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# 1 faction progress
08-31-2012, 09:58 AM
What i really miss in the game is that there is no progress in the factions. The missions do the story but don?t change the status of your faction. For example no new species that signs a treaty to get in the federation. The federation or Klingon don?t grow in size.

Now with the fleet starbase I got this idea. It need more work but it gives you a general idea.
A neutral zone where Klingons and the federation fight for territory. When a faction wins they take that system, but then comes the hard part keep it in your faction control.

when a faction takes control of a system a message comes up that the enemy took control over a system and you with others need to retake it en when succeeds you get a bonus when enemy can keep the system they can place turrets and such. (ground bases)
To be interesting there need to be many systems let?s say 10.

How I see it 20 fed against 20 Klingon and only those 40 that queued can enter those 10 systems to protect or retake it. It?s a 30 minutes or 1 hour mission.

How to play:
Map with those 10 systems. The color of that system shows how many and which faction is located.
For example 2 fed and 3 Klingon the color of that system will be 3/5 red or so because more Klingon are located there.
Basically win a system move to the next to take that system as well, but the catch is that the other faction can retake that system you just won.
When 30 minutes or 1 hour are over the next 40 players go further where the others left off.

Between the 2 games there is time to place turrets and bases, ? . only in the system your faction is in control and the next players of your faction get a defense bonus or so because they took that system.

Of course everything is open for debate, but I want to know your opinions about this idea
do you think it will be fun?, ?
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# 2
08-31-2012, 12:51 PM
1. Good idea!
2. This probably belongs in general feedback because it pertains to both factions.
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# 3
09-02-2012, 05:06 PM
This may work.

Then again, Military Offensive on <Eta Eridani or Pi Canis system>
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# 4
09-02-2012, 06:33 PM
Originally Posted by spartangamer View Post
1. Good idea!
2. This probably belongs in general feedback because it pertains to both factions.
I agree; transwarped to General Feedback.

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