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I neeed 4 active player to join a fleet i am making.
The name of the fleet will be decide by me and the 4 player i am looking for.
The first player to contact me will be second in command and the third will be third in command and so on.
I will be taking any lvl for these pos but not for the second in command second in command will need to be lt commander or higher.

A little bit about me i am an old player who lost his account and i can back a few day ago and i join a few fleet but they were not doing much so i thought i would give it a go.I am a big star trek fan have seen everything that has been on tv.I am 23 year old from the uk.
So if you would like to join my fleet that would become you fleet then please leave a comment hear or pm me ingame thank you for reading this
Fly Safe

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