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Career Officer
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# 11
09-25-2012, 04:27 AM
I have made a lot of alt to do the ?Investigate Officer Reports? which you need to be level 9 for. Here is the fastest what I have found

With your main get or craft

5 uncommon Mk II ground weapons (I use sniper rifle)
2 uncommon Mk II Cannons for your ship
1 uncommon Mk II turret for the back
1 uncommon Mk II weapons console (that matches your weapon type)
3 bridge Offices (what every you want anything power to boost speed in space will help)
I don?t do it but getting faster engines will help
XP boost you need 1 of the following 1 hour or 8 hour or 3 1000 XP ( 1 hour will run out before you are done)

Now put all the items in bank or mail so your new alt can get them.

Now when you start an alt skip the tutorial. Before you finish ?passing credit? (I thinks that?s the name) go get your stuff out of the bank and equip it all. Now go to the passing credit guy use your XP boost and finish the mission. Run and get your boff and gear. Don?t beam up to earth space dock when the admiral calls you just take the mission standard in space. Sell the crap gun and console you just got. Now you have over 100 EC so you can transwarp to the start of standard in space. Finish that mission before leaving the map sell extra gear and transwarp to sol. You should have enough EC to transwarp to diplomatic orders. I would skip hide and seek (long mission) than just keep doing missions. I have gotten alts you lvl 9 in less than an hour and 40 minutes.
Republic Veteran
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# 12 My easy way
09-25-2012, 05:14 AM
There a lots of easy ways to level up quickly,

like people said earlier get one of your main doffs to give you lots of money to your new player buy the best weapons you can.

buy an xp boost, do the the storylines in order i did in a couple of hours easly, soon as i was able to get duty officers i just brought loads and did that and just did the fed mrrior event and red alert channels as they are double boost, by 2 weeks of doing that bang i was va.

but there is a downside to that,

1 you get hailed everyone time you login to do the next quest even if you skip everything.

2 you dont get as much ec credit if you played it more often

3 you MIGHT NOT get enuf skills points for all your bridge crew

but thats how i did it played fed mirrow twice a day alert channel and duty officer missions.
Lt. Commander
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# 13
09-25-2012, 07:06 AM
You can squelch the autohail in "options", which silences most of the nagging. Still a few bugs, but it gets most of it. The ECs a new character earns is a pittance because everything you could find to sell is worthless garbage. And a doff-grubber alt needs no equipment.

It is, however, very unwise to ask about such things in public. The first rule of the Fight Club is that you do not talk about the Fight Club. If you talk about it in public, you'll quickly find it turning into a rerun of "And This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things".

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