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# 1 funny Tribble ideas for STO
09-04-2012, 12:55 AM
I have thought of some very funny tribbles that would be great for STO missions. IT would put a highly humourous twist in any mission.

Borg Tribble: Makes you immune to all Borg attacks and assimilation attempts while assimilating all of your teammates in the process.

Vulcan Tribble: A tribble with pointy ears and a raisable eyebrow. Pumps your mind with a 200% increase in perceptive knowledge, wisdom, and logic while reducing your teamaties to 1 IQ point. (be great with a tribble aplifier modulator. Activate both and the map is showered with vulcan tribbles, making enemies and allies virtually brain dead while turning you into a jedi master)

Star Wars Tribble: activate and it turns you into a jedi. You can wield a lightsaber and pull mind trick on anyone (even allies and teamates) for 200 seconds.

Gorn Tribble: Does nothing but annoy the crap out of your teammates by reducing all of their buffs and skills to zero for the duration of the game.

TRON tribble: a tribble that looks like a bit from the Tron movies. Makes allies and enemies derezz once killed and makes the tribble's user look like a program with a light-disk for a weapon. If added with the right module, your tron tribble can even reprogram your teamates to be at your control. Imagine the four other players who are screaming attheir monitor because they can't control their toon's actions.

Zombie tribble: a tribble carcase that turns your allies and enemies into mindless shambling zombies that are easy to kill.

These tribbles would be great! If you have any tribble ideas, feel free to post it and have a good time.

FYI: My favorite tribble would be the vulcan one.

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