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Bah, Sci does just fine in PvE(STFs) with a carrier. Here is a list of the abilities I use in my kitty carrier.

Tac Station
Tactical Team I, Attack Pattern Beta I
- This allows you to keep your facing shield up when you get agro and increase team damage against targets hull, very good in STFs

Engineering Station
Emergency Power to Shields I, Auxiliary Power to Structure I, Aceton Beam I
- Once again for helping to stay alive, Aceton beam is debatable but in my experience it is very helpful against big threats like Neg'Vars in cure elite.

Sci Station 1
Tractor Beam I, Tractor Beam Repulsars I, Tyken's Rift I
- Helps control enemy movement, either holding them to eliminate defense bonus, or pushing them away before they smash kang. Tyken's Rift along with subsystem targeting and full auxillery power will disable a system against a big baddy, although not for long against a boss.

Sci Station 2
Transfer Shield Strength I, Hazard Emitters II, Feedback Pulse ?, Gravity Well III
- Once again we get more heals for tanking, another holding skill that deals some damage and feedback pulse is just for the lolz cause I couldn't find anything better.

Ship Weapons
Front: Dual Beam Bank Plasma, 2x Plasma Torpedoes
Rear: 3x Plasma Turrets

Equipment: Borg Deflector, Maco Engines + Shield
Engie Consoles: 1 Kinetic Resist, 1 Universal Resist, Borg Console
Sci Consoles: 3x +Particle Gen, 1 +% shields
Tac: 2x Plasma Torpedo Consoles

Power: leftover to weapons / 60 shield / 25 engine / 50-90 Aux (depends on if you like eating batteries before using powers and what the situation is).

I fly this beast in all Elite STFs and hold my own with DPS and CC.

Basic Tactics:
Go Away Forevor!
Pop tractor beam repulsar and evasive manuevers and push em back as far as you can, the slap down a gravity well. Great in Cure!

No shields for You!
Slap the tractor, subsystem target(shields) and drop the rift.

Kill target structure!
Close to less than 5k if humanely possible, pop sensor scan, attack pattern beta, tractor repulsars (if safe) and drop a well on it. Its not escort DPS but its still pretty good.

Now I'm not saying this is the top number one build, I'm sure it's not. But it is extremely effective in Elite STFs at dishing out the required damage and saving the objective when flown aggressively. And I know what everyone is thinking, that plasma sucks, and it kinda does. Other than the fact it is boosted by my sci consoles, lowers enemy defense, and I can strip their resistances to it it sure does. Oh and 2-3 projectile doffs are required for this, I also run a tractor beam doff and 1-2 tactical team cooldown doffs I think.

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