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Are the pets from the mvam good in combat i heard they sometimes go off course
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Originally Posted by astro2244 View Post
Are the pets from the mvam good in combat i heard they sometimes go off course
All npcs are dumb in this game. You'll find most of the time your mvae pets getting very close to the Borg cubes (think its a dev glitch due to how wide a cube is) and when the Borg explodes, so your other 2 parts of the mvae. But it really doesn't matter, all npcs have all power levels set at 50, so other than some attack patterns they spawn (apb and apd are the only one that really matter for you due to debuff and defense increase) you won't loose a big deal. So best is to consider the pets don't exist and you're on your own, safer this way.
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First thing you've got to remember is that the Galaxy-X is a team ship. It's made to hide until the opportune moment, and then lash out with incredible force. No one ever uses it like this, and thus, it never does very good in PvP. Few have mastered the ability to use it like a sniper ship, but if you can, and your group is ready and good at what they do, you'll be the ship that turns the tide of a battle.

However, if you had a couple of premium margaritas that night, and you're off your game, you've had it, you'll be ripped to shreds.

The MVAM is a bit more forgiving, as it's lt. commander science slot has a lot of potential. I'm not big on the MVAM console, but some people will swear by that ship.

Of the tacs, I prefer the Defiant Retrofit, the Tac escort retrofit. It's fast, and a lot more powerful than you might think. It just feels more excessive than the others.

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