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Originally Posted by cormoran View Post
Like it or not trek '09 made more money than the last three trek movies before it combined. These people don't give a flying feck about us fans, they'll go with lowest common denominator, easiest profit, least risky option every single time. That means they'll go with the almighty reboot.

Even if.... and it's a miniscule if, we get a show in the prime universe, it will be a stinker. They will bleed the universe we enjoy of any reason we appreciate with shoddy scripts that give us LOLScience! and pander to mindless action crowd. We'll have to sit there and grin and bare it as we wretch our way through twi-trek.

Mark my words, trek as we know and love, trek as we want to see come back... is dead.

It's Dead, Jim.
I loved the last trek movie, but the only reason it made loads of money because it had younger actors and great CGI plus music, add that to the primeverse and they will been even better. Trek will never die as long as we remember it.

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