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Originally Posted by hasukurobi View Post
The [Borg] Mod is only useful against the Borg but the fact that they are all MK XII Purple [ACC] [CRH] makes them anything but "utterly useless" in PvP. They are not the "Best" but they are not "utterly useless" either.
You want to talk about acc lets talk about acc, the dil store mk xi weapons have a higher acc than them borg weapons as I said before those borg weapons are utterly useless other than against the borg.

Originally Posted by hasukurobi View Post
With any weapon the bleed over damage from ACC is wonderful icing on the cake and while you only miss some of the time in PvE even those misses = 0 Damage every time they happen. For PvP high accuracy is so badly needed it is not even worth discussing as ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about proper PvP can tell you.
Then you continue to say acc is important for pvp but fail to realise as above dil store mk xi weapons have better stats and have others have pointed out depending how you build your toon and ship you don't necessarily need it anyway.

I do use acc on some of my toons but not others and the other thing is all of the new fleet weapons are dmgx3 plus the norms so if you want acc you can get dmgx3 + acc on any weapon type.

They utterly own the borg weapons there should be no comparisons at all as there in a higher class of their own.

I would have thought my comparison of the mighty quad cannons compared to the new fleet weapons was enough and mate if your going to sit there and tell me the borg weapons are better than the quads I'm sorry but you have problems and there is no way you would have a hope in hell against them in pvp.

Originally Posted by hasukurobi View Post
I, for one, get those salvages quite frequently but yes they are random but you are forgetting all the costs involved with provisioning and getting the base structures to begin with which is a bad thing to do.
A solo fleet that would be true but even a small fleet can achieve that relatively cheaply divided around all the members and again in a quicker time than to do 100's of stf's for a hope at a drop and you still have to build your ship accordingly to do elite stf's so its not free either.

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