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Advanced Escort
Fore - 3x Polaron DHC MK XI, 1x Quantum Torp
Aft - 3x Polaron Turrets Mk XI

Engineering Consoles - EPS Flow, Neutronium Alloy
Science Consoles - Field Generator, Assimilated Module, Biofunction Monitor
Tactical Consoles - 3x Polaran Phase Modules, Zero Point Quantum Chamber

Boff Abilities
Commander Tactical Station: Tac Team 1, Torpedo Spread 2, AP:O 3, Cannon Rapid Fire 2
Lt. Commander Tactical Station: Tac Team 1, Torpedo Spread 2, Scatter Volley 2
Lt. Engineering Station: EPtS 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1
Lt. Science Station: HE 1, TSS 2
Ensign Science Station: Tractor Beam 1

Doff Layout
Conn Officer(Green), Projectile Weapons Officer (White), Shield Distribution Officer (Blue), Energy Weapons Officer (Green) Technician (Green) Tractor Beam Officer (Green)
I don't have enough EC laying around to upgrade them to higher quality officers, but as I collect them I will upgrade.

I'm a Science Captain and looking to do mostly STFs. All current gear is Mk X or Mk XI and I'm working on gearing up in normals before moving into elites.

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Put at least 3 points into Weapon Power Systems and screw the EPS on a cannon ship, move the Assimilated Console into the Engineering slot, dump the Biofuntion and make all 3 Science consoles Field Generator Consoles (in an escort no number of crew is going to save you if you don't have shields). The Zero Point Quantum is a preference thing, personally I deal more energy damage then torp so I tend to fly full energy weapon consoles.
Hi, my name is: Elim Garak, Former Cardassian Oppressor

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