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Hi all -

From about 8:45 on, I have been unable to see activity in chat. Even zone is empty from my point of view (not possible on even the slowest days.)

I can see my friends chat comments; they can see mine. I can see fleet commentary, but again everyone there is on the F list as well.

But anything pubic (STF channels, zone) is not visible. Asking for help in channel isn't possible as I can't see a response.

Update: I am seeing 1 non-friend in a private channel. He cannot see, or chooses not to reply to open messages. Wierd.

I can pug, but can't communicate with the team.

- ok -

I did delete my entire ignored list yesterday. I clear it 2x a year...

- what I've tried -

I have reviewed the settings for each alt, 7 in total.

Chat Privacy is set to 'Visible to all'. No love here either. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is where the problem is. I have worked through each setting, applied it and moved on to the next.

Each chat window ( I run 2) has multiple tabs, each with different filters. Deleted everything, set up a new chat window, new tab with all channels engaged. No love there.

Resetting chat to defaults (hate doing this), but no love as well.

Reset everything to defaults (eww) no change.

I have shut down the game, rebooted and logged back in - no change.

Any suggestions? Did I miss something?

Updated: filed ticket: [10/1 10:22] [System] [TicketCreated] Successfully submitted ticket ID #2,769,867.

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# 2
10-01-2014, 11:43 PM
After an hour of step-by-step error checking and fleetie help, I got an amazing error while trying to reboot the game. wish I caught a screen shot of it...

Grey box, random code... Crash of the entire client.

Found references to a previous problem in the forums archives. Yes, search tools do work for the desperate

/WhiteList_Chat 1 (to enable whatr I'm expereincing)
/WhiteList_Chat 0 (seems to have solved the problem.)


And a command list:

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