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09-28-2012, 03:28 AM
Originally Posted by mulder1aq View Post
This message is to the Devs... I really need some help here understanding this logic and what exactly throughout the entire development process was on your minds as it related to these uniforms.
Removed my cynic remark towards Cryptic. Listening to that song it refered to made me feel a bit bad. So in all friendliness: I fully support the OP request an I, like many in this thread and probably many more who are in their Fleet Bases and asking themselfes "What was the reasoning behind that?", would really like to read some kind of dev comment towards exacly this question:

Dear Cryptic, what was the reasoning behind the fleet uniform? What it stands for together with how to get to the point to have it selectable is the polar opposite of how fleets can or rather cannot use that. I do not even belive for a second that you Devs yourself agree that this is the way it is intended. Was it a hickup in the internal information flow? Or a bug? If it indeed was intentional, please at least explain the reasoning behind it. It obviously upset lot of us, your players.

BTW the song; added just because I refered to it and because its a damn cool song.

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10-01-2012, 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by purplegamer View Post
Please tell me this is a joke. I was planning on issuing these to my fleet as our duty uniform when we got them unlocked...
Same here.

At the very least cryptic should allow the odyssey uniform be set as a fleet uniform.

Fleets work hard to unlock these items. Its a fine looking uniform. A shame that it can't be defined as a fleet uniform in the fleet ui system.
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02-01-2013, 03:24 AM
Any clue on this? Hello Cryptic?
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Originally Posted by scififan78 View Post
All throughout the history of this game, the devs have encouraged, and at times forced, team play. This make sense to me as this is an MMO and player interaction is the point right? However, there is nothing in this game that REWARDS team play. A team of five runs an STF, a luck of the draw gets you what you seek. A team of five runs a FA, only the top scorer gets the trophy if it is completed. True team cooperation will never be fully realized until team play is rewarded.
Reading this made me think. FA give leading scorer extra loot. Why not have a mission that is a daily and your team is put on a leader board. The team with the highest score gets some sort of neato prize like a neat drop, team title, uniform ribbon to wear. The mission would be endless waves of some bad guy, changes each day, but same for all teams.

This would truly reward game play as a team because you are fighting as a team against other teams. The other option is not ahve the reward be daily, but hourly with a reset and the mission has a 20 hour cool down so the same group can't sit on it hour after hour. It spreads the love!

Really uniform ribbons could be really neat idea in game, or maybe linking some accolades to a ribbon system too. But I like the idea of team rewards being a uniform accessory of some type.
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03-29-2013, 11:54 PM
So, just to beat a dead horse a bit, a friend linked me to a screenshot of the uniform gamefiles, and in them it the uniforms are named something like "Item_Costume_Unlock_Bortasqu_Basics" ... now the inclusion of the word "Basics" would imply to me that either a) they plan on adding more bits onto the uniforms, or b) they plan on adding more uniforms.

Extrapolate what you like from that.

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