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When you log into a character- particularly given that you have to log out to access another character, it'd be really nice to be able to see what the state of that character's doff missions are.

Normally when you select a character, the game retrieves their portrait/costume and displays it before you log in. I'd love to see a box that shows which missions are in progress, and which missions are complete. It doesn't need to show which doffs are assigned to which mission or the rewards or who I assigned to the mission- but just having it as some sort of status window we could use to check on status would be very useful.

The bare minimum of data would be the mission name, category/picture, and if it's complete, what sort of success/failure it was. If it's in progress, it should show the time left till completion- essentially just exporting the data the in progress/complete window shows now while you're logged in.

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