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Hello ppl,

As the topic suggests, I am looking to recruit Middle Eastern Players in particular. I am interested to know if I am the only one accessing STO from Middle East. If not please drop me a line so I'll know that I am not alone in the STO Universe. I am not Arab, but based here. However, I hope that will not stop anyone to contact me and possibly join my "Evil Tribble Armada" Fleet.

I am doing this so I can have more active players during my playing hours. Most of my current fleet members are from UK. since the time difference is not much i get to see them online but not for too long.

Also, if your a member of the in-game "PublicEliteSTFs" Channel and you see the tag "TribbleRage" chances are that its me setting up a private channel. so feel free to contact me in-game or here.


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# 2 not sure
01-03-2013, 10:46 PM
Im from India, i dont know much about team play, but after playing 20 lvls alone, i got in-game request of a fleet, so i join that, found that its very primitive one ( no developed starbase, 12-15 players ... )

i play just to complete missions now, so i dont know much about team work/ how to live-stream chat/ how to contribute etc .
and being student, sometimes i miss play for a day or week (during exams ).

if u wish me to join, u have to teach me a lot about this fleet system.

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