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# 11 Vorcha Retro Basics.
09-07-2012, 08:33 AM
The Vorcha is perhaps one of the most iconic ships in the game. Virtually everyone that has seen The next generation, DS9 or Voyager knows what this ship is. What it's ideally made for and just how frankly bad *** it looks. It's the true flagship in my opinion of the klingon battle line. (Not that fat, ugly and borderline useless bortas)

While it's in game version is in my opinion in need of a little love to live up to expectations it can still be a very potent cruiser for throwing it down. (and by throwing it down, I mean a crap ton of damage in short order) It needs however great piloting to do so as cryptic in their infinite wisdom gave this ship an Assault Cruisers Inertia.... (which sucks... and makes no sense it has less hps than an AC. Not only this, but it's made to mount Cannons, canonically, and furthermore not only this Klinks have been repeatedly described as having far more advanced impulse drives than the feds) The ship will have great turning, once you get it up to speed. However the problem is, the Inertia score of 30 means eventually you, or it is going to screw up your slide, and stall out with your business end pointed the wrong way and that little damn escort who's at like 10 percent is going to get away. No I'm not bitter at all...

So why not just strap beams on it and clone the Assault Cruiser builds? Well sure... you can do that. Hell you could also, strap Dual Beam banks up front (X4 which is actually a pretty potent build for this thing and I do recommend trying it at least once with 4x turrets out back or perhaps 3 turrets and a spam dropper.. I mean mine launcher) to mitigate it and still keep true to the ships fearsome reputation for being a murderer.

But we all know what you came here to this post for first and foremost. You came because you wanted Big Damn Cannons, and maybe a Big Damn Torpedo to shove through someone's bow, and out their aft sections.

The first question is, is this a viable setup on a Team? The answer is yes and no. If you are a Tac? To quote one of star treks iconic captains/bridge officers? Anything else? You might want to go Assault Cruiser clone, or try the four dbbs. You just don't have the tac captain powers to throw it down with. The Spec

The Tac Vorcha is meant to lead the attack. It comes in first, second or third on decloak to take the hate that your bop buddies will inevitably end up taking, throw down big damn cannon fire, maybe a torp strike. the bop that comes riding in behind you finishes the job, (and as you throw out Warp Plasma, hose the target, and then his friends. Firing all the way through the battle line as you go till you've completed your circle around). The reason decloaking second or third is mentioned is, a smart fed team will wait for the bops and not even waste time on you after the first couple of passes. That being said? There's alot of Stupid in the ques. so just keep that decloak order in mind incase you run across the smart ones. The unfortunate downside to this ship loadout is it can be very light on the healing in order to function correctly. (Zone control and Cannon DPS combination on this ship tends to eat up alot of engi spots)

Here is a nice vorcha sample.
This is the first build set I'm covering for the Vorcha as it's not just the most iconic, it's also the ones that make feds scream "OP OP OP" about klink cruisers without realizing just how much you have to sacrifice to get this thing to run well.

Power Settings, 90 Weapons, 60 Shields, 25 engines 25 aux. Or 90 weapons, 25 shields, 60 Engines, 25 Aux.
Or if you can't get weapon performance ranked, 100 Weapons, 50 shields. with 100 weapons 50 engines as the tertiary.

Weapons? Anti Proton DHCs with CrtDX2 dmg X3 or X4. 4 Anti proton turrets. Or Tetryon, or Phasers. Tet and Phasers, go for AccX2 CrtH or Acc CrtHX2s. If you are going 3 DHCs, run a CrtDX2 CrtH Quantum or photon.

Shields, Resilient Cap3s, Omega shield, or KHG Shield.
Deflector, Borg, Omega
Engine KHG, or Borg

Consoles, SIF Generator 2, or 2 Armors (4 energy type), 2 RCS
Field Generator, Borg
3 Energy Consoles.
Devices, Subspace field modulator, Engine Battery, Aux Battery. Alternate, Subspace field mod... change for shield battery or team shield battery.

Cmdr, EPTS1, Aux To Dampeners1, DEM2/ExtendShields2/EPTS3, Eject Warp Plasma 3. The reason there are so many alternate choices listed there? It allows for flexibility in the klink attack group. Sometimes you just need the extra murder power of DEM2, sometimes you are going to need to help your bop buddies with a massive shield resist, and sometimes you just want that extra shield resistance and power cause it is going all according to plan.
Lt Cmdr, EPTA1/EPTE1, Reverse Shield Polarity/Aux To Dampeners, ET3

Lt Tac, Torpedo Spread1, Cannon Rapid Fire
Ens Tac, Tac Team/ Torpedo High Yield. If Four Cannon, Tac Team, Cannon Rapid Fire, Tac Team.

Alt, Bo1, Cannon Rapid Fire
Tac Team

Lt Sci, Transfer Shield strength1, Transfer shield strength 2
Alternate: HE1, TSS2

Another version of this build with a much stronger broadside and more healy friendly version, utilizes 3 to 4 Single Cannons up front instead of the big cannons. Unfortunately however you'll never see 10K+ crits from your Guns alone.

This changes your bridge officer layout.
Cmdr, EPTS1, Extend Shields1, EPTS3, Eject Warp Plasma3
Lt Cmdr ET1, Aux to structural 1/Aux to damp, ET3
Tac, Tac Team, CRF
Tac Team, or Torpedo Spread.
Lt Sci TSS1 and 2.

The Vorcha also can run pretty much any assault cruiser build, just with the added bonus of being able to roll with DBBs upfront, with turrets out back for more forward bite, or to just straight up copy an AC.

Doffs: 2 purple Maint Engineers, 2 Shield Distribution doffs, 1 Matter Anti matter specialist if using warp plas.

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# 12 Neghvar 101.
09-07-2012, 08:33 AM
Now that we've had the slight Oddy tangent (which I do intend on touching back on in the future. I want the Neghvar and some other ships done first). First a public service announcement.

Public Service Announcement Tac Captains this really isn't the ship for you in terms of optimization. You really really should be in a Vorcha if you are going to roll in a cruiser on the kdf side. It has the base turn rate, superior inertia, and bridge officer layout for your needs. This is pretty much a sci and engi cruiser.

Something to remember about the Vorcha and the Neghvar

The Neghvar is the other T5 Klink Cruiser. I won't lie, this thing is far better than the Fed counterpart, the Failaxy. But only due to the fed counterpart being a terrible nay horrible ship. (The Failaxy and it's Gal X variant I am not going to cover. They are Horrible ships and you shouldn't be flying one as anything but a vanity item, I'm not enabling that sort of behavior!) Equal in shields, and hull to fed cruisers, but with a far superior turn rate. However, it has among the worst Inertia scores in the game at a meager 25. But Mav how much difference does 5 Inertia really make? Oh god. If you thought your Assault Cruiser was a pig you ain't seen nothing yet, the Negvhar's Inertia is -so- bad compared to it's turn rate that you will often lose a hefty portion of your defense score during aerial maneuvers when you are really trying to crank it. I'm not kidding. All of the Neghvar builds covered here, assume the klink team doesn't want any non cloakers.

Technically this thing can mount Dual Heavies. I really really don't recommend this though. The lowest you should be going on firing angle on this thing is Dual Beams. It's slow, and it's incredibly stall prone. The Neghvar in my opinion is for that klink team that really wants all their ships to be cloak capable, and still be more heal friendly than the Vorcha. In a surprise butt secks style team I rank this ship over non MESed carriers but only barely as carriers have the superior sci slots for healing and that's not mentioning the Siphon Drones and Tachyon Drone shenanigans, and the orion cruiser is a star cruiser clone. (which I'll touch on later as there are some slight differences)

I wouldn't bother putting a torpedo on this ship as you'll have to combat general torp user issues, as well as this things incredibly gimped inertia score.

The Weapon Loadout, I would try the following, 2 Dual Beams, and 4 beam arrays or try 4 Dual Beams 3 turrets and a beam array. Dual beams drain abit more power than Cannons, which is why I would back the rear turret count down to 3. It also gives you a wider angle for beam overloads (which is actually starting to make a comeback). While the former layout gives you a very good Fire At Will ship. You could also try 8 beams, as you -will- have the slot potentially for two emergency power to weapons1s.

There's three schools on the Neghvar, much like most cruisers. The Damage boat, (which has healing as a very strong secondary), the Heal Bot (imo pure healing isn't going to carry you and your team mates all the way to the top with as good as high end sto pvp teams have become), the Control Boat (which subs in Dps, or Healing depending on what the team is lacking on)

Shields, Omega or KHG
Deflector, Omega
Engine Omega or Borg.
Yes the glider really is that OP. Assuming hell freezes over and Crytpic gives the Glider a kick in the junk like it so rightfully deserves
Shields KHG
Deflector, Borg
Engine Borg

Energy Type, I really recommend either Disruptors or Tetryons. Disruptors for obvious hull debuff when enemy shields -will- collapse from your glider cheese. Tets to bring shields down even faster.

Power Levels.
Damage, 80 Weapons, 70 Shields, 25 engine, 25 aux
Heal 25 Weapons, 70 Shields, 25 engines, 80 aux.
Tertiary, 25 Weapons, 75 shields, 75 Engines, 25 Aux
Post Tertiary, 75 weapons, 25 shields, 25 engines, 75 Aux.

The Control Boat.
Cmdr Eject Warp Plasma 3, Extend Shields 2, EPTS2, EPTW1/EPTA1.

Lt Cmdr, EPTS1, Aux to Damp1, ET3 Or if there's no photonic shockwaves on the enemy team. EPTW1/EPTA1, ASIF1, ET3 Sci might want to consider RSP inplace of Aux to damp as well.

for an even more control happy ship, you can try the following in ltcmdr. EPTS1, ET2, Warp Plasma 1. This allows you to chain warp plas constantly.

Ens. EPTW1/EPTA1. Which ever one you don't have 2 of already.

LT Sci. Transfer Shield Strength 1 and 2. Or Sci Team1, TSS2.
Lt Tac. Tac Team, FAW2 or Tac Team, Beam Overload 2. (latter if you have dbbs anywhere)

Damage Boat
Cmdr Eng
EPTS1, EPTS2, Extend Shields 2, DEM3
Lt Cmdr
EPTW1, Aux To damp, ET3 Sci captains might want to put RSP in place of Aux to Damp

Lt Sci
Transfer shields 1 and 2.

Tac, Tac Team, Beam overload 2. Tac Team, FAW2, or FAW1, FAW2, BeamOverload1 and 2.

Heal Bot
Cmdr, EPTS1, EPTS2, ASIF2, Extend Shields 3
Lt Cmdr, EPTA1, Aux to damp1, ET3
Ens, EPTA1

Lt Sci Transfer Shield strength1, Transfer Shield Strength2 or Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength2

Doffs. 2 Shield Distribution Doffs (blue preferably), 2 Maintance Engineers (blue preferably), 1 Warp Plasma Doff (if you are running warp plasma) if not that doff then either the bonus power level doff (warp core theorist I believe) or a third shield distribution doff.
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# 13 Q Special Oddy.
09-07-2012, 08:34 AM
I like the Oddy's boff slots as a heal boat. Or as a healer controller. In my opinion it's out right replaced the Starcruiser for those that have the Oddy.
There's alot of massive shield healing this thing can do, or potentially fairly equal hull healing to the starcruiser (with a nice balance of shield healing) while putting out some zone control.

Praxis (MvS5191) has a good solid Oddy. I think I'd do this instead though
Lt Tac: TacTeam 1, FAW 2
Cmdr Eng*: EPtS 1, EngTeam 2, Extend 2, Aux to SIF 3
LtC Sci: Hazard1, Transfer Shields strength2, Photonic Shockwave or Charged Particle Burst2.
Lt Sci: Hazard 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Ens Sci: SciTeam 1

and run an aux and weapon power split setup power level wise. This gives the team an extra psw/CPB (and as the ship is well slow it can't really utilize the 90 degree skills and tbr can be tricky at times with it)

I really do recommend some kind of control power in the lt, or lt cmdr sci slot though, this thing is such a beast on healing.
The only reason I didn't cover the Oddy, was not everyone is going to have one or have access to one.
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# 14 Cstore Oddy.
09-07-2012, 08:35 AM
I've seen way too many Failboats out there flying Oddys... so yeah. Post incoming this weekend...probably, barring any catastrophes.

First off, the Sci Oddy is hands down the best one. Use it if you have the choice between them all and ditch the rest. Yes Sensor An. is really that good with 8 beams.
Public Service Announcement Tac Captains put down the Oddy... go get an Excelsior, or AC... the Oddy is too fat and too slow for you. Here's the spec.

Secondly, the Oddy is in my opinion an Engineer's or sci's ship. It's too fat and slow even with aux to ID going for anything else. FAAAT is the operating phrase with this ship. For several reasons, one it has a really poor turn rate, and Inertia score. Secondly, the model of the ship itself is HUGE. It dwarfs the Assault Cruiser, and nearly every other cruiser in terms of size, which changes the physical distance required for it to make a turn, without factoring in it's Inertia. (hooray for cryptic not thinking things through right?)
The first thing we should discuss is which Oddy is right for you? The answer is of course the Science Cruiser. No other ship has Sen An and 4 sci console slots. This makes it by far hands down the best Oddy in the game.
Now let's talk turn rate. It's garbage. Don't bother using any powers that involve moving your ship, because it's just setting yourself and your team mates for an epic fail. Warp Plasma is a No No on this ship. DO NOT USE IT. We'll get to the Controller variant later. And it doesn't use Plas. Or Gravity Well. Or Tykens.... because you need to be able to Turn to use them.
Infact the slower your ship the worse of an idea facing related, or movement related abilities are.
So what do you use?
Here's a staple healer Oddy.

Cmdr, EPTS1, EPTS2, Eng Team 3, Extend Shields 3
Alternate: EPTS1 EPTS2, ASIF2, Extend 3
Lt Cmdr, Sci. Transfer Shield Strength1, Hazard Emitters 2, Transfer Shield Strength 3.
Alternate heal, TSS1, Sci Team 2, Transfer Shield Strength 3.

LT Tac, Tac Team (when pugging if your team seems competent switch out tac team for target engine 1), FAW2.

Ens Uni. Sci Polarize Hull. Tac uni, FAW1, and change the Lt tac slot to Attack Pattern Delta. Engi, Emergency power to Auxiliary 1. (I actually really like this one)

Shields, Maco or Borg.
Engine, Borg or Omega
Deflector, Borg or Omega.

Doffs, 2 blue (or even better purple!) Maintaince Engineers, Warp Core engi, 2 shield distribution officers of blue quality.

Consoles, 2 SIF Generators, 2 Armors, I prefer Ablative and Neutronium combo
Sci, Shield emitters consoles. 3 and a field generator.

Power levels, 100 to guns, 50 to shields, 25 engine, 25 aux.
Throw the crack on yourself (EPS power transfer) and use EPTA1 and you'll have almost max power across the board.

Controller Oddy.

EPTS1, EPTS2, Eng Team 3, Extend Shields 3

Lt Cmdr uni Sci.
Transfer Shield Strength1, Hazard Emitters2, TBR1, FBP2 or VM1 or shockwave.

Ens uni. Emergency power to Aux1.

Lt Tac, Tac Team, Faw2.
Shields, Borg,
Deflector, Borg
Engine Borg
Consoles, 2 SIF Generators, 2 Armors.
Field Generator, Borg, and Particle generator consoles.
Power levels, same as above for Engineer. Sci captains, 75 weapons, 50 shields, 25 engine, 75 aux.

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# 15 More Oddy.
09-07-2012, 08:35 AM
This is the final (for now) Oddy build I'm going to quick cover. I left lil hints of it here and there up till now, but I feel it's time to complete it before I move on to the Orion Ball Sack, and the Voquv Carrier.

This Oddy, is a heal boat, however unlike my previous Oddy suggestions this one is backed around Shield Healing and shield resistance. Shield tanking, is the name of the game in STO pvp. The longer your shields can stay up, or be propped up the less heavy damage you will be taking. The shield healing Oddy, is great when coupled with science based healing, sci fleet skill, or even simply a second cruiser that has the more conventional ET3s at its disposal.

Weapons, Really they aren't all that important. But, I'd run anything but plasma. ACCX2 + CrtH, or CrtD will suffice here. To keep power drain to a minimum for sci captains, I'd run 6 beams, and a torp forward, and mine launcher aft. or 2 mine launchers aft. If you run a torp, obviously go Chroniton. Spec.
Deflector, Borg
Engine Borg
Shield, Omega, Borg, or Maco

Consoles, 1 Armors, 3 SIF Generators
3 Field Generators 1 Borg.
2 Energy.

Cmdr Eng: EPtS 1, EPTS2, Extend 2, Aux to SIF 3 Or EPTA1, EPTS2, ET3, ASIF3

LtC Sci: HE 1, TSS 2, Sci Team 3 Or He1, TSS2, TSS3

Lt Sci: Tractorbeam, Hazard Emitters 2 Alternate, Tractor beam1, Transfer Shield Strength2

Ens Sci: Transfer Shield Strength 1 Alternate Hazard Emitters1

controller variant LtC Sci, Tractor Beam1, Transfer Shield Strength 2 Tractor Beam Repulsor2/ Grav Well 1
Lt Sci: Hazard Emitters1, Tractor Beam Repulsor1
Ens Sci: Hazard 1.

Lt Tac: TacTeam 1, AP: Delta 1/FAW 2/Torp Spread 2

Doffs, 1 blue and 1 purple Development lab scientist, or 2 blues and a white. Warp Core Engineer, and lastly Shield Distribution officer. (if you have the first doff in blue and purp add a second Shield Distribution officer)

Devices, Aux Batteries, Subspace field mod, Deuterium
Power Settings
Offense 100 weapons, 50 shields, 25 engine 25 aux
Defense 25 weapons 75 shields, 25 engines, 75 Aux
Healer 25 weapons, 50 shields, 25 engines, 100 aux

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# 16 Drunk's Oddy.
09-07-2012, 08:36 AM I'm leaving the link here at the top of the page so he can recreate the post later as necessary should he feel like editing. Below is the original post. Which I will remove should he express a desire to revisit this build in the future if he wishes me to.

i think i'll throw my 2 cents in on these flagships too, in the terms of using them as tactically as possible. first off all they are not created equal. the devs thought they were creating 2 different but balanced with each other ships, each being the embodiment of the factions ideal and strengths. the result is 1 ship that is devastatingly effective no mater what version you use or how you use it, the other is a star cruiser with less tactical capability, a worse turn rate, but a bit more hitpoints.

the bortas in any form and with any station configuration is going to deal more base damage then any other cruiser. it very tempting to set this ship up as tactically as possible with a tactical captain, its even viable in my experience. with the free version having the ideal engineering ensign, you can run this ship very tactically and still have all the basic survivability a cruiser needs, with out spending $50. i would suggest 2xEPtS1, RSP1, ET3, and A2S3 with HE1 and TSS2. with all the innate bonus energy to weapons, you don't need to worry about chaining EPtW1, one of the biggest things that separates the 2 flagships. it literally makes 1 completely viable as a battleship and makes the other a complete non starter.

running 8 beams is nearly the only viable thing to do, but with the potential 5 tactical stations is very tempting to try single cannons or all turrets. with 8 beams get 2 or 3 con officer doffs so you can have 1 copy of TT1 running at global cooldown. that's what every single person should do first thing no mater what you fly. 2 copies of APB1, and FAW1 and 3. this is withering damage potential for everyone around you, these skills backed by tactical captain buffs are extreamly hard for anyone to survive for long. its basically lolFAWscort damage from a much heartier source.

this is extreamly fun to kirk around in, has adequate survivability, and far above average cruiser damage potential. not gonna claim its something you should take to a premade though.

if you gave the bortas a LTC engineering station you could basically run it like a negvar or vorcha that again just deals more damage. chaining EPtA1 and EPtS2 allows you to go from 125 weapons energy (naturally) to 125 aux at the press of a preset button. going from dealing mad damage to mad healing in ways the feds can only dream of.

the only odyssey that has the slightest chance of pulling off half the tactical brilliance of a bortas is the tactical version, or the sci version with SA without even trying, but im just going to continue to ignore SA exists on these damn things and so should you.

with the free version, and the non tactical versions, you cant use the LTC station for tactical, it doesn't work. you don't have enough tactical consoles to ever deal the kind of damage over time that will outpace some one chaining EPtS and an occasional TSS. you also don't have enough weapon energy natively to attack with, at all. you would have to use 2 of your 4 to 5 engineering stations to change that, and have about as much survivability as an escort sitting still, less maybe.

the tactical odyssey can basically be set up like the bortas is detailed above, but it wont deal damage as good, and wont be as an effective a team member as the equivalent bortas. the excelsior or assault cruiser are just better at the whole tactical thing, a ship with just 8 beam arrays really does not need 5 tactical stations. 3 is basically ideal, and you get MUCH more survivability and team supporting ability which is the point of you being there. if i could change 1 thing about my above bortas, it would be changing the LT tactical station into a engineering station, then i'd proboly use the ensign station for science.

no amount of tactical station powers are going to make up for your lack of weapons energy, and you cant make up the difference with 2 or 3 weapons energy consoles anymore. you are better off tactically to use your LTC station for engineering, at least then you can chain EPtS and EPtW, and run an ES or EWP on top of the usual RSP1, ET3 and A2S3. you know act like a cruiser, which your flying, dealing your minor pressure damage and keeping your team healthy, instead of trying to be kirk.

the odyssey could be interesting with a LTC sci station, but not on the free version, you need the ensign for engineering to chain EPtS1, 20% of survivability in pvp is from this. lets see another 15% comes from TT, 20% if you have the conn doffs, 40% comes from hitting the distribute all button every 3 seconds, and the last 25% comes from passive things like a combination of your defense score, energy level based shield resistance and hull resistance. maximize all those things the best you can and you will survive for more then 5 seconds in a match.

anyway, if you go the LTC science route, which i have never bother trying so this is basically theoretical, i could see a low weapons energy/ high aux setup that does nothing but support as hard as it can. maybe with all turrets or beams that are just trying to deal glider damage or phaser procs, not trying to deal actual damage. equipping a doff cooldown reduced science team and 2 copies of HE and TTS with ES2 and A2S3 offers enormous healing potential.

or listen to mav, he would know better about the LTC science route then me.
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Same as his oddy post. And it still is the only Galaxy build I will endorse.
finally started rebuilding my engineering characters, been playing nothing but my tactical ones for months. my kdf and starfleet engineers both still had all their skill points undistributed from the final skill tree changes! great for loading into tribble and trying things out with though. better get them in shape before the FE reward expires.

im just a cruiser fan, i have had great success in an escort, but i just keep ending up with my characters back in cruisers. my tac excelsior dealing between 3000 and 1500 a shot with 8 beams when fully buffed melts things so well, and i have all that survivability with 2x EPtS, ET2, A2S3, RSP2, TSS2, and HE1. RSP2 and ET2 would switch places to RSP1 and ET3 provided i ever get a response from "could anyone train ET3 please?" at DS9 and space dock. i swear that hasn't worked since F2P happened.

so my fed engineer is in a galaxy R, i think its kinda hip to fly one now, the odyssey has assumed the im a noob mantra the galaxy R had. love the ship, but its far from optimal stations and terrible turn rate are so unfortunate. ive made it work, with its stats all it can be are an impenetrable tank and healer. it will never deal damage, best it can seem to do is 1000- 500 damage a shot with 8 beams. my kdf is basically a clone of this build in a neg var, only it deals more damage with its 3rd tactical console. since it has more built in weapons power, im able to run 2xEPtA1 instead of weapons, quite helpful for those heals.

still deals more damage then about 75% of the other cruisers i see in stfs, and i regularly placed second and third in damage on the pvp scoreboards. you would think that with all the "kirks" and "The Dragon Flagship" flying around that my dedicated healer with 2 tactical consoles wouldn't be dealing better damage then them, i must just know how to play! its amazing just how HARD escorts gun for me, i must suck if im flying this thing, it must be so frustrating when i simply won't die, and can run almost as fast as they can.

skills are as follows
EPtW1, RSP1, EWP1, A2S3 in stfs, for pvp EPtW1, RSP1, A2S2, ES3
EPtW1, EPtS2, ET3

im stfs i run 2 netronium, 1 monotonium, and 1 anti plasma/tetryon armor with my green mk12 [turn]
engine and blue mk11 deflector that's nothing but + to hull repair and shield hp. might swap this with 3 part borg eventually, a lot of grinding still needed for that, a lot of this equipment is from season 3 and 4. with the points i put into threat control, literally ever borg npc targets ONLY me, but this build can take it. if i cant contribute meaningful dps, i can at least tank 3 or 4 spheres and let the dps'er do their job without interference.

in pvp its 2 netronium, borg and sep console slotted for engineering with 2 flow cap consoles and omega deflector and engine for maximum shield damaging with the glider. so far im happy with it, ive saved many asses in the pubs ive played.

at least when it inevitably gets boring not doing the killing i can swap back to my tacticals and 'kirk' it up, with actual success, as i see fit!
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How I feel while rolling a pure heal bot

So during my drunken flying I came up with a brilliant controller healer... cause we all know I don't like just facerollin that keyboard sober.
Cmdr, Warp Plasma 3, Extend Shields 2, EPTS2, EPTS1
Lt Cmdr, Emergency Power to Aux1, Aux to structural 1, ET3 Alt EPTA1, RSP, ET3

Lt, FAW1, Attack Pattern Beta1
Ens. Tac Team

Transfer shields 1, Hazard2

Shields, Borg shield, or Maco
Deflector, Omega
Engine Omega.

Consoles, 2 SIF Generators, RCS or Neutronium, Ablative Armor
Sci, Borg, and Field Generator
Tac. 3 Energy consoles.

DOFFs. 3 Maint engineers (purple ideally of course... 2 blues and a green works as well), the Warp Plasma Doff, and a brace for impact shield distribution doff. Changed the shield distribution doff for the Warp Core engineer that gives a 20 percent change to get +20 power to all subsystems with each hit of Emergency Power. As I have 3 Emergency systems I've got a 60 percent chance of getting free extra power. which when it procs when EPS power transfer up, almost maxes out all of my subystems.

Power settings 100 weapons, 50 shields. 25, 25.

Heal bot with warp plas, and high weapon power. It's fairly flexible, and stable. So far it seems pretty straight forward. And much more entertaining to play than my old heal bot build was Ideal team would probably be 2 Recons, and a nebula. As it's missing a heal spot, you need a fairly solid team I would think. Could probably also work it with 2 Intrepids, and 2 Escorts as well.
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# 19 The Karfi.
09-07-2012, 08:38 AM
A brief word on my favorite or least hated carrier.
This is a Tactical or Sci Officer's ship. The LT Cmdr slot compliments those two classes nicely. For Tacs this gives you access to BO3, 2 and say... Tac Team. For Sci this gives you, Tac Team, FAW1 and 2.

The Karfi, is a damage focused carrier in my book. It's not the best healer by any means, and it's kind of squishy. However you do have options to get some decent longevity out of this thing and I'll go over them as completely as I can.

We are going to cover the Tac Karfi first.
Weapons, The Karfi is just a hair too slow to go with a Dual Beam bank setup, so I recommend the usual standard 6 beam arrays, with one mine launcher in the aft. That mine launcher should of course be spitting out chronitons. Preferred Properties, AccX2 CrtH and or AccX3

Deflector, Borg
Engine, Borg
Shield, KHG, or Borg.

Power Settings, 100 to Weapons, 50 to Shields, 25 to everything else.
Alternate #1, 100 to weapons, 30 to shields, 25 engines, 35 Aux.
Alt #2, 50 Weapons, 25 shields, 25 engine, 100 aux
alt #3, 25 weapons, 100 shields, 25 engines, 50 aux

Devices, Shield Battery, Aux Battery, Subspace Field Modulator.
Cmdr slot,
Viral Matrix 3, this skill provides a 10 second shut down to multiple subsystems and is one of the few good sci powers left in the game. Transfer Shield Strength 3, Hazard Emitters 2, Tractor Beam
Lt Cmdr, Tac Team, Beam Overload 2, Beam Overload 3.
Lt Tac, Tac Team 1, Dispersal pattern Alpha 1 why alpha and not beta? More mine clusters, means they will seek 2 targets to crap on instead of one.
Ens Sci, Polarize Hull 1 you need this.. both as a hull resist, and as a way to break tractors.
Lt Engineer, Emergency Power to Shields 1 and 2.

Hangars, for full on **** Move status, go with the double siphon pods. You'll be the life of every party. If you want to just go for raw murderous potential Advanced Skulls. They give you free torp strikes vs nekkid hull and as a tac you'll get plenty of those opps with BO2 and 3 slamming home every chance you get.

This layout is fairly standardized and capable of giving good non aux dependent shut downs, and decent shield tanking potential, with a nice hull heal thrown in to ice the cake.

Abit more of a risky but possibly higher payoff version of this ship before I move to the sci.
Cmdr, Photonic Shockwave 3, or Tractor Beam Repulsors 3. Why? with full tac buffs applying to these powers you can be absolutely Murderous. Can we say routine 22k strikes with PSW3 vs a non shield facing target? Or a stream of 10 -20k crits from TBR3 when TBR3 starts rolling crits? Both are also good for disrupting healing cycles as PSW knocks off extend shields, and TBR can potentially push either your target, or the healer out of reach... so you and your bop buddies can get all rapey, if you cooridinate and learn to aim your TBR3s.
If running PSW3, TBR2.. while TBR2s damage isn't as substantial as TBR3s, it's still good for pushin and spam clearing, Transfer Shield Strength 2, and Hazard one fill out the sci slots here. The rest of the boffs are unchanged.

Sci, Karfis, are more healing and control focused than their murderous tac counter parts. Here's the sci karfi I've found works best.

Weapons, 6 beams, and 1 chroniton torp launcher
Deflector Engines and Shield see above.

Power settings same as the tac

Cmdr, Viral Matrix 3, Photonic Officer 3, or PSW3, Sci Team 3, Transfer Shield Strength 2, Hazard 1
Lt Cmdr, Tac Team, FAW2, FAW3 (that's Fire At will for those of you that don't know that yet)
Lt Tac, Torp Spread 1 and 2. Alt loadout, Torpspread1, Attack Pattern Beta1/Delta1
Lt Eng, EPTS1 and 2
Ens Sci, Tractor beam.

Hangars, Siphon Pods or Frigates.

Doffs, the Sci Team cool down reduction doffs. Get your ST3s as close to global as possible, Brace For Impact (shield distribution) doffs, and then a Warp Core Engineer.

The Sci Karfi is more reliant on debuffs, as by nature sci captains lack the necessary burst buffing powers to make the relatively few tac slots worth it. (as again the Karfi is just a hair too slow for Cannon and DBB use.) It can also provide abit more healing to it's team mates as the sci captain has access to dampening field -and- sci fleet to help keep himself alive during focus periods, as well as team mates. (these also buff your pets by the way) As a controller a Sci Karfi is absolutely obnoxious to play against when handled well. Hair pulling Obnoxious and to make it worse, it can often full heal it's allies shields making the small inroads against their enemies for nothing.

Consoles I saved to the end as they are identical for both ships.
1 Ablative armor, 1 Borg
3 Field Generators, and 1 particle generator, or 3 Particle Generators 1 Field generator
3 Energy Consoles.
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 846
# 20 The Voquv. Fat Ship 101.
09-07-2012, 08:39 AM
The Voquv, or my least favorite carrier. Why? It's fat. I can't help it, it's fat. Fat and Slow, however it's still quite potent.

This is an Engineer's ship, and only an engineer's tacs get nothing in terms of benefits for flying this, and it's far too slow for scis to use. Even with aux to damp.

As such it should be focusing on it's healing prowess and spam potential. I like these as shield healers doff wise, as it can either make your already retarded shield tanking even more so, or make someone elses tanking retarded.

Power Levels : 90 Weapons 60 Shields, 25 engine, 25 aux.
#2, 25 Weapons, 60 Shields, 25 engines, 90 Aux. With EPTS 3 up you'll only be 4 under the cap.

Weapons, 5 Beams, 1 Chroniton mine launcher.
Deflector, Borg
Engine Borg
Shield, Omega, or KHG. Just trust me, 4 friggin field generators + Omega shields is retarded. Even on a ship that has jack and crap for a defense score. Especially with an engineer's host of self heals, let alone the extra shenanigans I listed for boffs.

2 SIF Generators, 1x Ablative or Neutronium
4 Field Generators
1 Borg, 1 Energy.

Cmdr Sci: TBR3, PSW3, or Photonic Officer 3, Sci Team 3, Transfer shield Strength 2, Hazard Emitters 1
Lt Cmdr Eng, EPTS3, ASIF1, EPTS1 Alternate : EPTS3, Extend Shields 1, EPTS1 if you have the alternate doff arrangement listed below, EPTA1, Extend 1/ASIF1, EPTS3
LT Cmdr Tac Tac Team, FAW2, Attack Pattern Beta 2 or FAW3
Lt Science, Transfer Shield Strength 1, Hazard Emitters 2

Doffs, Development Lab Scientists preferably 2 purples, 2 Shield Distribution officers, (2 blue or better), Hazard System Officer.
Alternate Doffs, 2 purple Dev Lap scientists, 2 Damage Control doffs. (purple), 1x Shield Distribution

Hangars: Siphon drones, 2, 2 tachyon drones. 2 of the hull repair drones, or 2 bop hangars.

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