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# 1 Defera
09-10-2012, 10:48 AM
Can someone get around to fixing the ridiculous number of bugs in Defera? Its beyond crazy.

Probe - hard. Completes when anyone in the instance completes it. (since zonewides were added)

Temple - Higher ground. Advances/completes when anyone in the instance completes it. (since zonewides were added)

City - Hard. Rarely works. Most times the newly assimilated Defera drop dead and respawn, you need to wait about 5 mins for the part to time out and advance. The 2nd part may or may not work and needs to time out more often. The third part usually works, but sometimes you don't get credit and the mission needs to be redone. (since zonewides were added)

Power plant - Medium (Rescue Deferi Engineer) - The shield is missing, I haven't tried much but I didn't see a way to signal them anymore to lower the shield. You can run to the Deferi but you only get the option to transport out of the non-existant shield. (Since S6)

Power plant - Hard. 2 bugs. Sometimes one of the heavy drones fails to turn from friendly to enemy (they don't move at all) and you are stuck inside the room trapped. Sometimes the mission completes as soon as the third phase is started, you can still fight for 30s or so but the boss will turn friendly again. (Since S6 only)

Not a bug, but ridiculous. The City medium mission to rescue Deferi from their homes has a stupidly low rate of success, you might get a Deferi 1 in 5 times? It isn't worth doing, ever. The rate needs to be 1 in 2 to be balanced with the other medium. (Always like this)

Zonewides - Because of the S6 changes to increase the character's binding boxes to massive sizes, you can't get close enough to the centre probe to pick up most zonewide items there. There are a lot of other areas that you can no longer get all the zonewide items because of this same issue.
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# 2
10-05-2012, 12:57 PM
Adding to this a note:
On City Hard mission you can tell if it will work or not before starting the mission.

If you look at the regeneration alcoves on the side of the centre area you'll see most of the time they are empty or only filled with one or two standard borg. When they are empty and you hit the console to start the Deferi in the centre fall over and disappear. When the alcoves are full the mission works as normal.

Switching to a less populated instance has a good chance of properly populated alcoves, instance 1 is pretty rare to find a working console during peak times.

I'm not sure if people who fail the hard, abandon it or whatever screw it up and stop the alcoves from being repopulated though.

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