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Well, a while back I posted a message about how two of my Fed characters do not get the Transwarp to Fleet system option on the menu that pops up from the mini map button. They are still bugged. The common thing about the fed characters -- they are missing the "Transwarp to Fleet System enabled" buff while in sector space (or however it's worded).

KDF Update:

I knew it would be a mistake, but I went ahead and did it anyway. I grinded the mats, doffs and dilithium needed for tier 1 science - Transwarp to Fleet system project for my 4 KDF characters. After a week of grinding, donating and cool downs, project finished.

And. Sigh. Not one of the four KDF officers have Transwarp to Fleet system on the menu that pops up from Mini Map button. They also are lacking the "" enabled "" buff while in sector space, so there is a common thread between the six characters spread between the factions.

On another theoretically related note: these four KDF characters were hit with the marauding transwarp bug I've seen mentioned here quite a while back. 3 of the 4 are at maxed 100k marauding (the 4th is around 90k). To date, they have only gotten ONE of the three marauding transwarps, the one to Alpha Centauri sector. They have not received Grant Diplomatic immunity (or whatever the KDF equivalent is named).

So, these four KDF officers have a measly two transwarps for all that hard work (I did most of the 100k marauding exp before the DOFF system revamp).

Are they ever going to fix this mess?
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08-31-2012, 04:24 AM
If only you knew the depth of the KDF non-love in this game.......
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Update (with solution):

Today I got the email that stated a CSM had replied to (one of my) ticket(s) and I figured I'd get more of the usual non-answers.

But, this CSM (names aren't listed or I'd give them a thumbs up here) said that I should check my spec and make sure all of my skill points were spent.

Didn't sound feasible, why would skill points have anything to do with transwarps from KDF Marauding system (or the Fleet Base transwarps) but at this time I was willing to try just about anything to get this working.

Long story still long but with a happy ending, I took one of my KDF officers to Qo'Nos and looked at spec and I has 500 points unspent. I took the 2500 out of stealth and put it into the 3000 point projectiles skill and accepted the now 300,000 / 300,000 spec and exited to sector space. Low, and behold, I now had all Marauding transwarps *AND* the fleet base transwarp!

That last part made me kind of hope that a similar respec might take care of my Fed's missing fleet transwarp (all my maxed feds have working Diplomatic tw's) and sure enough, both the bugged Fed character's specs were similarly 500 points short of being maxed at 300,000 / 300,000. I had to juggle some stuff on Fed side, the spec was different but when I took this away and added that to pad up to 300k, exited to sector space, the transwarp to fleet base was now present on the mini map menu.

If anyone has this bug, check the above solution, it should fix your problem.

Thanks, anonymous CSM person. I've never had a very successful track record with Cryptic CSMs or tickets, so I guess there's a first time for everything.

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