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So, as you are playing any game really, sometimes things happen, and you never expect em. Feel free to post those moments.

Here's a couple from me:

Earlier, I was playing No-Win with some fleetmates, and I had just done some nasty, icky things to a group of enemies in my little Recon Sci (on a sci), when suddenly, the tac in an escort I was with, died due to fire from those enemies, and I'd been using my heals on him already, so a lot of the agro went right to me.

I used Evasives, and started to run, hitting my Fleet Support ability as I ran. Lo and behold, a Gal-X Dreadnought appeared! Needless to say, I was shocked, but my fate was sealed, I was already about to die, and did so. By the time i respawned, we'd lost (it is No-Win of course).

But even so, the Gal-X was one tough little bugger, with it's easily 300k hull (can't remember exactly, but it was a lot), and managed to take a few ships before we lost.

Also earlier today, I was leveling a new Fed engineer I made, and I got to the Doomsday Machine mission. I was on the planet portion, and started going up the hill, etc etc. I get to a console, and I misfire my gun, hitting a Klingon instead of a nearby targ, because I pointed a bit in the wrong way.

This starts a rather long, drawn out fight in which we get rather overrun by probably a dozen or more Klingons, and the targs they come with. I end up going down because I pulled a bit too much agro, but shockingly, while they didn't revive me, my BOFFs stood their ground and managed to take out every single one without getting killed. Needless to say, they got all got a medal for that one.

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09-04-2012, 11:30 PM
ouch I started a fight on that mission when i first started playing back in the day took forever to get all those mobs outta there

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