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# 1 Chat bugged
09-06-2012, 10:34 PM
Returning player, the only chat I can actually see is team and tells, I cannot see either zone or local.

Doing tests, I will go to DS9 or ESD, stand next to the person who has a PC 5 feet away from me and is logged into STO, their screen is full of zone gorn spam and local chitchat, but all that is on my screen is "[System] [GameplayAnnounce] Hayley Loden@CptShrike has acquired a Tholian Orb Weaver ship!" and other system messages.

I reset all my chat to default settings, yet still nothing. If I type into zone or local, i see my message, but that is it, as stated earlier, all I see even if I see chatter on another persons screen who is standing right next to me, is system messages.

I am a returning player, I read F2P accounts are limited in chat unless using an existing account, bought something from the cstore, played more then 20 hours on a character.

Have a VA character, bought zen to get lockbox keys, my char has 72 days active duty when using the /played command, so all three should be well covered.

I am also posting this here because a CSR asked me in my ticket response regarding my ticket askign for more information, which I cannot do because 75% of it gets cut off by the micro character limits the game system has for messages so I am linking them to here to read as well.

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