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10-21-2012, 11:07 AM
Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Aux to Life Support: 'heal' to crew of 25% lost/disabled personnel and resist to crew loss of 50% .

Aux to RCS: Significant increase in turn rate (but not speed or defense or anything else) and increase in inertia modifier (this makes the ship able to 'slide' during the maneuver...aka does not allow the ship to change vector that quickly while turning the nose).

This is the equivalent of the 'increase your aux power to boost your turn rate and slide' that we could do pre-f2p ...which was SO damn cool.

Internal Force Fields: large bonus to crew resists, causes loss of all boarding parties (aka they cannot return when the boarding party effect is over).

Jeffereys Tubes
: Large boost to innate crew abilities. aka hull repair, crew recovery rate, subsystem repair.

Eject Warp Core: Ship loses all power level bonuses (from capt skills,consoles, outside sources, etc). Warp core ejected detonates 5 seconds after launch. Effect is = to photonic shockwave 3 + charged particle burst3 + tricobalt subspace rift + scramble sensors 3. to anything, including player that launched it, in a 5km area.

Loss of power bonuses lasts for 1 minute. Ability re-use timer is 2 minutes.

REQUIREMENT: Warp Core in inventory (otherwise how can you replace your lost warp core?)

..yes warp core would be a new item, craftable only. Give crafters at least SOMETHING to do.

Main Computer Priority to - (tactical/operations/science): Diverts main computer processing priorities.

This is a multi-system, multi-ability thing like emergency power to-

-to Tactical : Increase accuracy
-to Ops : Speed up timers on all abilities, including capt, console, boff, etc.
-to Science: boosts stats on all science skill box abilities by the equivalent of X mk 11 blue consoles (ensign = 2, lt= 3, lt cmdr = 4)
Okay I love all of this.

Much of it isn't ensign level.

But that eject warp core and craft warp core thing is absolutely golden as a VA or Full Admiral ability. I would love it.

Frankly crafting higher level warp cores for higher power level bonuses across the board would be nice. And also from a purely selfish RP perspective, that's my main character's bread and butter.

I also like the Main Computer. A lot of people forget about the Ops side of gold shirts (technically that includes Security)
Originally Posted by razellis View Post
DEM getting a demotion would be nice. I might actually use it more then. Same for transfering PH to engineering. Some new ensign level Tac and engineering skills could really help this game. Actually ensign level only skills would be nice.

I'm thinking tac skills like

Align energy weapons: "10% bonus to energy weapon accuracy for 30 seconds"

Rapid Fire Torpedoes: " 20% reduction in torpedo recharge time for 30 seconds"

Engineering skills like.

Stabilize Structural integrity field: Bonus hull regeneration and damage resistance in combat

Modular shielding: gain 5% damage resistance against the next energy type that hits your shields for 5 seconds, stacks up to 3 times. Reactive shielding last 30 seconds and has a 1 minute recharge

Basically skills that are not worthless but wouldn't replace the T:HY's and EPTS's at low levels.
I'm sold on these too. Very nice.
Yes I support This

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10-21-2012, 12:05 PM
Lets first achieve the goal of Emergency Power to X being Equal to Emergency power to Shields.

EptE a few second speed boost and engine power level increase (which gains you nothing if you specced properly, bonus defense is already at max with some nice efficiency and a proper spec)

EptA not so useful either, the stealth part is a joke and hardly useful, and we simply use Aux bats when we need Aux, the console, RCS, or manual switching even.

EptW only 'useful' (I should probably say effective) on a beam boat, since how the way the so called 125 'hardcap' or 'softcap' as some people state it, beams are bugged and only a broadsiding beamboat will take advantage of overcapping really, EptW with Escorts + DHC's is simply a joke. Or you give up EptS just for that few second base damage boost ? LOL
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10-21-2012, 12:21 PM
Personally I find that there are simple 'too many' active abilities on the VA ships at times. It seems to me that I just double up on so many copies of abilities and spam them it gets tiresome.

I would love to see (especially at ensign) some boff abilities that simply act as a passive boost like a console. Some examples:

Manual Targeting: Small boost to ship accuracy
Target Analysis: Small boost to ship critical chance/severity

Weapon Power Regulation: Small reduction to weapon power drain
Shield Management: Increases shield transfer rate/very slow tac team style transfer

I got nuttin

Those abilities would be broken on a console that stacked, but would work well as boff abilties for those of us who hate thoughtless button mashing. On a side note I would love a ship with say 2 extra consoles that lacked a boff slot or two for PvE.
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10-22-2012, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Personally I find that there are simple 'too many' active abilities on the VA ships at times. It seems to me that I just double up on so many copies of abilities and spam them it gets tiresome.
I agree with you there.

I have a small gaming keypad set up with macros to handle the minutia, I call it my Chief Engineer. That way I can keep my attention focussed on selecting targets, monitoring allied ship conditions, and activating important high tier powers. I don't have time to click an EPtX power every 15 seconds and distribute shields every 6 seconds.

I feel it's a bad game design when you need to run aftermarket equipment or set up code in order to play.
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10-22-2012, 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by teleon22 View Post
There are only five Ensign Bridge Officer Abilities available to the Engineering Career, four of which share a cool-down time with each-other; compared to eight science ensign abilities and and nine tactical ensign bridge officer abilities.

Is it possible that we can at least get Auxiliary to inertial dampeners moved to the Ensign level abilities and reduce that abilities effectiveness accordingly so that Cruisers with a Commander Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Engineer and Ensign Engineer have some viable game options? I can?t stress enough how bad it is to have three Ensign Engineers on a ship when you basically have two abilities to choose from: +power to subsystem of choice or Engineering Team. Yuck!
In fairness this isn't limited to engineering. Tactical suffers from a similar lack - mostly beam powers, and given most tactical players are using escorts...I'd love to see an overhaul of ensign powers overall, when you have three of the same flavour it becomes very hard to find something useful to put in the third, the only exception that comes to my mind is science which has a reasonable selection variety wise.
Career Officer
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10-24-2012, 11:08 AM
Yeah there are so many cool things that can be done, some mentioned here, others mentioned in other well thought out posts. Its shame it hasn't gotten a overhaul yet :/

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