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The Atrox is an Engineer and Sci captain's ship. Mostly engineer, scis you really only get that initial Sub Nuc strike with this thing to really rely on it otherwise. This ship can be an absolute Monster on shield healing which gives it incredible solid potential for use on a team, the shuttle craft and various options they contain, give you a host of crowd control by default. This ships purpose, in this configuration is all about Healing and CC. While it does have 100 weapons power to assist in DPS dealing it's not going to be topping the charts there. However the healing capabilities are ridiculous. And in a proper team, you won't see too many fatalities on the field.

Shields: MACO
Engines: BORG
Deflector: BORG
Weapons: 6x Tetryon Arrays [Acc]x2

Eng. Consoles: 1x Diburnium Armor, 2X SIF Generators
Sci Consoles: 1x Shield Emitter, 3x Field Generator
Tac Consoles: 1x BORG, 1x Tetryon

Hangers: 1x Adv. Stalkers, 1x Adv. Runabouts

Devices, Aux Batteries, Shield Batteries, Subspace field mod.

Lt. Tac: TT1, FAW2
Lt. Cmdr. Eng: EPtS1, Extend Shields 1 (RSP1), EPTS3 Alternate: EPTA1, EPTS2, EPTS3
Lt. Cmdr Sci: TB1, HE2, TSS3
Cmdr. Sci: TSS1/TB1, HE2/TSS2 ST3, TBR3 (PSW3) Alternate: TB1, TSS2, ST3, TBR3/PSW3

Power Levels, 100 to Guns, 50 to shields, 25 25, secondary 100 Guns, 25, 25 50. Tertiary 25, 50, 25 100

DOffs: 2x Shield Distri (Purple), 2x Dev Lab (Purple), 1x Warp Core Engine
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Vorcha post. I'm going to take the liberty (hope he doesn't mind!) of altering his build slightly.

Weapons front:
1x photon torpedo
3x tetryon dual heavy cannon
Weapons aft:
4x tetryon turret
Engine: Borg assimilated, if i want to go all out speed, omega force engine
Deflector: Borg assimilated
Shield: Honorguard mk11, breen sheild against dominion forces, reman shield for the looks.
Devices: Subspacefield, aux bat, shield bat
Eng consoles: rcs mk11 blue, kinetic armor, 1x energy type armor (changes depending on what i go up against), 1x plasmonic leech.
Sci consoles: field generator, borg assimilated console
Tac consoles: 3x tetryon pulse generator mk 11 blue

Boff skills:
Lt tac: torp spread 1, cannon scatter volley 1
eng tac: Tac Team
(note, those get switched depending on situation, multitarget for PvE, single target versions for PvP for example)
Comm eng: EPTS1, ET2, DEM2, AUX2SIF3
LT Com eng: EPTA1, AUX2ID1, ETPS3
LT Sci: HE1, TSS2 (Or the other way if i know i need more hull then shield tanking
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This isn't far offf of what I've settled on as my Vor'cha build, it's laying down some murderous firepower. By keeping it full DHC/turret, I only have one weapon type that I need to "buff up", so can run TT1 twice, although a beam overload and DBB sounds tempting having read this.

Lt Tac: TT1, CRF1
Lt Tac: TT1
Cmdr Eng: EPTS1, Aux2ID1, DEM2, DEM3 (I'd also have a variant with ES3 for team play but I don't have the bof space or the bof for that)
Lt Cmdr Eng: EPTS1, RSP1, Aux2ID2 (the order of the last two is variable, I have it this way so the bof is compatible with my bop build as well) EDITORS NOTE Personal tweak. AuxId1 is just as good as 2. Just go with RSP2
Lt Sci: ST1 or TSS1, HE2

This build came to fruition because I wanted plenty of raw DPS and reasonable agility without having to worry about frequent 'splosions like I do in my BoP during STFs, it's designed as a self sufficient murder-cruiser. My experiences so far are that it can make up for the lack of higher tacitcal powers with pure horsepower so to speak as a tactical captain, as 4 turrets and 4 DHCs is quite powerful, and more viable than on a Raptor becasue you're not having redundant boff slots from only one weapon type to buff, also, you're almsot as manouverable, have more healing to share than a Raptor, and more hull and shields for when things go wrong. Also, I know you're not covering P2W consoles, but the reason I haven't sacrificed Aux2ID2 for EWP is my Nausicaan engineer's going to be treated to the Nausicaan ships, and I'd rather have Theta on this build. I'm using the Borg set with an HG shield at the moment, although two piece Borg and Omega could be intresting for the tet glider.
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# 24 Unknown Poster, Dkora Build.
09-07-2012, 07:41 AM
Original Post
Ferengi D'Kora Ship This post here, is the alterations I would make to the build to improve it's speed, and shield strength.

Rapid Fire Missile Launcher
3x Polaron DHC
3x Polaron Turrets
Concentrated Tachyon Mine Launcher

Maco Shield
Borg Engine
Borg Deflector
Eng: 2x RCS
Sci: Field generator, Borg, Field Generator
Tac: 3x Polaron Phase Modulator

Lt. Com. Tac: TT, CRF1, CRF2
Ensign Tac: HYT1
Com. Eng: EPTW1, EPTS2, ET3, ASIF3
Lt. Eng: EPTS1, Aux To damp1
Lt. Sci: HE1, TSS2

2x Shield Distribution Officer
2x Maintenance Engineer
Warp Core Engineer

85/50/40/25 -> unbuffed = 104/73/86/48
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# 25 ASIF2 vs ET3
09-07-2012, 07:42 AM
Like you mean packing ASIF2 instead of ET3? (or ES2)

It is indeed an acceptable replacement, at least if you are running a shield healer/resist builder.

Right now a build I'm working on, is a star cruiser that uses TSS1, ST2. As the toon was a sci she needed maximum resistance so she's got EPTS3 where my ET3 normally sits (now changed it out for RSP2.. yes that is how awesome engis are... you need a bigger thicker green diaper as a sci healer to work around not having MW or RSF!)

So her other LTCmdr slot was taken with ASIF2. Which gives about 7k hull points with 3SIF generators, and full aux. And +50 damage resistance.
Tac Team, APD1
Tractor beam is her current layout.

Also it's worth pointing out that naturally the Oddy does indeed do everything the star cruiser can and more, so if you are runnning say Sci Team 3 in your lt cmdr slot, I really don't recommend ET3 since it will interfere with your ST3 CD, so ES2 or ASIF2 is more than acceptable.
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# 26 Rudiefix Dkora
09-07-2012, 07:43 AM
You have been busy Mavairo. Good job!
With my fed engineer Im currently running the Ferengi D'kora ship. It is made especially to assist groups by clearing spam and reduce damage output of opponents with the subnuc doff combined with FAW.

Rapid Fire Missile Launcher
3x DBB
3x BA
Concentrated Tachyon Mine Launcher (or 4th BA)

Omega Shield
Omega Engine
Borg Deflector
Eng: 1x RCS, 1x neutronium alloy
Sci: Battlemode3000, Borg, Field Generator
Tac: 3x energy type console

Lt. Com. Tac: FAW1, APB1, FAW3
Ens. Tac: TT
Com. Eng: EPTW1, EPTS2, ES2, ASIF3
Lt. Eng: EPTW1, EPTS2
Lt. Sci: HE1, TSS2

2x conn tact team doff (reduces TT cooldown, effectively means running 2 copies of TT)
2x conn evasive officer (reduces evasive cooldown from 45 to 30 sec)
Subnuc doff
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The Bortas is too Fat for cannons. the turrets they do nothing! Ditch them for 4 arrays.

Consequently, put in Tac Team, and put FAW2 in your tac slot

A2eB1? Aux to bat? You have plenty of tac and engi slots... so ask youself (I am assuming technician doffs)

Just go phasers if you have them. they are Op and probably will never be changed to be otherwise.

Ditch the beam and cannon doffs for Shield Distribution doffs. (it's not like you are in a Vorcha that's using DHCs) Or go one Shield Distribution, and one more Technician.

Also this will work for a skill spec better overall.
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# 28 Drunks Excelsior.
09-07-2012, 07:45 AM
well, i think ill go into detail with my tac excelsior 8 beam array/4single cannon, 4 turret build

it requires having 16 expensive, high end weapons though. since this build relies heavily on the tetryon glider for maximum effect, and tetryon proc on top of that, i recommend tetryon weapons too. they are relatively cheap to get, and single cannons are the least popular and cheapest weapon on the exchange. at least acc2 beams are a must, but are thankfully easy to get from the D store.

i managed to score 4 acc3 tetryon single cannons and couldn't be more happy with them. they never miss even bops running evasive maneuvers and they just whittle your opponent down to nothing. as for turrets, those are always hilariously expensive. if you can find at least acc2 mkXI turrets for reasonable, consider checking out as blue acc2. the actual damage difference between a blue MKIX acc2 and a MKXII acc3 is only about 5 or 6 damage a shot.

whether your running beams or cannons, the station powers will be basically the same, except for tactical of course.

TT1, CRF1, CRF2/TT1, BO2, BO3
EPtW1, EPtS2, RSP2, A2S3
EPtW1, ET2
HE1, TracBeam2

i suppose i could swap ET2 and RSP2 for ET3 and RSP1, but i find them quite adequate how they are now. RSP2 lasts so long now that i could go grab a beer and come back before it wears off. the ~8000 hull heal from ET2 is plenty, backed up by A2S3 and HE1

i run omega deflector and engine and maco shield. the omega deflector and engine are proboly the best in game, with or without glider. the omega engine has the best turn rate boost you can find on a hyper engine, and the deflector boosts your accuracy very noticeably. the maco shield is great too of course, 15% of the damage dealt to it basically goes away, thats damage you don't have to heal, and you get your energy levels boosted by just being shot at. i have also found its completely unnecessary to run field generators with it, its max capacity isn't that great to begin with so the return isn't as good as it would be with a cov shield. i run 2 flow cap consoles instead to maximize glider and proc damage.

for consoles its 3 energy damage in tactical of course, and engineering 2 armor consoles depending on what is being shot at you most, the borg consoles, and when your using cannons a turn console, and when your using beams an eps console

for doffs i run 2 blue conn doffs for TT, and 3 green shield distribution doffs. ya im poor i know. ideally they would all be purple. i have dropped TSS from my stations completely, its a bit greedy but seeing as the doff proc for brace for impact is equivalent to TSS 10, i had enough incentive to go without it.

my weapons power level unbuffed by skills tops out at 123, ad EPtW1 and its in the 140s. a weapons power in the 150s is ideal for maximum energy dps, higher then that becomes a waste, and your sacrificing a lot for your build to run weapons power higher then that full time.

if your in the middle of a cannon alpha strike and you see your weapons power dip below 90, use a weapons battery. really, use a weapons battery is the answer for every 'if' question you could possibly have with this build. exposed hull taking between 1700 and 1200 damage per rapid fire single cannon shot is a death sentence. always throw a tractor beam on someone your gunning for too of course. lack of defense score causes a silly amount of crits.

when the beam mood strikes you, don't bother with faw. if theres more then 1 person in range you do less damage to your target then you would just shooting at him without faw. though the rule of thumb is don't bother with BO unless your using a DBB, i gave it a shot and was incredibly surprised by how useful it turned out being. your not going to 1 shot anyone, but when you have them on the ropes, and their shields are nothing but slivers, a good 6-10k instant damage puts an abrupt end to your opponent. i BO hit every 30 seconds in a fight doesn't amount to much, but when you are dealing significant damage over time and you hit him with BO every 15 second, its hard to defend against for long.

pre loading BO2 at all times, waiting for someone to decloak and then hiting them with BO2 followed by BO3 with a weapons battery in between will turn the tables very quickly on your would be attacker. i find myself getting a kill exactly 15 seconds later in that situation pretty often, fancy that. when you have to run, and theres a good chance that escort is going to catch up to you, they arent expecting a BO3 to the face. runing and buyng a couple seconds for a heal cooldown to end, a weapons battery because your in high engine power mode, and a BO3 have got me more kills then i can count.

the glider is the cure for zombie cruisers. thanks to it and my tet weapons, i can deal shield damage to any ship faster then it can heal its self. theres no need to try to DEM or warp plasma someone to death with shield bleed damage when you can all but remove someones shields in a mater of seconds. the only effective counters are RSP and distro doff proc.

this ship with ether weapons load out can deal far beyond stranded cruiser pressure damage, wile having an extreme amount of survivability, and contribute a large amount of hull heals for the team. thanks to that great huper engine you can out run escorts with the borg engine.

beams work best against klingons, the pre loaded bo is a cloaked ships worst nightmare, and a speedy bop can never maneuver into the blind spot of a beam array BO3. the single cannons are great for burning up even the heartiest of slow turning federation hit point boats. you cant go wrong with ether, and its always a ton of fun to fly.

id go so far as to say its THE best dueling setup for a cruiser, wile not being useless to a team. and the most fun to fly period, for me at least. captain kirk would be proud
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# 30 Drunk Vorcha
09-07-2012, 07:47 AM
ike my excelsior from the previous page, this focuses on glider and tetryon weapons for maximum shield removing potential, and the versatility of going from a duel heavy cannon setup to a beam array setup

to start with you want at least acc2 beam arrays, available in the dilithium store fairly cheaply, and the most accurate turrets and duel HEAVY cannons you can find on the exchange, because they are vastly superior to duel cannons. anything mk IX-XII with at least acc 2 is a good viable weapon, even if they are just blue quality. i also run a single acc3 duel beam bank for delivering BOs, if you can get a acc3 DBB, consider trying this as well.

the vorcha with its great 10 turn rate, and the upcoming fleet ktinga with its even more delicious 11 turn rate, are capable of running narrow arc duel cannons easier then an excelcior can run single cannons. provided you have 2 turn rate consoles, my vorcha's turn rate is over 20 with them. there is no reason to turn that well when you have beam arrays equipped though, swap them for other consoles.

im doing something a bit different with this build, relying on the Damage Control Engineer doffs so i can run just a single copy of EPtS and EPtW with up time that rarely lets me down. i run 3 of them in blue quality , with 3 roles of a 30% chance that it procs. with the upcoming fleet vorcha coming up, this will be especially desirable due to the diminished amount of engineering stations.

so, my main station setup is as follows

EPtW1, RSP1, ET3, A2S3
EPtS1, RSP1, ES2
TracBeam1, HE2

yes i know im a terrible person for 2 RSPs, but its insurance in case my EPtS doesn't proc, or my 2 shield distro boffs dont proc.

wile using the DBB and DHC, i use TT1, BO1, CRF1. if you go without the DBB, slot 2 TT1s, extreamly handy for a ship that points 1 shield facing at things for the majority of the time. also always eat weapon batteries like candy if your weapons power is draining below 80 in the middle of an alpha

i use these consoles for cannon mode

RCS x2, nutronium X2
borg, flow cap

and in beam mode

borg, SIF, nutronium X2
flow capx2

and always the omega engine, deflector and KHG shield. if your backs really to the wall, swap for borg 3 set and stick 2 Field Generators in the sci slot for maximum survivability.

i continue to be surprised by just how hard DHC hit things you shoot at, even when they arent running a buff and are only backed by 3 tactical consoles. you only have to keep your target in your fireing arc for about a second to unload all their damage for that cycle. bringing that much fire power, and that many heals to a fight is a very effective combination. your doing far more damage then other cruisers, turning well enough to effectively issue that damage.

thanks to the Damage Control Engineer doffs you have enough room to support your shield and weapons power level and have 2 copys of the life saving green diaper. wile also bringing the team suporting ES2, ET3, A2S3, HE1 and TSS 2. a build that can deal this much damage, this much healing, and tank this well should make anyone who still thinks engineers arent useless think twice. an engineer flying this gains 2 self heals and 2 energy skills that barely do anything, in exchange for dealing less then a quarter of the effective damage

if your puging along you are quite likely to face teams full of escorts that fly around really fast and blast the crap out of you. there is little hope of fighting these ships on equal terms with duel heavy cannons, thats why i think its wise to have those beam arrays to fall back on, unless you like being worthless to have around. a large volume of pets with chronos and tractor beams are your next greatest enemy.

on the excelsior i used BO2 and BO3, thats not an option here. seeing as this build has no conn doffs, having 2 TTs may be wise. a single BO2 every 30 seconds wont amount to much with just beam arrays, you may be better off with APB or APD. BO1 and BO2 with just beam arrays is frankly not enough damage dealing for the energy they collectively drain. might be worth a shot though

FAW is only useful for cleaning up garbage, and its lack of accuracy makes it not even that great for that role now. only equip that if your facing a stupid amount of carriers. your going to do your most damage to someone by just keeping 8 beams on them as much as possible, and delivering glider and proc damage. as always an energy level of at least 150 is the key to useful damage over time

thats pretty much all there is too it. the only problem in the build is how much attention you have to give to your position when your using the duel cannons, and keeping your target directly in front of you. you have to effectively do that, AND keep track of your team mates and keep them healthy. thats all up to the skill of the user.

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