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There didn't really seem a correct place to post this, as it's not an in-game problem, so here will do.

So a few weeks back, I wanted to change my password as I realised I had stupidly used the same password on a website suffering the heart bleed bug.

*Goes to Arc, goes to account settings, changes password*

Says that an email has been sent to my email address. 2 weeks later, with at least 3 supposed re-sends later, it still hasn't arrived.

I go to change my email address registered to my PWE account, to see if it's just that email (changing from a Gmail to an Says that I can either confirm the address change via my old email address (i.e. the Gmail one that doesn't get any emails from PWE other than ones telling me to re-subscribe, funny that), or I can contact customer support.

(Also, even adding all the email addresses that PWE use into my contacts, like the support article recommends, doesn't help. And no, its not in the spam folder, I checked. Twice.)


it doesn't matter how I try to do it, I can not load up the page to register a ticket on the support page.

This just appears:

Trust me, if there was any way to contact support, I wouldn't be posting here. (I tired through the otherwise pretty good Arc client, that doesn't work either).

It is a matter of account security, as if someone did manage to get the password via heart bleed on the other website (damn you Tumblr) then it could only be a matter of time till they get into my account and get it banned/steal my stuff.

So, anyone got any ideas on the best way to contact support? And also, if a support person (what is the term for that?) reads this, please help me find a way to change my email/password (preferably both, the email I use for PWE is an old one).

I'm not Morgan Freeman, but thank you anyway, for listening/reading.
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04-22-2014, 06:31 AM
Wow...just shows you can't have faith in these people. Good luck man, and lets hope you'll get a response sooner.
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