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So, I'm attempting my first Foundry mission. I've got to say, I have a new found respect for the works that I have seen up to now. Spending 10 minutes to get a door to fit right. Another 20 to get some nothing background character to sit in a chair.

Anyway, my issue of the moment. I have a scene that involves a linear series of progressively more difficult battles. I have 12 NPC groups all spawning along a narrow corridor. The reason for this is explained in the story. I enter the first engagement just as planned. The battle goes on, the enemy explodes and I move on the the second engagement.

This is when things start to get wonky. Before I reach the second group, I get enemy spawning behind me. This wouldn't be so bad, except they are so far back, I have to turn around and journey back to engage them. Which, really goes against the set up I created in the story. Then, when attempting the third engagement, everything just goes to crap.

Enemy are spawning everywhere and anywhere. except for where I placed them. Most well outside of the (server generated, I might add) indicated area of action.

Is there some trick to getting multiple NPC groups to spawn exactly where I indicate?

EDIT: I think I may have found the solution. I deleted everything, then began recreating the battle using one "kill the enemy" task per 2 encounters, instead of having one task with 12 encounters. So far, it seems to be working. I'm up to 6 encounters, with everyone spawning where they should. I've been working on this project so long, my eyes are starting to bleed, so the full battle will have to wait.

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Season 6 seems to have a bug on space maps that sometimes causes enemies to respawn after they die.

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