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=/\= Greetings from Starfleet Elite Strike Force =/\=

My name is Sarek, Fleet Admiral for the Starfleet Elite Strike Force.

My primary goal when starting this fleet is to have the opportunity to build a fleet from the ground up. I have been in several fleets and either ran into either them being inactive/boring, not very sociable or not being able to contribute to a fleet in anyway which left me to do things solo. As a result I decided to find other players out there who want to help out and have fun being in a fleet.

Who are the Starfleet Elite Strike Force
Starfleet Elite Strike Force is a newly formed fleet which started in April 2014 (April 14th to be precise). As of right now it is just me and a couple of other players who are in the fleet but we are looking into forming a community. Although we do not have all the nice gear and facilities like much larger fleets do we do have plenty of opportunities to contribute.

At Starfleet Elite Strike Force we provide a community for all players to come together as one. Our main mission is to provide a place for players to enjoy playing STO and to assist others when needed.

We are looking for mature players who have a mix of humor, style and seriousness in gaming. Note that we are not looking for those who are whiny, loot thieves, trolls and crybabies. Everyone who plays STO should have a fair and fun time playing the game.

As of right now we are solely a Fed fleet with plans on creating a KDF Fleet in the near future so we can have access to all aspects of the game. Also will be forming divisions of the fleet so players can do what they feel best.

What to expect
As I said, I was left to do missions or STFs alone. Although there are not many people in the fleet right now, I try to help anyone who needs assistance when possible.

While I do offer some advisement, I will only be available during the evenings and weekends so any help on getting this fleet off the ground would be awesome.

What the fleet can offer (or at least try to)
As previously stated, this fleet just got started this month; therefore we are starting from the bottom. I may not be a high tier fleet, but the NoP Public Service channel has made acquiring higher tier fleet gear very easy. What I can offer is the ability to get fleet credits from projects for the mine, embassy, starbase and spire. Since the fleet is currently small, there will always be opportunities to earn fleet credits. In most cases almost as many fleet credits as you want. As I have stated, we are not the highest tier fleet, but using the NoP Channel you can gain access to every fleet item (except ships) without having to leave the fleet.

Fleet goals
As of right now, my primary goal I am trying to fast track everything as fast as possible. I will open up other projects just so there will always be a place for members to donate and earn additional fleet credits and so we can get provisions.

Joining us, you will find that we
Real life comes first:
Even though it would be nice to play STO all day every day, we understand that real life takes priority with things such as school, family, jobs, etc. If something were to come up unexpectedly (which does happen to everyone), keep us informed so we donít drop you for inactivity.

Right now we donít have a set schedule for events. With that being said once when we get enough players to help out then we can see what we can do. Also, as previously mentioned we are a new fleet that just started so doing any fleet action to get fleet credits is all game. Faster we can upgrade the facilities, the quick we can access fleet gear. This also allows us to get to know other fleet members and to allow everyone to become better players. An important value to a fleet is to have a core family value. We play together, we train together. We get to know each other and help each other. This allows us; to better ourselves, better each other, run more events, run better events with knowledgeable and good players.

What you WILL NOT get
Unfortunately there is nothing in the fleet bank. No EC, no itemsÖNOTHING. If you have something you wish you add in there you can definitely put it in the fleet bank. All I ask is if you see something you need, please ask in the fleet channel before taking it out.

Offensive behavior will NOT be tolerated:
Just like the title says. We are here to play STO as a community. That includes setting an example for the fleet and helping others as much as possible. We do NOT want drama queens, whiners, people who curse obsessively, loot/provision thieves, etc.

If these rules seem stringent, it is because they are. I have been in situations myself and seen situations where players were put in a really difficult place within a fleet and was not treated fairly. I do not really have any sort of interview process. All I ask is that you play at your own pace and only donate what you are comfortable with. At this time, our greatest need is fleet marks so if you have a few thousand you are looking to get rid of, consider that a head start to accessing the provisions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in-game. My handle is @epicninja2

Live Long and Prosper

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