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This is a repost of my Ship Size Comparison Chart, so I can continue to make edits to this first post. While SpiderMitch's Ship Chart is really cool and complete, it doesn't really show the sizes of the various ships against each other. (By intention, he has said, so I'm glad I could fill in that gap) The Federation Ship Chart is in two parts, once for the smaller ships, and one for the Federation Carriers. (and any other ships over 800 meters).

Federation Ship Size Comparison Chart
Federation Carriers Size Comparison Chart
Klingon Ship Size Comparison Chart

This is taken from ingame, and all screenshots were taken at a standard distance (I edited a demo) so it should be completely accurate. I added some ship lengths that I researched from Memory Alpha and some other places, and it actually seemed to be pretty accurate. There were some discrepancies, but for the most part I was able to relate length in pixels to meters, which is how I estimated the sizes for those that I could not find listed.

Both a Federation and a Klingon version are included, although I included some Fed ships in the Klingon chart for comparison purposes. The Klingon ships get WAY bigger than the Federation with those carriers, and so their chart is to a smaller scale. (The smallest ships may be a bit harder to see)

A chart of the Multi-Vector Assault Mode sections, and corrected shuttle lengths, will be in the next post. I will likely also add all of the shuttles that I removed from the last revision of the chart.

FED 1.7 - Added Heavy Escort Carrier, Cardassian Galor Cruiser, Ferengi Marauder, Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, Tholian Orb Weaver and Recluse Carrier, Caitian Atrox Carrier, and Tuffli Freighter. Split Odyssey Cruiser, Carriers and Freighter off to a second chart. Removed several shuttles to make room. Updated name of Patrol Escort and added "Fleet" to the Tier listing of all ships with a fleet option.
FED 1.6 - Added Odyssey Cruiser.
FED 1.5 - Added background grid. Added Class F Shuttle and Peregrine Fighter. Corrected name of Dervish to Hermes and Destiny to Trident. Corrected Hermes nacelles, changing Hermes' estimated size and order in chart. Corrected spelling of Saber.
FED 1.4 - Added Oberth
MVAM 1.0 - Initial revision, to display Prometheus MVAM sections.
FED 1.3 - Changed yellow lighting to blue. (changed to Earth sector for screenshots)
KDF 1.0 - Initial revision, including 18 KDF ships, 2 shuttles, 2 fighters (from the carriers) and 6 Fed ships for comparison.
FED 1.2 - Reordered ships in strict order of length.
FED 1.1 - Removed lens flare. Added Delta Flyer and Tal'Kyr shuttles. Doubled up shuttle section. Corrected Assault Cruiser appearance from Noble to Sovereign, and corrected several canon lengths. Corrected Defiant to Tier 4/5.
FED 1.0 - Initial revision, including 23 ships and 3 shuttes. Ships are in order of estimated mass.
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The following is a chart of the Multi-Vector Attack Mode sections for the Advanced Escort. I did this mostly for grins, and to get an idea of how the sections compare to other ships, like the Patrol and Tactical Escorts. In addition, I also have a chart with the shuttles displayed at their correct lengths compared to the starships. The Defiant also appears at its canon size, as well as its in game size.

Multi-Vector Assault Mode Comparison Chart
Corrected Shuttle and Defiant Chart

As I have removed the shuttles from the main Ship Chart, I am going to create a new Shuttle Chart that shows a comparison of all the shuttles and fighters at their own scale. This will likely include both Federation and Klingon shuttles. I may also end up splitting the Klingon chart as I have the Federation chart, although this will require resnapshotting all of my images. There are a large number of Klingon ships that need to be added, though, so I may end up starting over from scratch.

If the mods would replace the previously stickyed thread with this one, I would appreciate it.

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For the STO Wiki I made some size charts. I haven't got round to the Fed ships yet, but I have done the Klingons.
Klingon Ships
Naus, Orian, and Gorn Ships
Fighters and Shuttles

Incidentally how did you get a SF skin on the Atrox?
Delta Rising is the best ex... oh sod it, I just want my Jupiter and Typhoon

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