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09-11-2012, 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by trueprom3theus View Post
In regards to covariants, a shield emitter is close to useless since it amplifies the regen, and regen for covariants sucks anyways. I wouldn't use any emitter in a slow regen shield, if anything, I'd use a generator. The ultimate healer, such as sci ody, might use for ex omega shield with 2 emitters and 2 amplifiers, I could see that working since you don't want to waste ltc eng boff skill with eps3 (when you can use extend or a2si) that's required almost for a low regen shield.
Yeah, the higher base Regen the better. Also Science Ships shield mod. also apply to regen. So science ships are the best ships for Shield Amps.
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09-13-2012, 09:10 AM
As per this thread I've removed all but my field generator and field emitter and noticed a BIG improvement in shield strength on my Pach. I've optimized my build for sheer power and with the lethean bridge crew I can get 89 power on the shields from 60 input, and 120 on the weapons from 90.

The AEGIS shields don't drop anymore when the Breen cruisers start leeching them.

Thanks for the advice. I can hardly wait to setup a fleet Qin or the fleet vorcha refit with a glider.

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