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Originally Posted by eradicator84 View Post
So scramble sensors is "working as intended"?

I've been playing around with SS1 in STFs and spheres shoot each other once then start back again at the human players. For an effect that's supposed to last 10 seconds with full aux it's rather a lame ability if it's working as intended.

No wonder people are saying sci skills are busted :S
In the No Win Scenario, I can only assume yes.

Outside of it, Borg have high resistance to confuse effects, such as Scramble Sensors. As we saw in Best of Both Worlds, using an antimatter spread to confuse didn't work so well (and only for a matter of seconds at that).
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Originally Posted by eristhevorta View Post
Meowies, I'm trying to mass-scramble the sensors of the enemy spawns in nowin scenario, butt they keep targeting the transport. My Aux is at 123 and I can scramble them for 29 seconds with my SS 3, with SS 2 (shared cooldown 30 seconds) I scramble 22 seconds long. It has no effect, also no effect on the probes and sphears in STF's. So, meow, is it buggified?

I notice it too... also GW do not work against borg probes in KSAE. Many sci abilities do not work well or do not work at all.

the idea dat SS do not work in no win scenario because it is a simulation, is a nonsense... Just because it is a simulation SS should work... if not, what are you simulating? something not real?

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Which is why Scramble Sensors (and it's little sister, Jam Sensors) need to do more than just confuse/placate.

If there was any justice, they would also buff Defense on allies in range and also reduce Threat on self/ally.

So that even if the primary effect of confuse failed, the victims would still have trouble hitting what they aim at and would be less likely to shoot at a specific given target.

For that matter, I wouldn't mind if the buff (Def/Threat Reduction) was the primary effect and confuse was a proc.
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Nah, scrambling the sensors if it worked would and should be the main point of the skill, a secondary effect would maybe be to apply jam sensors to the caster or maybe an ally it's cast upon, thus giving a faux threat debuff/reduction.
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Originally Posted by ravenknight816 View Post
Remember Kirk said he made it possible to rescue the KM, but he never specified how. For all we know, he programmed the Klingon BCs to shoot marshmellons instead of torpedoes *shrug*
If I remember the original, it was intimated he made himself such a renowned and feared Fed captain that the Klingons backed down and retreated.

In the reboot, he basically made them one-hit kills and gave himself a rapid-fire photon torp launcher.
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09-07-2012, 02:10 PM
Jam and Scramble sensors have always been a little odd to me.

Things like Jam will make a tractor beam loose it's hold but scramble does not.

It used to be I could get close to if not the full time of scramble to work. Now it seems to only be good for one shot and then they just target a different enemy. Not a good thing if you are one of those protect missions and there is only you and the target.

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