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The Mk 10 and 11 Omega Force and MACO ground sets look like normal armor on Tribble...yet they look normal (like special armor the NPCs are wearing) on Holodeck. Is this a Bug or just not wanting to transfer the skins over to Tribble?.....I would really like to see (stats are both equal on both servers) what I'm getting on Tribble before i get it on Holodeck.

Ive seen other players on Holodeck that have the armor...just want to see the changes on Tribble before I buy on Holodeck.

I did a search on the Test Servers forums section before posting this and didn't come up with anything.

Is their anything special we need to do to see the changes?

edit: ah ok...need the full set to see the changes.....figuers

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09-20-2012, 07:24 AM
go to talor and enable the costume options
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09-20-2012, 04:33 PM
you need the complete set to unlock the costume, then you can create the costume in the tailor. the Armor you are seeing is just the default armor visuals for the MACO/Omega bodyarmor. You can disable that by clicking disable visuals in the character status screen.

BTW, the MK X MACO set does not come with a costume.

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