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Hello and welcome to another edition of our writers' challenges!

Today we start the two-week run of the twenty-seventh Literary Challenge: Return to Terra Nova
In 2151, Captain Archer and his crew visited Terra Nova after 70 years had passed since Earth last had contact with the Human colony there. Now, over 258 years later, a distress message from the planet has been intercepted by your operations officer. You immediately change course to head toward the planet. Write a Captain's Log entry telling us about the message, what you find on the planet, and what happened there.
This is the writer's thread -- only entries should be made here.
The Discussion Thread can be found HERE.
We also have an Index of previous challenges HERE.

The rules may change from one challenge to another, but I'd like to remind everyone what the base rules are. These may grow as we move on, so also feel free to give feedback!
  • Each Challenge will run for two weeks. For 2 weeks we will sticky the challenge and let you make your entry.
  • There are no right or wrong entry.
  • The background story, questions I ask, and format requested are only to serve as a platform that you can start your writing from. Feel free to change up the back-story or the way you deliver, as long as the entry stays on topic of the original challenge.
  • Write as little or as much as you would like.
  • Please keep discussion about the entries in the appropriate Discussion Thread.
  • In the Discussion Thread, feel free to write what inspired you and what your thoughts on the topic are.
  • A few other important reminders:
    • Please heed the rest of the forum's rules when submitting your entry! All of them apply to these posts.
    • Each poster can have one entry. Feel free to edit your post to fix typos or add/ remove content as you see fit during the next two weeks.
    • After two weeks time, the thread will be locked and unstickied, as we move on to the next challenge.
    • We'll have two threads: One to post the entries in and one to discuss the entries. **Cross-linking between these two threads is acceptable for these challenges ONLY!!**
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# 2 Captain's log: Malek
09-04-2012, 09:11 PM
Captain's log, Stardate 86676.3. While making a routine survey of a nearby asteroid field, Ensign Riley reported an odd signal originating from the apparently abandoned human colony, Terra Nova. The signal was faint, and was on a rather low subspace frequency, but we managed to clear it up enough to distinguish some of the message.

Upon hearing this message, I began looking through the Torrent's database on the colony. I was astounded to find that the Federation had virtually left the inhabitants alone for the last two hundred and sixty years. On Cardassia, such things would have been akin to abandoning one's own children. But, as usual, I must remind myself that the Federation does things differently, and I chose this life. Still, I feel obligated to help these people both out of a sense of duty as much as feeling the need to do something as an apologetic gesture.

I've ordered Lieutenant Mattock to set course for Terra Nova. The Torrent is not a relief ship; in fact, I doubt ANY Defiant-class could hope to do more than bring down a few crates of medpacks. But luckily, the Vulcan vessel T'Pol was close enough to assist us, as well. Ironic, considering, according to the database, "T'Pol" was the name of one of the crew members aboard the original Starfleet vessel Enterprise, who assisted Terra Nova over two and a half centuries ago.

We still don't know much more about what the problem is, aside from a massive power failure and something about alien invaders-possibly Klingons, though I suppose anything is possible right now. The message was far too garbled to make a tremendous amount of sense out of it. But we are only a few hours away. I imagine that most of our questions will be sorted out when we arrive.

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# 3
09-04-2012, 09:13 PM
Captain's Log; supplemental.

After receiving the garbled distress call from Terra Nova the Iliad set course for the planet at high warp. Given the presence of Klingon raiders in the area, I ordered the ship to prepare for battle.

Upon arriving, however, we discovered that while the planet was under siege, it wasn't by any ship. It turns out that the disaster that nearly destroyed the colony in the late 21st century was not caused by an asteroid strike but by a group of rogue comets. Apparently several of these comets had broken apart and rained down radioactive debris as they passed close to the planets atmosphere.

The radiation emitted by the fragments is just as deadly now as it was 300 years ago and the damage could have catastrophic had it not been for presence of the Iliad and the planetary defense grid. Most of the larger comet pieces were either deflected or destroyed and impacts by smaller fragments were confined to a small region of the northern hemisphere. I've ordered the area evacuated until Starfleet Humanitarian Services can dispatch a ship to assist with decontamination.

I intend to request an official commendation for Ensign Torula for her exceptional piloting skills and to pass my compliments on to the Novan planetary government for maintaining cool heads in the face of such dire circumstances.

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# 4 Terra Nova's Distress
09-05-2012, 12:15 AM
Captain's Log, Stardate 86735.5

The History has picked up a distress call from a planet called Terra Nova. According to the History's data base, Terra Nova was an old federation colony, started back in the twenty second century. Contact was lost shortly after the colony was established. Captain Jonathan Archer and the Enterprise NX-01 made contact with them in 2151.
The contact loss was apparently due to a comet crash on the planet. Since the Enterprise made contact with Terra Nova, the federation started sending supplies and reinforcing. The last entry for the colony of Terra Nova was about fifty years ago. There long range sensors had detected another comet heading for the colony. After a petition to the federation counsel, Starfleet was ordered to help the evacuate the planet. The Evacuation took until five minutes before the comet struck the planet. whats worse all remaining life on the planet seemed to be dead.
I have ordered Commander R'shee to set course for the planet at best possible speed. If there is a signal then there has to be people on the planet, and if there is people there is going to be some history that we do not know about. I'm very interested to see what this lost History will be. Did Starfleet leave people on the planet? Did people really survive a second comet strike, or are we missing something.

Captain's Log, Stardate 86738.0

The USS. History just made to the planet of Terra Nova. As we made orbit we detected Goren and Klingon life signs. We also detected a small fleet of Klingon ships. I have contacted Starfleet for reinforcements. As well as sent a small away team to the planet?s surface, directly to one of the cavern settlements that we can still detect small amount of federation life signs. The away team consists of Commander R'shee, Lieutenant Commander Angela Elsewire, and Ensigns T'vel and Keith Smith.
I don't know how long we can hold out but If we are sunk before reinforcements reach us, I have ordered that all personal logs are sent out in a data canister, please find my crewmen. The History is after all a Museum ship not a warship. We are to start battle in less than five minutes; I just hope the fleet will make it in time.

Captain Murphy signing off, hopefully not for the last time.

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# 5
09-05-2012, 04:33 AM
Battle Log: 175th day of the year of Kahless.

The Fek'lhr's Heart was scouting Federation space, raiding their freighters and taking what we could. It was after one such raid that we picked up a distress call from some random planet. The Starfleet chart we had identified it as Terra Nova. Some old Earth colony that had been abandoned for some reason.

We detected no sign of a colony, only intense radiation in the Northern hemisphere. But the source of the distress call was on a continent to the South. A team beamed down to investigate. A green, lush, Federation world. No worthy prey. We did make contact with the local lifeforms. Some strange humanoid species, blue mottling on their skin, talking nonsene. Obviously they had never seen a Klingon warrior before. They asked if we came from the Sky and offered us Digger meat. Then had the audacity to struggle when we put them in their place. We were forced to execute them all. No shame really, they would have made poor soldiers for the Empire. Although that Digger was tasty.

We continued our investigation, discovering a crashed shuttle from some Bolian Freighter. The pilot was badly injured, unable to fight back. We scavanged her shuttle for anything of value and took her prisoner. Some more of those Novans came to investigate, so we cut them down with our blades easily. The Bolian is badly injured, but she will live. It is always good to have prisoners when dealing with the Feds. We didn't detect any more Novans on our scanners, so we hunted some more Diggers and returned to the ship.

Upon our return, a Miranda class Fed ship had arrived in orbit, no doubt in response to the distress call. Battle was entered and though we took some damage, it is nothing that can not be easily repaired. We left the Feds a burning hulk, falling into the atmosphere. It was a glorious sight.

A Romulan Strike Team, Missing Farmers and an ancient base on a Klingon Border world. But what connects them? Find out in my First Foundary mission: 'The Jeroan Farmer Escapade'
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# 6
09-05-2012, 08:54 AM
Er... please check out my foundry mission: "The Return to Terra Nova."
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# 7
09-05-2012, 11:23 AM
The following logs have been authorized for release from the Odyssey class U.S.S. Athena by the order of Vice Admiral Bryan Mitchel Valot

Admiral's Log, Stardate 90284.5; Vice Admiral Bryan Mitchel Valot recording

The Athena received a general distress call from a colony I never thought we would ever hear from: Terra Nova. There was no other transmissions included, just the distress signal. I've ordered the Athena to change course to respond to respond, and have also requested that our fleet's leader have a battle group ready in case the Klingons were the cause of the beacon. Our ETA is approximately 16 hours at maximum warp.

Personal note: I wish we had more intel on what we are going to find there. If it is Klingons, then we are going to need to upgrade the Sol systems defenses, because if they are able to make it this far into Federation space without being detected, then they could very well all ready have a staging point for a massive assault on Earth.

Admiral's Log, Supplimental

We have confirmed that a Klingon fleet has blockaded Terra Nova. We don't know what their goal is, but I do know that we can't allow them to remain here. They're too close to Earth. I have given the order to the reinforcements I requested to join up with the Athena and prepare to engage the Klingon fleet. We're outnumbered, but I am confident that we can win. The fleet will arrive in about two hours, at which point we will warp directly to Terra Nova and engage the Klingon fleet.

Personal note: I wonder why the Klingons attacked Terra Nova. There is nothing of value there, and they wouldn't be able to even begin to set up a base in orbit without all of Starfleet knowing.

Admirals Log, Stardate 90285; Vice Admiral Bryan Mitchel Valot recording

We have pushed the Klingon fleet back from Terra Nova. When they retreated, the fell back to a small asteroid outpost near the Argelius system, which we pursued them to. During the engagement in orbit of Terra Nova, we easily defeated the Klingon fleet destroying or crippling well over two-thirds of the deployed ships, though we lost four frigates and one escort. Overall a victory, but they were too close to the Sol system. Recommend increasing the number of active border patrol ships as well as the number of short range patrols within Federation space.

Personal note: I avoided sending away teams or assault squads down to the Terra Nova. We didn't detect any hostile life on the planet, only the former colonists. We mad sure to destroy any debris that wouldn't simply burn up in the atmosphere and tow away any crippled vessels.
Vice Admiral Bryan Mitchel Valot
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# 8 Pierce him! Faster than he!
09-05-2012, 11:35 AM
Captain's personal log:

I am of two minds today. Part of me is sad as my ship, the Trombe, is being reassigned to another captain. The rest of me is happy though, as my crew are getting some much needed R&R and when we come back, we have a scratch-built vessel waiting for us. I have been looking over the specifications of this ship, and I can't help but notice it is not a standard vessel... Something stinks at Jupiter Station.

As I record this log, my crew are being ferried toward Sol on the U.S.S. Alteisen Riese, commanded by my good friend Cagalli Y. Atha.

"Computer, halt recording." I muttered as I heard a knock at the door, "It's open!" I called out to whomever was on the other side.

The door opened, and I had to look up...

...This can't be good. Cagalli was towering over me at 8ft tall, sosomething serious was going down.

"Amuro, I'd like you to accompany me to the ward room. R&R will have to wait." Cagalli said to me, her voice sounding deep and ever so slightly metallic.

I grabbed my PADD and ran after her, fortunately the ward room was just down the hall, so their wasn't much ground to make up.

I entered the room and made my way to the nearest available seat, and slumped down into it.

Cagalli motioned to the viewscreen rising from the centre of the table and spoke to me, "What do you make of this transmission?" She asked, starting playback of a recording she tells me was intercepted by her Ops officer.

I hear distorted, broken cries for help; talk of radiation and tremors. There are faint reports of collapsing caves and buildings where many are trapped, then I hear two words which send a chill up my spine...

"Terra Nova." I unwittingly said aloud with a sense of dread. Cagalli took notice immediately.

"Amuro? You look like you just saw your father." She said, knowing he passed away a few years ago.

"I may as well have." I said to her "Terra Nova was very nearly humanity's first interstellar conflict, in a manner of sorts, and it was with ourselves.

If it was not for Archer and the Enterprise, this colony would surely have been wiped out centuries ago. We haven't heard from them in some time, if I remember my lessons correctly." I said with some humour.

"I brought you here because I know you're in a hurry to get home, but you know I have to go to Terra Nova to help in any way I can. The Aquarion is docked aft, you can take it and get back to Sol in time, or lend me your hand in helping the colony." Cagalli said, she looked as though she was hiding something.

"You know full well I can't turn and go after hearing this! Zazhid and I would both take a right good square go at beating you up for even thinking that! She'll understand, and besides, the ceremony can wait. Ma'll understand too." I raged, calming as I thought of Zazhid, the yin to my yang.

"Ok, but do me a favour and stay on the bridge for a while. I need to finish some calibrations..." Cagalli trailed off as she stood up and strode out of the room towards engineering.

We reached Terra Nova wihtin the hour, almost holding together as Cagalli ran another one of her experimental drive tests. I swear shes going to kill herself at this rate. I seriously doubt her stasis defence would hold up in the vacuum of space.

The bridge crew performed their jobs admirably, but they missed something on their scan: radiation levels were rising rapidly. Soon even our EV suits would be useless.

I heard my combadge chirp, "Meet me in cargo bay 4."

What is Cagalli up to? I thought, racing towards the transporter at the rear of the bridge for the most efficient route.

I materialised just within the cargo bay and say two huge screens. Cagalli emerged from behind the screen on the right and called out to me "I know you've noticed the specs on your new ship are a little different than the standard. That's my fault!"

"What do you mean?" I asked her, perplexed.

"Well, you know how it's customary to give gifts to the happy couple, right?" She said with a glint in her reflective eyes.


"Well, here's mine for you!" She bellowed as the screen was pulled to one side, revealing what looked like...

"No... No WAY!" My eyes widened " Is that what I think it is?!"

"Only if you were thinking of a Neutronium alloy armoured, overunity engine driven, bipedal search & rescue haz-mat mechanoid." She said with a beaming smile from ear to ear. "

"How...?" I almost whimpered in bewilderment.

"I been working on a general use, no danger assistance module for a very long time. I just had to finish the power core. The journey here was the last test." She said with pride, something I haven't heard from her before.

"So why now?" I asked her.

She knew full well what I meant behind my vague question, " The shielding is almost as strong as the Trombe's was. Plus, the equipment on board should help you get the job done."

"Ok... What about the giant spike?" I asked, pointing to the massive pointed protrusion emanating from the right arm.

"That's a 'Revolving Bunker', mostly for breaking through rock, but I think you'll find other uses for it."

"Roll out!" I called, feeling a little nostalgic for that animation I often watch.

Touching down on the planet, I feel like the balance for my new toy is strange. Cagalli told me that she did what she could, but short of overspecialising she couldn't centre the balance any more.

I managed to create enough holes in collapsed caves and buildings for the Alteisen Riese to beam out survivors, but we all knew this colony would be lost for some time.

I hailed Cagalli for a beam out, but she told me the ship couldn't get a lock on me or my new toy, commenting that it would need a name. She suggested using the abbreviation for the working title she used while building it.

"No way, I'm not calling it G.U.N.D.A.M.!" I said.

"Why not?" She asked, pouting.

"It sounds goofy. How about 'Alteisen'?"


"It was conceived on your ship, the Alteisen Riese, which is "Old iron giant" so why not give this a name derived from its 'mother', so-to-speak?" I reasoned with her.

"Ahhhh, I see the logic. Wait, you pulled that straight from that animation you've been watching... at night..."

"A little, but you have to admit it fits." I grinned.

"At any rate, you're going to have to up the output on the drive to get out of there. Fly up!" She said, almost getting into it. I think she's been watching some of that anime too...

I listened to the sage advice, upped the output and gunned the engine to obtain escape velocity. When I did though, my heart sank. A bird-of-prey sat between me and safety.

'You'll find other uses for it...' Cagalli's voice rang inside my head.

Another insane idea, but I had to try.

"Ikuzo, Alteisen! Pierce him, faster than he!" I cried out as the thrusters roared into life, supplanted by the modified fighter impulse engine as momentum took hold.

I cocked the right arm back, and thrust the bunker into the bow section as I reached the splatter point, and fired off the bunker round.

Cagalli never told me about the shockwave that round would create, as it cascaded through the vessel, destroying relay after relay.

I turned to move toward the ship, but I was pushed by the shockwave caused by the BoP exploding!

"No matter how thick your armour... I have but to pierce it!" I said calmy.

Back aboard the Riese, speeding for home, Cagalli reminded me I had a wedding to get ready for, but there was still one thing puzzling me...

"You never explained to me why my new ship isn't standard spec, so tell me now, please?" I asked, hoping for a straight answer.

Amazingly, I got one.

"Because I needed the space for your 'Alteisen', and its opposite number to fit. That and I had to reroute a few relays to accomodate the engine's ability to power said vessel. Speaking of which, the comissioning has been done. They dubbed it 'Aussenseiter'. Whaddaya think?"

"I can't wait. But first comes the wedding, and the Honeymoon." I said as I turned to go to my quarters.

'What a long day...' I thought to myself, as I slumped onto the bunk for some peace and quiet.

Then the alarm went off. "AARGH!"
Ikuzo, Trombe!
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# 9 Terra Nova: 2409
09-05-2012, 02:12 PM
Start Transmission
Lucas Riker?s Personal Log Stardate 86474.9
The captain has set a course for Risa to give the crew some much needed shore leave. I, however, will be on my way to Betazed instead, to join my parents for their 30th Wedding Anniversary. I am looking forward to seeing my parents; it has been way too long.
This date in Federation History: Ground breaking of the first humanoid colony outside of the Sol System, the colony was named Terra Nova (Latin for New Earth) back in 2078. That must have been one exciting day for Earth, as well as all of the new colonists.
End Transmission.

Start Transmission
First Officer?s Log Stardate 86490.5
After passing by Vega colony to monitor Borg activity, ship communications picked up a faint distress call, at least that?s what we think it is, from the area near where Terra Nova colony once was. We are setting course for the last known coordinates of Terra Nova. I have been reading up on the history of Terra Nova, and there are some startling findings. I am not even sure what we will find when we arrive.
End Transmission.

Start Transmission
Lucas Riker?s Personal Log Stardate 86495.6
As we make our way to Terra Nova, I can?t help but think what it must have been like for the first Colonists who took that long journey to a new planet, a new world. It seems as though now, whatever may be left of a long forgotten, and one might say abandoned, human Colony on Terra Nova is in the hands of the USS Titan-B.
End Transmission.

Start Transmission
Captain?s Log Stardate 86496.8
We have arrived at the computer?s coordinates of Terra Nova, only to find empty space. It seems as though the planet has all but disappeared, leaving only its moons completely intact. We have scanned the moons and found no inhabitants. We plan on continuing to investigate, cautiously, but will not spend too much time chasing down dead ends.
End Transmission.

Start Transmission
Lucas Riker?s Personal Log Supplemental
Captain has decided we have spent long enough chasing down a ghost. We have transmitted our findings to Starfleet and they will be sending out an investigation party at their convenience. It seems as though since no one in the Federation has heard from Terra Nova in almost 260 years, they are not too concerned that the planet has disappeared. I, however, can?t shake this feeling that we?re missing something.
End Transmission.

Start Transmission
First Officer?s Log Stardate 86497.8
Captain has received word from Starfleet that they will be sending a team out to investigate immediately. I have requested to stay back in a shuttle and wait for the research team to arrive. Meanwhile, I will start an investigation of my own. My shore leave on Betazed, and my family reunion, will have to wait for now.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
First Officer?s Log Stardate 86498.1
Aboard the USS Titan-B?s shuttle, I have scanned and verified 2 of the moons near where Terra Nova should be. Both moons match the computer?s star charts. I still do not understand how the planet could just disappear. I have done further reading on the history of Terra Nova and discovered the meteor that struck the planet and irradiated it killing off most of its? inhabitants. Some 70 years after that Captain Archer made contact with the remaining Novans and relocated them to the Southern Hemisphere that was not affected by the radiation. Though relations were strained, that still does not explain why there has been no communication between Federation and Terra Nova, nor Terra Nova and any other species for the last 260 years. Nor does this explain the mysterious distress call the USS Titan picked up leaving Vega Colony. I look forward to having a full research team here soon, as the sensors and scanning capabilities on this shuttle are subpar. I am going to move closer to where the southern hemisphere should have been; maybe I can pick up some trace elements left behind.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
First Officer?s Log Supplemental
I may have discovered something traveling near the southern hemisphere. There seems to be a cloud, fading in and out. It is rather small, and the shuttle?s sensors can?t make much of it, but I intend on marking that for further exploration once the research vessel arrives. The shuttle?s power levels have been fluctuating more frequently due to unknown origins. I hope the research team is nearby as I?m not sure this shuttle will have power much longer.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
First Officer?s Log Supplemental
This will be my last log entry until the research vessel arrives as the shuttle is losing power. I am sending out a distress signal, as well as transmitting all of the information I have collected thus far, in hopes it reaches the research vessel or any other vessel in range.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
First Officer?s Log Stardate 86596.5
I have found myself on the surface of a planet. I am unsure of what planet; however the last thing I remember was my shuttle losing power, and life support. From the last log entry I can find it has been over a month since then, none of which time I can remember.
The planet is rather warm, but habitable by humans, as I am not dead yet. I have found no source of water yet and all supplies on the shuttle have vanished. I am going to venture into a nearby cave for shelter from the sun.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
Lucas Riker?s Personal Log Supplemental
I have found a source of water, scarce as it is, but it seems to be drinkable. I have yet to run into any humans, or other life forms of any kind. After I rest awhile, I will have to venture back to the shuttle remains and hope to fashion something of a communicator to send a distress call. I am beginning to worry that no one will find me here, and really starting to wonder what happened during the month that I cannot remember.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
Captain?s Log Stardate 86602.4
The USS Titan has received word from Betazed that Command Lucas Riker never arrived to meet and celebrate his parents? 30th wedding anniversary. I have also contacted Starfleet and they have no record of a research vessel accepting a mission to investigate the disappearance of Terra Nova ? a transmission of which I myself had sent out and received confirmation from Starfleet. The USS Titan will rendezvous with a shuttle containing Retired Admiral William T. Riker, Ambassador Deanna Troi, and Captain Data near Betazed. The USS Titan will then set course for Terra Nova maximum warp.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
William T. Riker?s Personal Log Supplemental
My son has gone missing near Terra Nova on a scientific research mission investigating the mysterious disappearance of the planet Terra Nova. My wife and I have enlisted the help of Data, and the USS Titan to find him. If Lucas is anything like myself, or the man I named him after he will be found, alive and well, most likely mingling with the female inhabitants of a nearby planet or searching through the ruins for artifacts. That boy never ceases to amaze me with his captivating intrigue for the unknown.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
Captain Log Supplemental
We have arrived at the last coordinates that we left Commander Lucas Riker and the shuttle. The area is the same as it was when we left Commander Riker here. There is still no planet Terra Nova in sight, and furthermore there is now no Commander Riker and his shuttle in sight either. We are scanning the area, but nothing so far.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
First Officer?s Log Supplemental
I have retraced my steps but cannot find my shuttle. Instead I found a small building standing where I thought my shuttle had been. I used great caution in entering, but the blazing sun left me no choice. Upon entering the inside looks at though it was made from the parts of my shuttle ? I would not have guessed this from the outside as it looked more like a sand castle than a shuttle. The building was only about 6 meters long, by 3 meters wide by 3 meters high but it seems quaint, or maybe it was because I had spent so long in those caves. There was a small cot like contraption in one corner, and a small port hole of a window on the opposite wall. I decided to lay down as it was a long journey from the caves to here.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
First Officer?s Log Supplemental
I have finally found another life form to communicate with. I am not sure as to what to call it, it is like nothing I?ve seen before, sort of human like but very dried up ? probably from the lack of hydration on this planet. It calls itself Notak Vindal ? though it does not communicate very well with words, sign language and gestures seem to be getting us along. If I understand Notak correctly it is Notak that transformed my shuttle into this building I am currently living in. I believe there are more Notaks but am unsure if I should ask to meet with them. I fear that I may upset them, or that they may not be able to understand me. I will wait another night and decide tomorrow.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
First Officer?s Log Supplemental
I awoke today to find several Notaks in my shuttle building, inspecting, changing, ransacking my belongings. Upon further investigation, they were fixing a crack that had formed in the hull of the shuttle, which was now a mixture of hardened sand and shuttle material. Though I was startled to see more of them, I believe they were just as startled to see me awake and staring at them. They introduced me to what I would call their elder Jamin ? he was not as dried up and sandy as the rest, however it did seem that we had not seen water in many days. He spoke better English, almost like a human who had been mute of very many years. He led me out into the dry hot sun and into a nearby cavern where there was water for me to drink. I thanked him and began to ask him questions of where I was and how I had gotten there and if there were more of them. I must have drank the water so fast that I overwhelmed my body because the next thing I know I was again awakening in my shuttle building, unaware of how I had gotten there. In an attempt to not repeat this loss of time again I strapped on a life monitor that I had hidden in my pocket for an emergency before I entered the caves the first time. I was shocked to learn my water content was down to 26% - no wonder I was losing chucks of time. The Notaks or Jamin must have seen me as a threat because they have now locked my shuttle building from the outside and I am stuck inside. I wonder if I have enough energy to attempt to break down the door.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
First Officer?s Log Supplemental
I arose from the cot and prepared to ram into the door of the shuttle building when it opened rather forcefully. There stood Lt. Cmdr. Alex, Lt. Anna LaForge, and Captain Data. They hurried me out of the shuttle and into a nearby cavern. They had found the cloud near the southern hemisphere fading in and out just as I had ? but they were able to stay far enough away to avoid the power drain on the USS Titan. They took a cloaked shuttle into the cloud and found the planet, Terra Nova, covered in a shroud like cloak. That cloud was the cloak failing in a small corner of the southern hemisphere. With myself now rescued we could continue to investigate the planet. We would have to start by mapping out the cavern system. Thankfully Data has downloaded all of the known Terra Nova planetary survey maps from the computer prior to the trip. Quickly he verified that these caverns were in fact the caverns of Terra Nova. With this knowledge we quickly made out way to the southernmost point known in search of water and a colony.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
Captain?s Log Supplemental
We are in a low orbit near Terra Nova after finding a failure in a cloak shrouding the planet. We have sent down a small team in a shuttle to hopefully find Commander Riker and investigate the source of the shrouding cloak. My first impressions are that something is being hidden here. I am unsure of what to make of the situation and for our own safety I have yet to contact the Federation until we have more information.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
Away Team Log Supplemental
We have come to find out that planet Terra Nova has been inhabited by 2 life forms. One was original to the planet ? of superior intelligence in mechanical engineering construction, while very limited in verbal communication. The Novans call them Vomads. The second life form is that of the human species of which landed here in 2078. When the meteor hit the planet in 2085 the radiation killed most of the humans, driving the remaining into the caverns, and later moving them to the Southern Hemisphere caverns by Captain Archer. The Novans thrived in the Southern Hemisphere caves for a while until the Vomads began to mutate due to the radiation. Once mutated, they took over the whole planet, except for a small set of caverns in the southern hemisphere. These caverns were too small for the mutated Vomads to navigate and were much too humid for them also. The Vomads began as very small creatures, dessert dwelling, and allergic to water. The radiation caused this allergic reaction to be so severe that any contact with water instantly disintegrated the Vomads. Another alteration caused by the radiation was the uncontrollable growth. The Vomads are now among the largest life forms still able to inhabit planets. Many are over 8 feet tall ? a far cry from the original 2 feet they were accustomed too. The Novans did not know the planet was being shrouded by a cloak, but it would explain the dozens of distress calls that went unanswered. Their water supply is running out, and the Novans are beginning to die off. From our readings, it seems as though the radiation that was once there over 300 years ago is only in trace now, most likely due to its half-life degradation. If the Novans were to want to start inhabiting the rest of the planet, though it is hot, it would be chemically habitable for humans. Riley, one of the elders, is going to call a meeting of the remaining Novans to discuss this option. Data and Riker are going to try to get a signal to the USS Titan to send word that Riker is OK and that they are investigating.
End Transmission

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Captain?s Log Supplemental
A faint signal came through late last night, not much of it was understood, however it is a sign that someone on the planet?s surface is there and able to send communications. We hold out hope for a little longer before contacting the Federation.
End Transmission

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Away Team Log Supplemental
The Novans have agreed to begin inhabitants of the rest of the planet. We are now working together to find the best possible solution for dealing with the Vomads and determining the origin of the cloaking shroud surrounding the planet. Unfortunately, there is a greater concern that the trek to the Northern Pole, where we have determined the cloak technology is stationed, will not be an easy one, and may not be made by all.
We begin our trek toward the Northern most region of the planet in hopes to find the cloak, and to not have much opposition along the way.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
Away Team Log Supplemental
We figure we are about half way to the North Pole now, and I believe the count of dead is 12 ? about 1 every other day mostly elders, and one child who fell from a cliff into a small water hole and was unable to be saved before drowning. But we press on, though I can feel the Novans are losing hope of an end and faith in our crew as the days pass.
End Transmission

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Away Team Log Supplemental
We have reached the North Pole and have found the power control unit controlling the cloaking device ? LaForge and Data are working on disabling it. We have not noticed much opposition on our journey ? we have stayed mostly in the caverns and only ventured out when an easier way was not found. We have, however, found an abundance of sand like sacs along the way, if I was to venture a guess I would think they were some sort of shedding of skin, like a snake, but it seems unlikely as we have seen to animals of any kind on the planet so far. We also have found a device that seems to be removing the water supply from the planet and consuming it, almost as if it is trying to rid the entire planet of water. We are also investigating how to disable this.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
Away Team Log Supplemental
LaForge and Data have been able to disable the cloaking the device, and the Novans have disabled the device removing the planet?s water supply. We still have yet to come across any opposition from the Vomads which is very suspect because it seems as though they are the only ones that would benefit from these 2 devices, though they do seem highly technically advanced for that species. Our next task is to venture out of the caves and into the planet?s surface, where we are hoping to find an inhabitable planet.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
Captain?s Log Supplemental
After 2 months of no contact with Commander Riker or the away team the cloak shrouding the planet has been removed and Terra Nova sits staring back at us. Though it is a rather tan looking planet we are hoping to have good reports from the Away Team. We are attempting to contact them now.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
Away Team?s Log Supplemental
Upon emerging from the caverns, the sun shined brightly on our faces, not nearly as hot as it had been before. There were the sandy sacks everywhere, Data scanned a few but found nothing but sand, and a few micro-organisms. We have asked the Doctor onboard the USS Titan to come examine them more closely. She concludes that based on their size and sandy makeup that they were most likely the remains of the Vomads. It looks as though they died of natural causes; thought there wasn?t much left of them. We are providing the Novans with supplies, a new water supply to help replenish the planet?s depleted water supply, as well as provisions, and medical supplies. These should be able to get them started on rebuilding their colony until a supply ship can be sent from Starfleet. The Away Team will be leaving now and the USS Titan will be contacting Starfleet to notify them of their discovery.
End Transmission

Start Transmission
Joint Log of Captain Rene Picard and Commander Lucas Riker of the USS Titan documenting Rediscovery of Terra Nova Colony and Federation Involvement in Planetary Manipulation
We both have just left a Starfleet Confidential meeting with the Admiral?s council concerning our actions and exploration of Terra Nova. It seems as though the Federation decided to provide the Vomads (Life form 126875) with a cloak, water depletion generator, and climate control equipment to nurture them for as long as they wanted to stay on Terra Nova. Though this was in complete violation of the Prime Directive, the Federation found the Vomads to be perfect subjects for this experiment. The experiment failed when the Vomads blocked all communication with Federation after their equipment was up and running. Many secret missions were conducted in the area, with many ships lost presumably to the Vomans and to the planetary climate. The Vomads were presumed to have a lifespan of 30 years, from the Novans scientific records ? of which the Federation thought would be enough time to complete their experiment, but not hurt the Novans while still in the southern hemisphere. Unfortunately, the extent of radiation poisoning on the Vomads caused their lifespan to increase to 10 times regular ? or about 300 years. Another effect of the radiation was sterilization. The Vomads could no longer procreate if they had already hit sexual maturity when the radiation poisoning started. They attempted to procreate as rapidly as possible once this was found out, however all offspring were born sterile also. Some of the Vomads died immediately, but many survived quite some time, however around the same time the cloak started to fail was about 300 years from which the radiation poisoning and the sterile offspring converged. Unfortunately, the sand like sacks were actually the remains of the Vomads ? almost all about 300 years old ? the last of an extinct life form. The Federation will never publish what really happened between Captain Archer?s contact and Commander Riker?s contact with Terra Nova ? let this entry, and the memories of the Away Team, be the only record of the true events of those years.
End Transmission
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"No ma'am, I am not sure what happened after we all lost consciousness."

Admiral Farber failed to restrain her fury. "So basically, Section 31 drugged your crew, stole your ship, took it somewhere and did something, and all you can say is that you are sorry?"

Captain Carter tried hard not to scream at the screen. "Admiral, I could tell you that you underestimate Section 31, but what's the point? Whatever they wanted, they got. We are pawns in their game."

"I will try my best to strip you of your commission. Farber out."

After the transmission ended, Carter looked down at the data rod in his hand. They promised that this would come in handy one day. When will that be?


Eight days earlier

"Bridge to Captain Carter?? OK, time to wake up. No red alert klaxon, looks like we?re still at warp speed, inertial dampeners online. It?s 0347 hours. Ugh.

"Lieutenant Carpenter, why are you waking me up? What is your job title?"

"Sir, we've received a distress signal from Terra Nova?and as you know, I'm the acting captain for gamma shift."

"Ok, so as acting captain, you can make the easy decisions and let me sleep. If the ship isn't being attacked or about to explode, leave me alone. I'll report to the bridge 5 minutes before shift change so you can brief me on the situation. I?m going back to bed." Rolling over, the captain wondered if Carpenter was promoted too soon.


Four hours later

The Odyssey was fifteen minutes away from Terra Nova, so the senior staff had gathered in the conference room. The ship?s librarian, a photonic being named Alice, had effectively put half the room to sleep.

"...and that is why we cannot interfere with the Novans." Alice brushed some of her shoulder-length hair away from her ear and sat down, satisfied.

Carter jerked awake and sat up straight. "So you really believe we have an ethical responsibility to ignore this distress signal? It's too early for fuzzy logic."

"My logic is not hairy, and this is quite simple. The Novans have spent the last 200 plus years in relative seclusion. They decided to develop their own technologies at their own pace. Eighteen years ago, the Novans sent a representative to San Francisco and asked for partial protectorate status. We keep the Borg away and they stay out of our business. If you were awake, you?d know that the distress signal was sent by an illegal monitoring satellite operated by a less-than-reputable Alpha Centarian firm called Interstellar Partnerships Corporation."

Operations officer Glotz perked up. "If I recall correctly, IPC is a dummy corporation for Section 31. No one has been able to prove it, but that has a lot to do with the existence of Section 31 being a secret outside of the Federation. No one wants to imprison a 'legitimate' CEO and charge him with being a pawn in a rogue Federation outlet that runs amok and never gets caught."

Carter sighed. "So Section 31 places a network of illegal monitoring satellites near a planet of humans that have chosen to stay 400 years behind the rest of the galaxy technologically. Then they call for help. Is this a trap, or are they really in trouble? Terra Nova is so close to Sol that it's our responsibility to respond on the chance that it's a Borg threat or other absolute disaster."


The Odyssey's shields failed three seconds after exiting warp speed. While Security chief Hillel warned them of an authorized transport, main power failed. Captain Carter lost consciousness shortly thereafter.


Carter awoke in his bed, fully dressed in a wrinkled uniform. It took a few moments for him to realize that his last memory was sitting on the bridge. As he arose, he was not surprised to see a man dressed in black sitting at his table.

"You are awake. So now?s the time to thank you for your services."

"I will do no such thing. What happened to me and my crew?"

"You enjoyed your sleep, right? Everyone else is laying in a bunk in one of the cargo holds. Sedated, of course, but perfectly healthy. They should wake up in about 2 hours. You have that long to consider what I have to say."

"Speak your peace and get off my ship." He probably has a personal shield, so assaulting him is pointless. If he can steal my ship, he can protect himself.

"Fine. While you were dreaming, you helped advance the well-being of the Federation and the galaxy as a whole. Of course, we erased all ship logs, so you'll never know what precisely you helped with. But I am leaving you with this data rod as a thank you. As soon as your anger dies down, open it up. You'll be pleasantly surprised. In fact, you may find that this data rod comes in handy in the near future."

"What the..." before he could finish his sentence, the intruder had left. How am I going to explain this?

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