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Hi There.
I'm Sinsofasolarempire, and am the president of Alpha Solaris.
We are a medium sized fleet, based around PvE, crafting, and building our ships/starbase to the best they can be.

Alpha Solaris offers rewards for achieving 50k and 200k Starbase fleet credits, ill explain that a bit later on.

We currently have a Tier 2 Starbase, and a heap of provisions.

Acting Captain
Starbase Officer
Starbase Admiral
Fleet Operational Manager
Vice President

Admiral: Granted simply by being RA or above, gives access to Admiral section of fleet bank.

Starbase Officer: Reward for achieving 50k fleet credits! Grants higher fleet bank limits, access to officer channel, and the ability to create a fleet event.

Starbase Admiral: Reward for achieving 200k fleet credits! Grants even higher fleet bank limits, the ability to set the message of the day, plus you can manage fleet holdings.

Starbase Operational Manager: Moderation/Promoting rank, given to people who are active and show dedication.

Vice President: No positions are currently available. When the President is offline, the VP automatically becomes in-charge of the fleet.

If you wish to join, drop me a PM.
President of Alpha Solaris, a Federation fleet.

I used to be Sinsofasolarempire

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