough

This has been going on for too long and nothings been done about it. Like i said if your going to rob and steal money form people stupid enough to give it to pwe/cryptic at least do the decent thing and fix the servers ? is it too much to ask ?
Too harsh, though I DO think that they should, at this point, concentrate less on farting around with season seven promotion and concentrate on making the game as a whole work as it should!

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10-24-2012, 03:07 AM
I've been using 'ping -t' to observe if the DC's affect it. Quite often the pings show no changes before and during a DC, but /netgraph usually shows spikes just before a DC and sometimes after reconnecting.

Looking at my friends list and their respective IP ranges, there doesn't seem to be any correlation between geo-location and the likelihood of them being disconnected. Admittedly this is a small sample.

The most likely period of time for the DC's to occur seem to be between 9pm and midnight PST. (11pm - 2am, Texas ^-^)
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