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This is a build for Engies, who want to run high aux and no guns. The dot from plasma, when loaded up onto a ship is actually pretty substantial. The Neghvar is agile enough to run this without compromising firing arcs too badly. It does good solid pressure damage (enough so that people -will- be forced to use hazards prematurely well before their shields can collapse in some cases.

This ship is surprisingly easy to learn, and master, while remaining useful on the battlefield. Due to the speed and agility of the Negvhar it can pull off 90 degree bombardments rather easily, which is a great Asset especially on the battlefield that has BOPs and other decloak alpha ships present. It's also pretty effective at spam clearing thanks to the AOEs of Torp spread, and Warp Plasma. (which is also great for catching entire teams) The Chron mines out back can keep people slow, and the double plasma mines keep more burn on the field at all times.

This build also works for Tacs as well, as the Negvar becomes more agile... but loses durability. So keep that in mind. Also you will have to sack something abit to get Attack Patterns ranked up if you use this with a Tac.
The Spec:
Tac variant I would pull the some of Aux performance out for Attack Patterns.

Weapon Systems AccX2 CrtD Plasma Torps, 3 to 4 Forward, 2 Chroniton mine launchers, and 2 plasma mine launchers. Set it all to AutoFire.

Deflector : Borg
Engine : borg
Shield: KHG, Omega, Res Cap 2 MK XII, or Res Cap 3 Mk X if you still have one.

Doffs: 2 Purple Torpedo Officers, 2 purple Maint Engineers. 1 Purple Warp Core engineer. Alternate: 2 Purple Torpedo Officers, 2 Purple Shield Distribution Officers, 1 purple maint doff
Cmdr: Eject Warp Plasma 3, ASIF2, RSP1, EPTS1
Lt Cmdr: EPTS1, Extend Shields 1, ET3
Lt Sci: Hazards 1, Transfer shield strength 2
Lt Tac, Torp spread 1 and 2, Alternate: Tac Team Torp spread 2
Ens Eng. EPTA (emergency to aux 1)

Consoles: 2 SIF Generators, 2 RCS consoles
1 Field Generator, 1 Emitter Array or 2 Field Generators (when you don't have shield dist doffs on)
2 Ambi Plasma Envelopes.

Power settings. 75 Shields, 50 Engines, 75 Aux.

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# 32 Beery666sto Fleet Vorcha
09-07-2012, 07:50 AM

WHile waiting to get me a Fleet Vorcha, I've been thinking about the mean things I could do with it. Obviously, Tactical officer with this setup.

Fore - 4 x DHC
Aft - 4 x Turret

Deflector: Omega
Engine: Borg
Shield: Omega

Eng - RCS x2, Neutroniumx2 (Could drop 1 armour and throw in that Push/Stun console)
Tac - 4 x Energy Type (I haven't decided yet what type)
Sci - Borg, Shield capacity one

Cmdr - EPTS1, A2B1, RSP/A2SIF/DEM/Extend, EWP III
Ens - ET1

Lt - TT1, CSV1

Lt- HE1, TTS2

3xTechnician, 1 Matter-Antimatter specialist, 1 Shield dist (don't know about this last slot)
3xTechnician, 2x Conn (Evasive Cooldown)

Since I am running A2B for the cooldown reduction, I could run 1 quantum up front and throw in a HYT1 (swap out a TT1)

I'm opting for Technicians vs Damage control engineers because the cool down reduction will keep my RSP and EWP up more often. The A2B will also boost Weapons Power to the when its up (did they fix the Hard cap yet for power levels?). Alt setup if I were running Damage Controls would maybe look something like this:

Cmdr - EPTS1, RSP1, ET3, EWP3
Ens - EPTW1

OPting against A2ID because, while the turn rate boost and kinetic resist is great, I often find that due to inertia, pivoting is great, but then you defence tanks as you lose a lot of speed in the sharp turns (or maybe I'm just really rusty with my vorcha flying, I haven't really touched it for a few months).

APO1 is there mainly for the speed and Turn boost and breaking holds. I don't know yet how well the Vorcha will handle Omega though. We'll have to see.

Conn Officers (Evasive) simply for the zoom zoom every 25 secs (they haven;t fixed the double procing yet have they?)
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# 33 Fleet Vorcha: The Prototype.
09-07-2012, 07:51 AM

The Fleet Vorcha, is going to be the first of the Fleet Cruisers I cover. Why? Obviously it's the one I will acquire first. Not only that, it's no secret I've been dying to get this ship, since the Excelsior's release. The unfulfilled promise, at least in theory is finally recognized. High damage, big cannons, on one of the most badass, and threatening looking ships in startrek lore.

The Fleet Vorcha is in my opinion is a Tac's ship first and foremost. Sci, can also apply here, when built appropriately. Engies, need not apply however.

So, what's the build? Here are the 2 skill specs I like for the vorcha in general, and will also work here.

Weapons. Acc2 CrtH or CrtD DHCs 3, and a torp, or a dual beam bank. Or, CrtH2 ACCs across the board. 4 Turrets aft. Acc2 CrtHs.

Deflector: Borg or Omega
Engine, Borg or Omega
Shield, Resilient cap3, mk 12 cap 2 Resilient, KHG, or Omega.

Consoles: 2 RCS consoles, and 2 Armors, Ablative and Tetraburnium or 2 Neutroniums. Or 2 RCs, 1 Ablative Armor, and 1 Borg.
1 Borg, 1 Field Gen. Or 2 Field Generators. (I'm starting to favor this actually)
4 Energy Consoles.

Power Settings: /95 weapons. /30 shields /50 engines /25 aux secondary attack setting /95 weapons /50 shields /30 engines /25 aux. Turtle mode: /25 weapons /75 shields /50 engines /50 aux.

Cmdr: Warp Plasma 3/DEM3 either one you really can't go wrong with. EPTS3/RSP2 either way you're going to need some serious shield fillers here that have decent durations. Aux To Inertial Dampeners/Aux to battery1 (if you can get tech doffs for aux to batt), EPTS1

Lt Cmdr: Attack pattern Omega 1 or Cannon Rapid Fire 2. This one depends mostly on what you are dealing with in a given fight. Sometimes you're going to need that strong initial burst of CRF2 sometimes you need more stun and repulsion prevention. If you run Warp Plasma, I'm leaning abit more on APO to charge up your dmg abit. CRF1, Tac Team.

Lt Tac: Tac Team, BO2/Torp Spread 2. If you are going DEM, CRF1.

Ens Eng: EPTA1 if you ahve aux to damp, and or EPTS3. If you are running RSP2. go EPTS1.

Ens Uni. I would have a third engineering boff on standby here, and switch to your sci as necessary. This boff I'd give ET1 and RSP, or go for EPTA and a second Aux ID. The Uni station is actually half the secret to a bug's resiliency, it's nice to have a tac cruiser that can't quite match it in damage but can safely equal it in durability finally.

Sci Boff I would have 2 on standby here as well. The first with Hazard 1, and Transfer Shield strength 2, the second, Polarize Hull 1, and transfer shield strength 2.

This is a strong tactical setup, that greatly supplements your strengths, and does a good job of covering weaknesses inherent in tac cruisers. It also gives you ludicrous agility, and the ability to land excessively powerful strikes.

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# 34 Drunks prototype Fleet Vorcha
09-07-2012, 07:51 AM
my fleet vorcha build

with the COM and ENS only engineering stations, its gonna be a tight squeeze to make a workable defense with them. thats why you just about have to use damage control doffs to reduce the cooldown on EPtX skills. 3 blue tend to cost less then half a mil each on the exchange and work more then well enough in my experience. you actually get 2 chances for thier proc to go off before your left without energy in a sub system. with each activation of the 2 different EPtX abilities, it will ether set both abilities down to 30 seconds, or it wont. but those 2 different EPtX abilities giving you 2 separate chances for those 3 roles to get you proc ends up being damn reliable. just running 1 EPtX, and hoping the doffs keep it at global is not particularly reliable at all, its as reliable as the new energy weapon doffs. 2 blue+ shield distro doffs to fill out the 2 remaining active roster slots, 2 green or worse will leave you hanging more often then they will proc.

so the build

COM eng EPtW1, RSP1, ET3, (A2S3/DEM3/EWP3)
ENS eng EPtS1

LT uni(sci) (TB1, TSS2) / (TSS1, TBR1) HE in place of TSS if im not running A2S3 at the time, maybe.

1 DBB + 3 DHC / 8 beam arrays
LTC tac (TT1, CRF1, BO3) / (TT1, BO2, BO3)
LT tac (BO1, CRF1) / (TT1, APB1)

better mention equipment and consoles. 4 energy weapons consoles in tactical slots always

omega 2 piece

omega deflector and engine with KHG shield

sci consoles- (2x flow cap) / (borg, 1 flow cap)

borg 3 piece

borg deflector and engine with KHG shield

sci consoles- (2x field generator) / ( borg, 1 field generator)

eng consoles with 8 beam arrays

borg, 1 EPS, 2x nutronium, after a death or break in combat switch to a more specific armor type depending on your oponents

eng consoles with cannons and DBB

1 EPS, 2 RCS, 1 nutronium, after a death or break in combat switch to a more specific armor type depending on your opponents

this ship cant cruiser, your silly for wanting it, buying it and using it. get the fleet ktinga instead, it makes the vorcha feel like a negvar as far as turning and movement are concerned, and it can do things like extend shields and run a warp plasma snare and have A2S, or DEM and A2S. point is you cant support well at all in this, and you cant damage like an escort. so stop it this is silly. that being said, the inner kirk wants what the inner kirk wants.

8 beam arrays with BO2 and BO3 are devastating in my excelsior when using 8 beam arrays, and the 4th tac console and APB will surly make it even worse. plus you can load up especially deadly faw2 and 3 in its place to burn through pve like its nothing. well its already nothing, sooo less then nothing the 8 beams really are easy mode. load up on hull armor and keep your speed high enough to max evasion and just fly around drooping BO hammers every 15 seconds. its akin to an attrition fist fight but your opponent is down and your kicking him, its not something they can take for long.

high up time on crf1 does wonders for your cannon dps, your crits are unimpressive but overall you come out quite ahead. the get hit by a truck BO3 with a DBB will deal crippling damage like it does on escorts like always. i'll see how i like having bo1 as well, might swap that out for a second TT if i find my energy being to drained too often. of course you could run 4 DHC and cut out the BOs and have 2 TTs, 2 CRFs and an APB/D/O. omega might be especially good for getting the 'fatter then an escort' vorcha pointing were you want it.

you could do without a sci officer, then you would be left with an excelsior's amount of engineering stations. i really cant imagine using it for tactical, that would kinda be absurd. i suppose you could also support mines and torps in the build too then, if your crazy like that. you might have to go with eng in the universal if gathering good damage control doffs is unfeasible at the moment. just remember that you don't have access to the best snare, tractor beam, which you will need to make BOs hit reliably, and to keep some one pinned long enough for you to get your cannons pointed at them. making their defense 0 is great for crits too. though you could run EWP for the snare with out giving up to much, though its not nearly as instant or easy to use effectivly as TB. also no TSS, HE, ST or PH. this ship really is versatile, as well as the most dangerous cruiser. maybe my inner kirk is on to something

edit: lol mav, guess we had the same thing on our minds
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leet vorcha covered, now time for the perfected build for the standard vorcha R and the new fleet ktinga, the best cruiser in the game at being a true cruiser. lol right? this is for a tac captain, because tac captains can do all the supporting an eng captain can, wile dealing hilariously more damage.

to start with you want at least acc2 beam arrays, available in the dilithium store in tetryon and lol plasma flavor fairly cheaply, and the most accurate turrets and duel HEAVY cannons you can find on the exchange, because they are vastly superior to duel cannons. anything mk IX-XII with at least acc 2 is a good viable weapon, even if they are just blue quality. i also run a single acc3 duel beam bank for delivering BOs, if you can get a acc3 DBB, consider trying this as well.

the vorcha with its great 10 turn rate, and the fleet ktinga with its even more delicious 11 turn rate, are capable of running narrow arc duel cannons easier then an excelcior can run single cannons. provided you have 2+ turn rate consoles, my vorcha's turn rate is over 20 with them. there is no reason to turn that well when you have beam arrays equipped though, swap them for other consoles.

with this build, im relying on the Damage Control Engineer doffs so i can run just a single copy of EPtS and EPtW with up time that rarely lets me down. i run 3 of them in blue quality, between 2 different types of EPtX, you have a total of 6 30% chances for the proc to go off, its damn reliable. 2 blue+ shields distribution doffs to fill the last 2 active roster slots

so, my station setup is as follows

COM eng- EPtW1, RSP1, ET3, EWP3 / (A2S3)
LTC eng- EPtS1, ES1, A2S2 / (EWP1)

LT sci- (HE1, TSS2) / (TB1, TSS2) / (TSS1, TBR1)

LT- tac- BO1, CRF1
ENS tac- TT1

8 Beam arrays
LT- tac- BO1, BO2
ENS tac- TT1

equipment and consoles. 3 energy weapons consoles in tactical slots always

omega 2 piece

omega deflector and engine with KHG shield

vorcha R sci consoles- (2x flow cap) / (borg, 1 flow cap)
F ktinga sci consoles- (3x flow cap) / (borg, 2 flow cap)

borg 3 piece

borg deflector and engine with KHG shield

vorcha R sci consoles- (2x field generator) / ( borg, 1 field generator)
F ktinga sci consoles- (3x field generator) / ( borg, 2 field generator)

suddenly that 3rd science dump console looks pretty nifty huh

eng consoles with 8 beam arrays

borg, 1 EPS, 2x nutronium, after a death or break in combat switch to a more specific armor type depending on your opponents

eng consoles with cannons and DBB

1 EPS, 2 RCS, 1 nutronium, after a death or break in combat switch to a more specific armor type depending on your opponents

i continue to be surprised by just how hard DHC hit things you shoot at, even when they arent running a buff and are only backed by 3 tactical consoles. you only have to keep your target in your fireing arc for about a second to unload all their damage for that cycle. bringing that much fire power, and that many heals to a fight is a very effective combination. your doing far more damage then other cruisers, and turning well enough to effectively issue that damage. this is ESPECIALLY true with the F ktinga, after all the turnrate buffs are stacked, its amazing how well it turns.

thanks to the Damage Control Engineer doffs you have enough room to support your shield and weapons power level and have every other important engineering power at your disposal. you are incredibly handy to have around, you can do a ton of hull and shield healing wile dealing superior damage to any other cruiser. being able to dump A2S3, ET3, TSS2, and ES1 on some one, fly around with a turn rate over 20 without any turn consoles, having near 100 shield energy and around 140 weapons energy, wile also snaring 2 or more people in a 500-1000 damage dot plasma clouds, and tractoring someone is cruiser in its perfect form. you are MVP every match.

2 snares from EWP and TB give you an incredible tactical advantage over anyone your attacking. fully buffed up EWP3 should theoretically deal over 1000 DOT a second. i have dealt 800 damage a second with the EWP2 im currently limited too, and that was without particle consoles. consider using 2 or 3 particle generator consoles in place of flow cap and pop every buff you can, even TT and EPtW helps, before you activate it and coat people.

TBR are very useful, a must have in the new pve content at least. if your tractor'ed it will all but break any tractors hold by pushing your opponent past the tractors effective range of 5. it will also hit any near by critters with 100% accuracy and kill any destructible weapons. pushing someone back into a plasma cloud they are trying to escape from is extreamly satisfying too. its great for when your pointing right at someone but they are trying to get out of your arc, it keeps them in front of you and screws up thier defence score. it can be more handy then regular tb in situations like this. i wouldn't bother focusing on dealing damage with it, you need higher levels of it and a sci ship to do that.

you have crummy tactical station powers, but they will murder the crap out of the poor sap you have snared with maga dot plasma cloud and or a tractor beam. if someone is trying to HE+evasive out of your cloud, TB them too! there is no escape! if not stager them for maximum movement shutdown. on top of them being served up on a plater for you, they are served up for the whole rest of your team too. it is sooo easy to position yourself for an effective warp plasma dump in these maneuverable cruisers, were you just have to wait for someone to fly by or get behind you in a crummy fed cruiser.

if your puging you are quite likely to face teams full of escorts that fly around really fast and blast the crap out of you. there is little hope of fighting these ships on equal terms with duel heavy cannons, with out multiple snares, thats why i think its wise to have those beam arrays to fall back on. a large volume of pets with chronos and tractor beams are your next greatest enemy.

on the excelsior i used BO2 and BO3, thats not an option here. the damage you can deal every 15 seconds with BO1 and BO2 is enough to make quite a difference thought, i had BO2 crit for 18k the other day. this is the best way to deal damage with 8 beams equipped.

FAW is only useful for cleaning up garbage, and its lack of accuracy makes it not even that great for that role now. only equip that if your facing a stupid amount of carriers or doing pve. your going to do your most damage to someone by just keeping 8 beams on them as much as possible, and delivering glider and proc damage. as always an energy level between 140 and 150 is the key to maximum damage over time

thats pretty much all there is too it. the only problem in the build is how much attention you have to give to your position when your using the duel cannons, and keeping your target directly in front of you. you have to effectively do that, AND keep track of your team mates and keep them healthy. thats all up to the skill of the user.

the fleet ktinga is the best cruiser, the only thing that out MVPs it is a thrice damned bug.

*edit- based on the actual hitpoints per shield facing on the F ktinga vs vorcha R, the F ktinga has a shield mod of 1.07.

vorcha R-

F ktinga-
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# 36 Recluse. Super Healer.
09-07-2012, 07:53 AM

The Recluse, is most likely the best healing ship in the game at present. It's commander universal, and strong LTC eng and LTC sci stations allow you tremendous flexibility as a heal ship.

It also keeps the door open for decent CC/Debuff as well.

Weapons: 6 Beam arrays. Polaron, Tetryon for sci captains.
Acc2 CrtH, or CrtH2 Accs.

Engine Borg
Deflector Borg
Shield, Maco, Fleet Resilient shield or KHG.

Consoles: 2 SIF Generators, 2 Armor. Preferably Neutronium or Diburnium and Tetraburnium. Alt 4 SIF Generators.
2 shield emitters consoles (the boost to shield healing) 2 Field Generators.
1 Energy console, 1 Borg.

Power Settings. 60 weapons, 75 shields, 25 engine, 40 Aux.

Cmdr: Energy Siphon 3, this skill has no firing arc limitations and does a solid job at draining power (and more importantly Boosting your own it's a free EPS power transfer. which in the hands of an eng, gives you ludicrously long periods of high power settings) Sci Team 3 Hazard Emitters 2 Tractor beam1

Ens Tac. Tac Team1

Lt Cmdr Eng. EPTS1 EPTS2, Extend Shields 2

Ens Sci. Polarize Hull. Alternate Transfer Shield Strength 1

Lt Cmdr Sci: Transfer Shield Strength 3, Hazard 2, Tractor Beam 1

Doffs: 2 development lab scientists. 2 Shield Distribution officers, 1 hazard system officer.

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# 37 rudiefix Ktinga
09-07-2012, 07:56 AM
This is a build for an extremely fast and agile Ktinga (fleet version). Strangely though; it?s venting that much warp plasma that people wonder how the ship actually can keep moving at those ridiculous speeds.
This is mainly for tactical captains, because of the damage output.

Because I had a lot of fun with my B?rel fitted with a mix of several torpedo?s I used the same idea in this build. The K?tinga uses only torpedo?s with 2 copies of eject warp plasma. This makes it possible to run at high speed and have good shield power. It?s almost moving like a raptor, delivering plasma faster than torpedo?s hitting target.

Next to high damage and cc, it?s also a small healer.

Lt-tac: HY1, HY2 (can also be spreads)
Ens-tac: TT1
Cmdr-eng: EptS1, ES1, EWP1, AtoS3
LtCmdr-eng: EptS1, RSP1, EWP1
Lt-sci: Mix of HE, PH or TSS whichever you want

Shield/deflector Honor guard (for the 25% additional torpedo dmg)
Engine Borg

Front torpedo?s: 2x photon , chroniton, bio-warhead
Back torpedo?s: photon, 2x chroniton, Breen cluster

For pvp, the photons and bio are your main damage dealers. The chronitons are for additional cc. For PvE, the chronitons can be swapped for other torps (harpings, plasma?s, transphasic)

Eng consoles: 2x RCS, 2x alloy
Sci consoles: 2x field gens, 1x borg
Tac consoles: 3x warhead yield chambers

Purple Doffs: 3x torpedo doff, 2x tac-team- conn-officer (making running effectively 2 copies of TT)

Power settings: 25/75/75/25 (defense 25/90/60/25; offense 25/60/90/25)

A small but lots of fun tweak to this build: Get a trico mine in the back for a chroniton and get a copy of dispersal pattern.

Suggested Tweak You have Torp Doffs. Ditch the photons. Photons provide 0 benefit over quantums in pvp right now especially when you are packing torpedo doffs. Also, ditch the aft torps. They serve no benefit on a ship as mobile as a Ktinga. Put in a pair of chroniton mine launchers instead out back and 2 turrets. (phaser preferably) Even at 25 power, the phaser turrets will net you procs, which can and will knock out shields, engines and other shenanigans.
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# 38 Nayukan Fleet Starcruiser.
09-07-2012, 07:57 AM
My fleet recently upgradet their starbase and I got a shiny new Fleet Star Cruiser for my Engineer. While I have read Mavs recommendations here, I came up with a slightly different variant. I am mostly unsure about skills and weapons, here are the basics:

I am not sure whether the skills are okay or not, especially Hull Plating. Somehow I doubt it is worth to spend more points into either this or Threat Control.

Second would be the BO power choice. I have two shiny purple Doffs for each Tactical Team and Science Team. However, none (not even a blue one) for Engineering Team. So I decided to take my Carrier tactics over to my Cruiser: A buffed Sci Team 2 which is on a constant 15sec CD. ST first cleans those nasty Subnukes as well as provides a significant instant shield heal. Combined with ES2 or TSS1 this should be a good combo I guess.
The other option would be going for Tactical Team. I ditched this idea for two reasons:
a) Most people simply have their own TT copy, often buffed by a Doff.
b) Whille TT is decent when one or two facings take heavy damage, TT is mostly worthless when all facings are very low. So it basicly ain't a heal.

As for Eng powers I usually prefer ASIF3 over ES3. First because I don't have my ES3 BO anymore (while I have tons of ASIF3 BOs), second ASIF3 can be used on myself and I found that quite useful. ET3 is mostly in for emergency situations. Actually I was thinking about going a more damage oriented way in either using Warp Plasma 1 or 3. The latter one would mean ASIF2 and ES2 are used.
However my last EWP experiments were mostly disappointing. Also I think would need to put some points into Particle Generators - yet I don't really know where I should take those off. Most logically would be Driver Coil and Hull Plating. The other interesting idea would be to actually save money for those two purple ET Doffs and ditch ASIF altogether while using EWP.

Last but not least the weaponery. I have eight nice purple Mk XI [Acc]x2 Beam Arrays. However their power drain is extreme, even for an Engineer Captain. Would it be better to ditch one or two beams and place Mine Launcher(s) in there instead? Was either thinking about Chroniton to snare enemies or Tricobalt for a lucky shot.

Everything else is pretty straightforward:
Either 3 piece BORG (console, engines, deflector) or if I feel lucky 2 piece Omega (shield/engine OR engine/deflector) with 2 piece BORG.
Two Tac Consoles for those Beams.
A Field Generator for a bit more shielding (however lately I try to fly without one, feels a bit weak though), then either three Flow Caps (for the Glider) or three Shield Emitters for healing.
Eng got the BORG console, Neutronium Armor as well as two SIF Gens for extra heals.
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i think i finally have my fleet ktinga how i like it. this build would work on a vorcha R as well. original post on the subject can be found here, and is still basically good information. im just tweaking station setup mostly.

so, my new station setup is as follows

COM eng- EPtW1, RSP1, EPtS3, EWP3
LTC eng- (ET1, ES1, A2S2) / (ET1, A2S1, ES2)

LT sci- (HE1, TSS2) / (TB1, HE1) / (HE1, TBR1)

LT- tac- BO1, CRF1
ENS tac- TT1

8 Beam arrays
LT- tac- BO1, BO2
ENS tac- TT1

equipment and consoles. 3 energy weapons consoles in tactical slots always

omega 2 piece

omega deflector and engine with KHG shield

vorcha R sci consoles- (2x flow cap) / (borg, 1 flow cap)
F ktinga sci consoles- (3x flow cap) / (borg, 2 flow cap)

OR 3x particle generators to deal maximum EWP damage.

borg 3 piece

borg deflector and engine with KHG shield

vorcha R sci consoles- (2x field generator) / ( borg, 1 field generator)
F ktinga sci consoles- (3x field generator) / ( borg, 2 field generator)

OR 3x particle generators to deal maximum EWP damage.

eng consoles with 8 beam arrays

borg, 1 EPS, 2x nutronium, after a death or break in combat switch to a more specific armor type depending on your opponents

eng consoles with cannons and DBB

1 EPS, 2 RCS, 1 nutronium, after a death or break in combat switch to a more specific armor type depending on your opponents

with 84 skill + those particle consoles the damage on EWP3 is just under 600 DOT. fully tac buffed, wile using GDF at 100% health, it deals more then 1200 DOT. it stops just being a good snare at that point and becomes part of your damage dealing. if you want to be a mad piro, last time i checked plasma energy weapon damage consoles buffed the plasma energy damage of the EWP DOT, but you would have to deal with the to shields 20% damage penalty from using plasma. mad piro indeed.

the tractor beam is to insure they stay in the cloud for as long as possible, or too continue to hold them after the plasma wears off on them. so far no one has survived this when i get them alone in a match, killed at least 10 people with this last night. haven't had a chance to use it on a bug yet, i expect them to have PH and 2 APOs, so they might not cooperate well with my attempts to stop them and kill them. if you still don't buy that the damage from EWP3 is any good, but still like the snare, use version 1 and stick AtS3 in the commander station.

the KHG shield is a massive hole of hitpoints, filling it back up is a challenge. ive become convinced a cruiser using the KHG shield needs EPtS3 to keep its resistance up as high as possible, and to burst heal it the most. EPtS3 has to replace ET3 from my previous build, i cant replace A2S becase there is no version of that at ENS level. so mainly i will go with HE over TSS now.

between EPtS3, RSP1 and distro doffs the shield healing is still good. with the damage control doffs i can make that 1 copy of EPtS3 act as 2 copies, it every 30 seconds seems to come out on top over my old EPtS1 every 30 seconds and TSS1/2 every 45 seconds. the TSS only lasts 15 seconds too. EPtS3 seems to do the job of EPtS1 and TSS1/2 all by its self, and now i will have overall more hull healing especially when popping aux batteries.

when you have your cannons and beam bank equipped wile someone is locked in plasma, getting around 1000 hull damage a second from it depending on their resistance, you hit as hard as an escort, the end result is basically the same. you might not blow down shield faceings as fast, but all that direct to hull damage, being locked in place, and the weapons damage that eventually defeats shields all is about escort level damage overall. plus it proboly makes your opponent twice as pissed that you styled on him so bad.

even if you think thats an exaggeration, you are about 10 times better then any escort as a team supporter. with that much damage potential, 3 hull heals and extend shields, you basically make you and a bop act like 2 bops and a dedicated support healer. the goal of this is to be the best healer possible wile being the best damage dealer possible wile having nether interfere with the other.

this build is basically for amazing cruiser damage and unheard of team support at the same time in a pug, or opps i found myself in a premade but at least the builds pretty good for that too. a dedicated team build would look like this

COM eng- EPtW1, RSP1, EPtS3, ES3
LTC eng- ET1, A2S1, EWP1

LT sci- HE1, TSS2

you can keep the plasma to befuddle and snare, you can do this extreamly easily in such a maneuverable vorcha or ktinga. or you can ditch it and run ET3 in its place if you just have no interest in it. you have a fairly useless second ensign slot at that point though. you could go back to EPtS1 and put ET3 in its place if your team has good shield cross healing though, and they hopefully should

ah the wonderful EWP3 in action

in this case the surprisingly common all critical plasma dot in action, against a very resistance player

and a resistance-less npc

and the result of the build in action, going into a pug and dealing the most damage and having the most healing (tommy)
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# 40 drunk retool of Fleet Vorcha.
09-07-2012, 07:59 AM
ok now for my refined fleet vorcha. this build focuses on the initial strike, and then on the built in durability of the ship vs other escorts to continue striking when other escorts would proboly be forced to disengage if your oponent was a heavy hiter himself

the build uses 4 DHC and 4 turrets for pure energy damage

LTC- tac- TT1, CRF1, APO1
LT tac- TT1, CRF1

COM eng- (EPtW1, RSP1, EPtS3, A2S3) / (EPtW1, EPtS2, A2S2, EWP3) / (EPtW1, EPtS2, A2S2, DEM3)
LTC eng- ET1

LT uni (sci)- (TSS2, TBR1) / (HE1, TBR1)

the tractor repulsers basically strangle someone wile you shoot them, freezing them in place in front of you wile you fly toward them and alpha strike them. tac buffed with 99 to particle gens i can deal 1200 damage with TBR1 a tick. its a great beginner or finisher

the first commander engineering station setup is dead reliable at keeping you alive through the worst counterattack, your advised to use HE with this profile if you expect to encounter shield defeating damage, other wise your shields should be nearly undefeatable. this profile is great for dealing with ships slower then you or more fragile then you. its not ideal for fighting other damage dealing cruisers with such arc dependent weapons. there isn't enough enemy movement control, and there isn't quite enough spike.

the other 2 commander stations are offense turned up to 11, and 12. ive gone on and on about how awesome EWP is on offense heavy cruisers, and though there is significant sacrifice for it, it will go along way toward making your opponent helpless as you unleash your considerable arsenal. make sure you have good distro doffs and tss to keep your shields alive with no RSP to fall back on.

a recent duel just showed me how effective the combination of DHCs and DEM can be. ive never been all that impressed with it on my single cannon excelsior, but for some reason it did absurd extra damage. for maximum on target damage this will be best. mind your hitpoints though.

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