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# 1 CURE Space Elite
09-05-2012, 07:49 AM
I am getting tired of the lies from this company. Before season 6 came out, you told us all that you were going to WEAKEN the Klingon ships that were spawning in Cure Space Elite. But you didn't. If anything, you made them OVERPOWERED!!!! That is bull crap. How do you expect someone to defend themselves when you not only have to deal with a Negh'var that has more hull armor then 2 ships combined and its weapons are stronger then 2 ships? Plus that idiotic idea of giving them the Isometric charge was an even MORE idiotic idea. What idiot decided that factor? Before the season 6 update, I was able to defend the I.K.S. Kang with my science officer without too much difficulty. Now I cant even do that. If anything, you NEED to put the ships back the way that they were before that update and get rid of the Negh'vars having an Isometric charge. Those things are strong enough without your SO CALLED adjusting
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09-05-2012, 07:55 AM
I really think you have the wrong idea here.

They said the STF's would be easier. And after Season 6, they were... any updates that came after (such as giving NPC's Isometric Charge) are NOT part of that agreement, but rather a separate issue.

And the 'moron' that did this did it to spice up NPC's in general, who were simply punching bags beforehand. Many have liked this, including myself.

But if getting through Cure Elite (which is supposed to be a challenge really) is such an issue, perhaps you need to improve your build or general playing abilities. It's not uncommon, even for those who have played STF's many times.
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09-05-2012, 08:04 AM
Cure can be frustrating, but not for what the OP says.

Sure, I don't like getting one-shotted or near-one-shotted (like going from full health and shields down to 10% from that iso-whatever thingy), but I can deal with that because it's supposed to be a challenge. What I can't get over is idiot PUGs who ruin it for everyone by taking down a cube too early. Like after I specifically said in chat to take out all probes FIRST then we go for the cubes.

Nearly had a CSE ruined this evening when someone on our team decided upon themselves to kill a cube before we had finished accounting for all the probes. The raptors managed to get the Kang down to 17% before we got a handle on that situation. Luckily Negh'vars aren't as quick as raptors
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09-05-2012, 08:36 AM
Yeah, the self-declared hardest missions in the game shouldn't be easy!
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# 5 Moved from STO Discussion
09-05-2012, 08:36 AM
Since this thread is about feedback specific to a mission, I have moved it to a more appropriate location.
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Deathangel@osho69 ^354th Tactical Wing^ Cure Space...elite

Do not allow yourself to be controlled by situations.

What do you do if someone blows up a cube before the other two are ready ? Sure, that?s a heavy situation, but do you panic? I propose you remain calm and give the borg what they want. Sudden death. There is never any reason to panic. Self-assembling nanotech hunter-destroyer clusters swarming thousands of feet high, raining down human blood and internal organs, is still not a valid reason to panic. Panic is helpless idiot fear. In high stakes situations, you need to be calm and focused.

Horrible and amazing things will happen in the next five minutes, but you?re going to survive and maintain, just like 354th tw gamers always do. You yourself should make peace with death. I mean that honestly, not being sarcastic or macabre?it?s important for psychological health to keep your death in perspective. Avoiding it always leads to complications, and as I will discuss later, denial of death has been shown to make people more suggestible, afraid, and prone to blowing up a cube prematurely..

Please, be fearless.The stakes are beautifully high, the enemy is unbelievably strong, the fight looks completely hopeless. It?s too perfect, it?s ridiculous. How could we avoid an elite STF as viciously dangerous and insane as cure? I can only conclude that my entire generation is living inside an open-ended video game that we?ve been training for since birth without even realizing it. So keep pushing, stay calm, eat healthy, seek novelty, breathe deeply, take risks, think deeply, move quickly, speak clearly, fight dirty, dream crazy and please, viciously kill the two other borg cubes,and rightfully claim your prototype engine tec with elite ^354th Tactical Wing^fleet style...MRRMLL
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09-05-2012, 01:45 PM
I do not agree with OP. CSE is fine how it is. The isometric charge was a ***** just after season 6, but they have patched it now and it does less damage.

MRRMLL is the way to go. It is way faster than killing all the probes, getting the cubes down to 10% then blowing them at the same time.
Maybe having a sci officer guard the Kang might be a bad idea.

As soon as the team warps in, split up and take out the BoPs coming from the left and right cubes, killing the middle BoPs on route to the middle cube.

4 players regroup to form the kill team and begin take out the middle probes, destroying any other ship spawns from the middle lane as they continue to destroy the probes. The ship that is on Kang duty will jump from left lane to right lane taking out BoPs.

The kill team moves on to the right cube's probes after taking out the middle cube's probes, destroying any ships that spawn on the right side as they destroy probes. The ship on Kang duty now guards the left and middle lanes.

The kill team destroys the right cube, then middle cube taking out any ship spawns going down the middle lane on their way to the left side cube.

The kill team and who ever is on Kang duty now teams up to finish off the the left lane spawns, probes and cube.

Hail the Kang ASAP, do the happy dance.
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