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Vice Admiral Mark Long is looking for some dedicated Captains and crews to form the Strategic Emergency Response Taskforce. Are you tired of fleets that are formed only to find you are ignored for your efforts, left at the lowest rank and generally felt like you are just a number in the fleet? In S.E.R.T., your efforts will be noticed and rewarded, founding officers will be given senior ranks and be placed in command of their own sub-divisions. There will be no mandatory weekly meetings because let's face it, real life comes first. Instead we will meet when we are on and fleet members who miss it will be brought up to speed later. All who put in effort will be noticed, it doesnt matter how much you contribute, just contribute what you can. Role Play is encouraged and helping others, even outside the fleet should be considered mandatory. We all had to start somewhere. Please reply or email if interested. Thank you for your time.

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